Sam Darnold, 12.21

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam, can you just describe what the ride home was like last night and just what the mood is like around the team today?
We’re super excited to be able to get that win that we’ve been waiting for all year, and then it’s amazing to be able to get it. It was just excitement, and everyone was super stoked in the locker room after the game and on the fight back.

Greg Joyce, New York Post: You talked about the excitement, was there also kind of a sense of relief after the ones that were close that slipped through your fingers and finally being able to get one last night?
I think it was nice to be able to finish out that game. Obviously, we got out to a good lead in the beginning and then they kind of got back into it, especially after a couple drives towards the end where we had a three-and-out and then stalled out and had to punt a couple times. I thought our special teams and our defense held up great, so it was awesome to be able to see us finish that one out.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam, I think from the outside, do you look at what you guys did yesterday and say, “Why didn’t this come earlier in the season?” I’m wondering from your perspective when you look at it now 24 hours later and you watch the film, what did you guys do yesterday that maybe you haven’t been doing this year to get the win?
I thought we played just a really good – it was a good team win. We played well in all three phases when we had to. On offense, we played a lot more consistent than we have been, and I think that was the biggest thing. We came out fast and I feel like we were able to kind of sustain that the whole game. Obviously, yeah, there were some times where we did stall out and we had some three-and-outs, but we stay positive and we made sure – and I think I said this yesterday – we made sure that we kept having positive plays. Obviously, with the holding and the personal foul that set us back, we didn’t allow that to compound into bigger things. And I felt like we did a good job of that as an offense, just staying consistent and making sure that, for me personally, I was taking what the defense gave me and it was just awesome to be able to put a whole game together and play as consistent as we did the whole game.

Al Iannazzone, Newsday: Obviously, it’s been a long time since you guys won. Did you ever feel – or as a team, do you think you guys ever felt this excited after a regular season win?
No. I know it’s a huge relief for a lot of the guys in the locker room to be able to get this win, and it means the world to us. It was just a lot of emotion and excitement in the locker room after the game and obviously on the flight back as well.

Greg Joyce, New York Post: Sam, how would you describe the job the offensive line did yesterday, being able to kind of limit a pretty good defensive line over there?
They did a great job all game. I think all of our position groups did amazing and we played well enough to win. When you come out with a win after that, it feels great. Like I said, I think all of our position groups played very consistent and we were doing all the right things. It was just really good to see, us playing that consistent.