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Bruce Beck, WNBC: What’s the most difficult part of leaving this group today?

You don’t know if you’re going to be able to play with your friends again or not. This is one of the best locker rooms I’ve been around in my football career, not just the NFL. So, it’s tough. You get emotional. Is this the last time I see you or see my boys? Because the team is going to look different next year whether we like it or not. I would say that’s the toughest part.


Bruce Beck, WNBC: (follow up) How difficult was the last week or so not being able to play against Miami? It would’ve been a cool moment for you.

I think the toughest part is that it was home. I’ve dressed, I backed up Joe (Flacco) once, I can’t remember what year there, but having gotten the chance to play there. So, would’ve been pretty cool to play in front of all my friends and family, but such is life.


Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Is it wrong to assume you want to be back here?

No, I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to assume that. Like I said, I love it here. I love the locker room. I love the offense. I’ve been here for four years, and I really enjoy it here. I know things change very fast in the NFL, and situations are fluid, especially in free agency. So, obviously, I’m prepared for whatever happens. That’s kind of the approach I’m taking — sit back and see how it all plays out.


Bruce Beck, WNBC: How confident are you that you’ll contribute somewhere in the future in some place?

I do think that I’ve shown the ability to do that. That’s what I believe in my heart, whether the other 32 teams believe that, we’ll wait and see, but I know what I believe. I believe that I can get that done.


Connor Hughes, SNY: During your exit meetings, did they express interest in having you return?

Yeah, they’ve expressed interest in me, but like I said earlier, I’m sure they’ll be the first to agree too that things change very fast in this League. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see how everything plays out, but I’ve expressed interest and so have they. It’s my first time hitting free agency, so I don’t really know how it goes. So, I’m kind of learning on the fly.


Connor Hughes, SNY: (follow up) You said it’s your first time hitting free agency, you’ve now put on between last year and this year some solid things on tape. You’ve shown that you can play. Is there a little bit of excitement to kind of have other teams come after you?

I would say the excitement is hopefully just to get some stability. With these past couple of years, everything is so up and down and no guarantees, especially in this profession. If anything, just for my wife and I, some stability, hopefully, is what we’re looking for. Just want the right situation, and I’m sure that’ll present itself at some point throughout these next couple of weeks.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: How do you perceive this quarterback situation here? Do you see it as an open competition for next year? 

I have no idea. I don’t make those decisions. That’s for upstairs and Coach Saleh and them. They’ll communicate that when it’s necessary, but I have no clue.


Justin Walters, WPIX: Although the team didn’t end up in the Playoffs, personally, how was this year for you? How would you sum it up?

As a team, I think we did a lot of good things, and we learned a lot. We learned that December and January football requires a different type of finish, I guess you could say, which is what Coach Saleh just told us. The theme of this season is that we need to finish. I think we got a lot of good, meaningful December football experience that a lot of these young guys that haven’t experienced it, myself included, can learn from it and draw on it and hope to build on next year.


Justin Walters, WPIX: (follow up) Is it still a surprise to be standing here after 6-3 record and to end the season on a six game losing streak? 

Yes, no one plans to do that, so it’s always going to be a surprise and frustrating. Like I said, at this point, the only thing you can do is try to learn from it and move on.


Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: You’ve spoken about the fact that you feel like you’re a starting quarterback in this League. If you are brought back here and it ends up being a backup role, is that palatable to you? Where do you stand on that? You’re confident in your ability to be a starter, but if that’s where in their mind they slot you, where do you stand on that?

No matter what position, what number on the depth chart you are, your number one goal should be being a good teammate. When you are a good teammate, the rest takes care of itself. Whatever role I’m placed in — starter, backup, third string — you got to, first of all, handle your business on the field, but also just be a good teammate. Winning cures all, and being a good teammate helps you get to that goal.