Head Coach Robert Saleh, 9.15

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Rich Cimini, ESPN: Can you give us an update on some injuries?

All the IR guys, you guys saw those: (Mekhi) Becton, (Braden) Mann, (Blake) Cashman and (Lamarcus) Joyner. Signed Jarrod Wilson, brought him back to the active, Isaiah Williams, B.J. Goodson, and (Thomas) Morstead at punter. The rest of it, as far as (Jamien) Sherwood, he’s going to be a week or so, hopefully get him back next week. Then Keelan (Cole), Keelan will be back in the fold this week.


Brian Costello: How’s Jamison (Crowder)?

Jamison is here, he’s ready to roll.


Brian Costello, New York Post: He’s off the list? And has his groin fully healed? He had to go in for it before going on the list

He has, as of now no issues. We’ll evaluate him during practice. He’s actually, I’m sorry, with regards to Crowder, he’s got to clear one more day today. So, he’s progressing along fine, we’re expecting him to progress.


Rich Cimini, ESPN: Did Mekhi opt for surgery?

He’s still going through it, they’re still going through their second opinion.


Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Just to clarify what you had said yesterday, so, if (Becton) has surgery that’s if he’s out an additional 6-8 weeks?

Depends on the second opinion. So yeah, obviously, if surgery happens, it would require a little bit more.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Robert, the first home game Sunday. What’s your anticipation level like for that and what are you expecting from MetLife?

I think I speak for everybody, fans included, that it’s exciting, it’s going to be awesome. It’s been a long time since the building had Jets fans in it and I’m really excited to be on the right sideline when the chant gets going and when things start rolling, it’s going to be electric, it’s going to be awesome.


DJ Bien-Aime, New York Daily News: Robert, there were a few plays against the Panthers where they were able to trap plays to combat the aggressive nature of the defensive line and be able to get the offensive linemen to some of the linebackers and some zone plays where they’re able to get to the linebacker. So, my question is how do you combat those situations where you’re getting the offensive linemen to the second level basically to erase the linebackers out of the run play?

So, trap play against our scheme, it’s going to show up every week. Really disappointed, first in the coaching staff, we got to do a better job of getting that thing fixed as it goes, period. Otherwise, that was the only run play, plus the 18-yarder at the end of the game, otherwise we felt really good about our ability to defend the run. That trap play, we got to get it fixed but, it’s something that we’re used to seeing and something that’s easily fixable, we just got to get our guys used to it, because it is a play that they haven’t seen in the past because of the nature of the front. We’ll get it going, we’ll get it correct.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Robert, we saw this on Sunday and, we really saw it in training camp, with Corey (Davis), just how critical is he for Zach (Wilson)? He just shows kind of knack for being able to get open and make plays.

First off, his preparation, his communication on the sideline, in practice, is everything. He’s big because that veteran presence, just for the organization in general. But to have that with Zach and to be able to communicate and have knowledge of coverage and how to get open and how to create separation and to be that reliable, sure-handed guy that you know he’s going to be exactly where he’s supposed to be when he needs to be there and he’s going to do it exactly the way it needs to be done. For a quarterback to have that trust is priceless, and that’s what Corey gives the quarterback.


Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Robert, just one more quick one on the second opinion with Mekhi. If he were to have to get that surgery, like you said, a little bit longer. Little bit longer doesn’t mean season ending, or?

I don’t know that answer, it depends on what that comes out to be. But I don’t have that.


DJ Bien-Aime, New York Daily: Following up on the Corey Davis question. The Patriots, they love to take away one of your favorite targets. Corey, obviously, is Zach’s favorite target so, how does the offensive unit combat them trying to take away one of your core receivers?

That’s a good one, DJ. We feel like we’ve got more than one guy. And I know Elijah (Moore) probably wants some of the plays that he had in the game back and it’s a great first game for a rookie. We got Jamison coming back, (Braxton) Berrios is capable of winning one on ones, you got the pass game out of the running backs, (Tyler) Kroft is every bit as deserving in the pass game so, there’s going to be a lot of opportunities for other guys to get open if they want to double a guy. If they want to double a guy, there’s going to be opportunities in the run game for that to break. That’s where that chess match with Coach Belichick always happens and you’ve got to pick and choose your battles and stay sound and committed to what you’re doing and get ready to play chess with one of the best chess players in the world.


Brian Costello, New York Post: You just touched on Elijah, Robert, obviously I’m sure he was disappointed coming off of Sunday. Did you have a conversation with him, kind of, first game in what should be a long career but, I’m sure he probably isn’t thinking like that. 

I’m sure he wants the game bad. I’ve talked to him, all these players, not just rookies but every player expects to play at an unbelievable level every single time they go out there, so when it doesn’t come to fruition, there’s frustration. But at the same time, it was great to see him out there, it was his first game action, he did some good things in that game. He had an explosive play called back from alignment issue, but he did a lot of great things. He had a chance to really start off great with that initial post in the first half that would’ve flipped the entire field and probably the entire game, but he’s done nothing but prove everybody right in terms of how good he is and how special he is as an individual and his preparation and the way he plays. We all have confidence that he’s going to be able to step up this week and get a lot better.


Rich Cimini, ESPN: Robert, with Zach facing the chess master (Bill Belichick), as you referred to him, for the first time, what sort of things does he have to be aware of? What are the points that he has to be aware of going into this game?

