Special Teams Coordinator Brant Boyer, 8.1

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Brian Costello, New York Post: Brant, how would you assess the kicking competition so far?

Through camp, they’re both kicking really well, numbers are pretty similar, they’re both fixing what I asked them to fix when they left, and we’ll see who makes them in the games and we will make a decision after that. We will talk obviously to Joe (Douglas) and (Robert) Saleh, and we make the best decision on what the team is looking for and what we need.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: Maybe this is an obvious question, but how much would you like to have some stability at that kicker spot this season? 

That is an obvious question, I think. Obviously, I think we’ve had, I don’t know how many guys in camp since I’ve been here, it’s quite a few and I would really like to get that settled down to be honest. That was a big focus on bringing in Greg (Zuerlein) and resigning Eddie (Pineiro) and letting these guys compete. They both have experience, Eddie came in and did a great job for us last year, so if you can find stability at that spot and get your three specialist spots, have those stable at least, your core is always going to change, but at least your three specialists are working together all the time and you have the same guys who are working with the same guys all the time. I think that’ll really help this football team.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: Does having that experience with those guys that give you kind of a body of work to work off of in addition to this? Some of the young guys this is their first camp, does that help in the evaluation process? 

I think so, the more you can see the more you get to know them right, so just like any other player and any other position the more you can watch these guys and then you figure out the things – their misses; if they miss right, if they miss left, you can tell them and you can coach them and you study thousands and thousands of reps on these guys until you develop a good enough understanding of what they do well and what their faults are when they do that you can coach them on it.


Brian Costello, New York Post: When you’re searching for your guys especially the young guys, you try to figure out who you want to keep. How much do you use practice versus preseason games?

I think that obviously for any position, I think it’s the game is what matters, but they put themselves in great game shape where they’re earning their spot here. Those continual reps, if we can trust them, if they can play multiple positions, if they can do all those things. I mean that does nothing but help their case to make the roster, right? Then it all comes down to do they execute the game plan in the preseason? And are they the kind of guys this team wants to keep? I think there’s some guys out there that I’m excited about and a whole bunch of guys who are battling for a few spots and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in the games.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: With the two kickers you mentioned that they fixed what you asked them to fix. With Zuerlein, he has been around for so long usually guys get set in their ways. How does that apply to him?

It’s just very, very small issues. For him, it was a very, very minor issue and it wasn’t even a big issue. It was more of just his ball flight a little bit. Now, it’s instead of slicing or hooking every once in a while, now he’s hitting it clean and hitting it straight. For Eddie, it was his rise last year, he wasn’t getting a good enough rise and he has fixed it, so both of them done a really good job so far we will see where it takes us.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Rashard Davis is a guy who has flashed his speed on offense. Is he a potential contributor?

I watched him the other day, who knows where it all plays out. Obviously, Braxton (Berrios) is our guy and we’re really happy with him, he’s a heck of a player and we’ll see. This kid has some legit juice now, he can roll and he’s a soft catcher. I think that he has a future for sure, it just depends on what we do at that position.


Connor Hughes, SNY: What do you see from Braden Mann this year and was his performance at all impacted last year from that injury he had early?

For sure, I think that if you look at his last four to five games that’s what he was going to be all year. I think he really improved towards the end of the year; he was finally getting healthy again. I look for a big year for Braden, I really do. I think he’s as talented as anyone in the league.