Special Teams Coordinator Brant Boyer, 9.14

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Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: Other than all of the moves Xavier (Gipson) made, what specifically went right on that return to win? 

Well, I think you saw a complete team effort all throughout the ball game, with the injury to (Aaron) Rodgers, then what I was really impressed about, just not the specific play, but everybody offense, defense, and special teams, kept their head down and kept grinding. A lot of teams that I’ve been around would’ve wilted in that scenario. I thought these guys did a hell of a job playing together and sticking with the belief that we’re going to win and things like that. Specifically on the return, that was a really good team effort, hell of an individual effort as well. Team, wise they blocked it exactly the way we taught them how to block it. They executed exactly how it’s taught. I mean, it was awesome to see. You see the guys bailing and doing exactly what we’re teaching them and they created the wall, they lose their guy, they pick up extra guys. I thought that the guys did a fantastic job and what a cool moment for the entire team and for (Xavier) Gipson and for everybody. They did a heck of a job like I said. Just the strain and the effort that they had. Specifically in the overtime period and everything like that, it was awesome. To see guys that went all the way over to the other numbers like (Bryce) Hall, went over and blocked it, he lost his guy, so he went and tried to block somebody else and ran all the way from the right numbers to all the way at the goal line and made the saving block. For the last guy that they had and the overall strain that we preach all the time and nobody is going to play harder than us. They did it on that play and it showed. I was really happy for the group.


Zach Rosenblatt, The Athletic: Was there a moment through the progression of that play where you thought he was going to score? 

As soon as I saw him break back to the left, I knew it was going to be a big play. What he’s taught is to always set it up in the middle and try to set up to buy some time to create the wall and he did a hell of a job executing. Obviously, he’s a talented, talented kid. Still has some growing up to do as far as learning and how to do things and the tracks to run and everything like that, but the kid is… he is a special kid to be around. Always with a smile on his face, always working hard. He’s always doing the extra. Everything that you give him, he takes it in. He’s like a sponge taking in all the learning and stuff like that. Is there going to be a hiccup or two on the road? Sure, but that part of every rookies learning, but he’s making good decisions, catch the ball and he’s doing a hell of a job. I thought the whole team, like I said those are the moments once in your career specifically, that those kids will never forget and I think that is so cool.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: And the fact that he had to work his way onto the roster and that is his first game, and he has already got fans who are going to remember that one too, remember that play?

Yeah, since I have been here, this is year eight or whatever it is, that is the loudest I have ever heard that stadium. What an awesome atmosphere, I give it to the fans. That atmosphere was incredible, and the fans had a lot to do with that win as well for the noise that they had and that stadium was going crazy. That was just an awesome environment to be in and to execute it like that and to do that, that is what you dream of. Especially, where he came from and people doubting him coming out and people, I am sure second guessed him even as he was a one or two starter guy coming out of high school. To see the progression, nothing is too big for this kid. When I worked him out, that is what I really liked about him. Nothing is too big for him, and he doesn’t get starry eyed and doesn’t let a situation dominate him and he has done a heck of a job. Like I said, the effort and the strain of his teammates was awesome to see.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: Where did you end up? Were you in the endzone during that celebration?

I’m too old to run down there anymore. It was a cool moment. It is cool to sit there and just watch. As a player, I have been involved in some things like that and it is just a cool moment to let them have that moment and that is just awesome to me. Like I said, moments that they will never forget.


Zach Rosenblatt, The Athletic: Was there something extra special about it just the way everything happened that night with Aaron going down and seeing the team fight back the way they did?

I think so a little bit, yeah. Like I said, that is the overall thing that Saleh preaches all the time, and every coach does the same thing. Preaching the strain and the effort and everything. That no one is going to out play and to play harder and longer. That is what it all comes down to. Those guys did that, and I am proud as hell at that whole group.