Respectfully with the question, I’m not going to get too much into it. I don’t know if I want to say anything schematically, but he’s just got to be great in studying film and just finding indicators and find the things that they may or may not give on tape, stay within the system, don’t think you have to do everything just stay within yourself, stay within the scheme and just trust your teammates to do their job. There are going to be a lot of things, there’s a lot of things that are going to pop up on tape and there’s a lot of things that the whole offense, and defense for that matter, collectively, can do to play at a high level and so, it really comes down to film study and staying within yourself and within the scheme.


DJ Bien-Aime, New York Daily News: Obviously, when you were with the 49ers last year, obviously went against the Patriots, you won 33-6. Obviously, different roster, different construction, everything. How much will you take from that film and implement that into this week’s matchup?

It’s different. Cam (Newton)’s not playing, so you don’t have the QB run game. They’re different, so really not much. Same thing offensively, they were missing, they got so many defensive players so they’re different. It’s more collective of Bill (Belichick) and his history, like I said, there’s 50 years of tape. It’s just studying him and coming up with a game plan that’s sound and effective with the personnel we have and best utilizing the players that we have.


Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Was it crazy how much that offense has changed? Two years ago, they had (Tom) Brady, last year they had Cam, now they have Mac (Jones). I guess, how much has Josh (McDaniels) had to adapt based on who he’s got under center?

Yeah, Josh is one of the best coordinators in football, period. He has a core foundation that he runs with, and you can see throughout the history of his time as a coordinator, but he’s also able to adapt greatly to his personnel and put his players in a position to be successful and utilize their skillsets. Testament to him as a coordinator, and again, we’re expecting a completely different offense to what we saw a year ago.


Reporter, Outlet: What are your impressions of Mac Jones?

He’s an impressive young man. Really liked him coming out too, he was up there, I’m not going to say where. Every bit of deserving of a first-round draft choice. Decisive, good strong arm, very, very accurate, very, very smart. It’s not surprising he shows poise and all that, it was not surprising to see him have success in his first game.


Al Iannazzone, Newsday: What have you seen from John Franklin-Myers since you’ve come here and how do you think he can be?

He’s, for our system and what we do, it’s pretty cool. He’s fantastic as an edge setter in the run game, he can rush the passer outside, inside. It just comes down to winning one-on-ones on a consistent basis. The more he does that, obviously, the better it’s going to be. Really like his mindset, really like the way he approaches the game, really like the way he communicates with his teammates. He’s been a blessing since the day we walked in this building, we’re excited to have him.


Andy Vasquez, The Record: You touched on this earlier but, how much is getting Jamison (Crowder) and Keelan (Cole) back, how much can that help Zach?

Veteran presence, no different than Corey (Davis), right? Those guys do things the right way, they’re where they’re supposed to be. They’re all gas, 100% of the time, and they’re reliable. So, for a quarterback you can’t ask for much more than that. To have two more options on the football field for that quarterback is priceless.


(follow up) Having guys like that, who have experience, do you think that can kind of help avoid getting hit as much, because they obviously are going to be able to change up this line of scrimmage and stuff like that?

Yeah, for sure because it still comes down to everybody being on the same page. We talk about quarterback pressures and all that, it’s everybody being on the same page and collectively working within the timing of a play, that’s how it all works. From receivers running the right routes, from offensive linemen blocking, first and foremost, but receivers running the right routes, being where there supposed to be, and the quarterback delivering it when he needs to deliver it. So, it’s all encompassing. Football’s the ultimate team sport, so the more communication, the better the execution. The better the execution, the better the result.


Rich Cimini, ESPN: What’s your confidence level with being able to fix all the pass protection issues this week, and secondly, how much do you expect the Patriots to go to school on last week’s tape and try to exploit some of those issues?

I would, if I was them, right? Of course, you’re going to try all the stuff to see if it’s been fixed, it’s the age-old deal. Coaches will always look at what hurt you the week before and they’re going to see if you got it corrected over the week. It’s a challenge that we’re excited to attack. I know going through it, just watching the tape, it’s a great learning experience for everybody with regards to how to help the quarterback and how to help the entire play from coordinator, to o-line, to receivers, to quarterback, to running back, tight ends, everybody’s involved. And it starts with communication. I expect them to go to the tape and try to test our coaching, and from there it’s about execution.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Who gets the first crack at replacing (Lamarcus) Joyner?

Can I wait until Sunday? I’m sorry, bud.

(follow Up) Can you give any options?

All our safeties. (laughter) Obviously, you’ve got (Sheldrick) Redwine, Adrian Colbert and Jarrod Wilson, who we just pulled up from practice squad. All three of them have history in our system, and all three of them will have a shot at it.


DJ Bien-Aime, New York Daily News: You gave compliment to Mac Jones, he got a lot of dinking and dunking to be efficient, things of that nature to keep the ball moving. So, my question to you is with quarterback is dinking and dunking, being efficient in quick passes, how does a defense combat that to try to take that away?

Mac did a great job. He was hit nine times in the game, but he was able to get the ball out when he needed to his option routes and all that stuff. The kid’s poise, the kid knows how to get the ball out in rhythm, and it is going to be challenging. They got a lot of weapons, DJ, so we got to cover them all.