Head Coach Robert Saleh, 9.29

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Opening statement…

I’ve got no updates. From an injury standpoint, everything is status quote from yesterday.


Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: How close is Tony (Adams) to coming back?

He’s getting closer, we’re hoping to get him back next week, but again, no promises. We’ll see how things go over the weekend.


Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: And Wes (Schweitzer), kind of still going through the process? 

The protocol. He made tremendous progress yesterday, so again, we’re hopeful for next week, but he still has some hurdles he has to climb.

Jared Schwartz, New York Post: Robert, Sauce (Gardner) has had some experience against covering tight ends. He covered Mark Andrews last year. Obviously, (Travis) Kelce’s a top target like that. Is that something you guys are considering again? 

Everything’s on the table. The difference between that situation and this one, is they’ve got really good receivers too, not saying Baltimore doesn’t have good receivers, they do, but in a situation like this, this Kansas City team is loaded, so there’s a lot of different players that we have to take care of.


Dennis Gorman, Newsday: How much do you adjust your defensive scheme because of Kansas City’s offensive personnel?

Well, you’re always adjusting based on the scheme. We always try to put our players in the best position possible to defend what they do, and then from there, it’s a one-on-one game and we have to win. Kansas City does a great job creating advantageous situations for their guys, and we’ve got to find a way to counter it with our guys, and then at the moment of truth, we have to win.


Jared Schwartz, New York Post: This is obviously a really good defensive line. Chris Jones in the middle. How big of a test is this for the running game to kind of get going?

It’s a test for all of it. Run game, protection. 95’s a game wrecker. He lines up inside, lines up outside. When he’s rolling, he’s a very, very hard player to block and he can single handedly take out an entire game. In all aspects of our offensive style and what we’re trying to get done, he’s a big problem.


Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, but what do you make of the comments from Willie Gay? He said you seem to be in panic mode, and you want to run. When you hear an opposing player take a shot…

It’s not about them, it’s about us and what we have to do. It doesn’t bother me.

Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: As a coach, you know all of this stuff is swirling out there, and Zach (Wilson) has said that he’s trying to block it out. You know some of it seeps in the locker room, but for you, how do you balance that, where ‘do I talk to these guys? Do I address it or not?’ How do you handle that?

It depends. You guys know me, I’m big on addressing the elephant in the room and acknowledging and trying to have empathy for what people around me are feeling and be real. There’s an old saying that you keep sweeping the poop under the rug, and eventually the smell is going to come through. So, you address it, you talk about it, and it’s not something you want to labor on, it’s like ‘hey this is what it is’, and then you go back to now what? Yeah, we acknowledge whatever’s going on in our lives, we acknowledge good things, we acknowledge bad things, we acknowledge everything, but , the point is, okay you’ve got that, you’ve acknowledged it, now what are you going to do about it? And the best thing you can do is focus on you as an individual, and focus on helping your teammates getting better, and just keep it inward. And if you’re always looking inward, then the outside noise- and again, this is for positive things and negative things. The outside stuff won’t matter.


Jared Schwartz, New York Post: There has been some buzz that Aaron (Rodgers) might fly in if he clears, if he is cleared by doctors to be on the sideline, what have you heard from that and how welcomed would that be if he does?

I would love to have him back, but whenever it is safe for him to travel. I know he wants to get back, but I am not exactly sure where that is on the timeline.


Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: Has Carl Lawson’s role changed a little bit for you guys? Where do you see him?

For sure, it is not that it has changed. I think Jermaine (Johnson) has done such a nice job that we have wanted to get Jermaine some more opportunities on first and second down. He has earned it. He looks fantastic, had a really good training camp, and doing a nice job so far this season. Which is a good thing, because it allows guys to be more fresh for third down opportunities by splitting the load, if you will. Carl is still a big, big part of this thing. He is coming back from that back injury and just starting to get his legs underneath him. He missed, darn near a month, but little by little he has been getting his legs underneath him, he is looking faster, he is looking more explosive. So hopefully he will hit a stride here soon.


John Pullano, New York Jets: You guys obviously played on Monday night, this is a Sunday night match up, what do you expect the crowd to be like on a big Sunday stage?

Same thing. Those night games are always exciting. Kansas City is a big draw obviously and so are we. It is going to be fun. I think the crowd is going to be awesome. It will be fun.


Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: I can’t remember if we asked you, but is Quinnen (Williams) a permanent captain now for the rest of the season?

He is. He embodies everything. He was fourth on the vote list and it was really high. He got a significant amount of votes. After just thinking about it, I was just like why not? That guy is such a big vocal leader in this room and on this team. He says all the right things, he does all the right things, and stands for everything that we believe in.


Dennis Waszak, The Associated Press: With Aaron not here, have you considered an offensive captain?

I haven’t, no.


Jeane Coakley, SNY: Farmingdale High School?

We are recognizing Farmingdale High School and everyone that was affected by the tragic bus crash from last week. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the Farmingdale community in Long Island and the school band program. I hope everyone is well and healing in the way they need to heal.