Head Coach Robert Saleh 8.8

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Connor Hughes, SNY: Do you have any update on Mekhi Becton?

No, he’s being evaluated. That’s about all I got.


Connor Hughes, SNY: It looked like his toe kind of got caught in the turf and he bent a little weird. Obviously, he was immediately grabbing his knee, is that something you guys are concerned about considering it was the one that was surgically repaired?

The only thing I got is that it’s stable. Everything seems fine. Preliminary, obviously, we just have to get it checked for precautionary reasons. But as of now, it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal, but knock-on wood. Hopefully, that stays the case.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: When you say get checked, is he going to go for an MRI?

Yeah, that’s all standard procedure.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: Does this make it more likely that you will sign someone like Duane Brown? Just kind of for precaution.

That’s a Joe (Douglas) question.


Andy Vasquez, The Record: Just for him to have to deal with something again, what are your thoughts on that for him?

It’s football. I’m not jinxing anything. In my heart, I think he’ll be just fine. Once we get more information, we’ll see.


Andy Vasquez, The Record: It looked like he was laboring a little earlier in practice, how do you balance when to push through and when it’s a little bit too much for that?

Again, I didn’t really see the beginning portion of practice for him, I’m all over the place. It was hot, it is sticky out there today, I think 90 percent humidity, so a lot of guys were laboring earlier. I do think the group, the entire offensive and defensive side got stronger as the day went on, which is encouraging but that’s part of it. You have to be able to push through, you have to be able to test your limits and get yourself to a point where you are preparing yourself for week one.


Connor Hughes, SNY: With Mekhi (Becton), if we go back to last year it was not a season ending injury that ended up being season ending because of the time he spent off and the time he had to get rehabbed again and get back into conditioning, so even if this isn’t season ending with a surgery or ACL, MCL, anything like that, is there any concern that any time off kind of is extended because of his size?

That’s a really good question. We’ll see, if he does have to take some time off, obviously, you’re always concerned for everyone. I have the same concern for D.J. Reed, I have the same concern for anyone who has to take, for Ty Johnson whose been having a really good camp. You just don’t want to get into a deficit of conditioning. And he is a big man and he’s been working his tail off and he’s been doing everything he’s been asked to do. So, hopefully it’s, again like I said, hopefully everything checks out good the way we think it’s going to and he can continue on his track and continue building the way he has.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: Was the brace going on last Friday and then the limited number of snaps on Saturday because he was feeling some discomfort with his knee?

No, the limited snaps on Saturday, that was the first time we had been on the fake stuff and we just wanted to make sure we gave him just enough dosage to see how he came off and how he felt off of that day, which everything checked out great from the Green & White, but that’s what that pitch count was for.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: Do you have an update on McDermott (Connor) since he got hurt?

Yeah, dealing with an ankle. It’s going to be a week or two. It’s a low ankle.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: First preseason game being in a few days, how do you approach that as far as playing time?

So, we’re planning on playing all our guys for about a series or two, so it’ll probably end up being a quarter. That’s it for the first group and then the second and thirds will finish off the game.


Steve Serby, New York Post: Did you do that last year too, Robert?

Yeah, the third game was the game where we didn’t play, we treated it like an old school fourth preseason game, may approach that differently this year just talking with Dave (Zuffelato) and his staff and the way we want to approach that third preseason game.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: With Connor down and Mekhi banged up, Chuma (Edoga) is going to be getting a lot of snaps, obviously. How do you feel like he’s done?

He’s been getting a lot of snaps already. Obviously, Chuma’s got all the ability in the world. He’s just trying to find his consistency. Being consistent and the way he approaches the game and the way he executes from play to play. So, and it’s hard on him, there’s no excuses for it, for anyone, but he is going from left to right every play because he does have to swing. So, that is difficult especially in camp, but I know he’s working his tail off and as he works through and trying to find his groove, he is getting a ton of reps.


Connor Hughes, SNY: One more on Mekhi, with this injury, does it underscore the need to add something back there. Is it kind of a wakeup call?

Yeah, I don’t know about that, we really do like our backup situation. I know (Conor) McDermott hurt, he’ll be back, he’ll be fine. He’s started games for us, Chuma’s (Edoga) started games for us. Getting a guy like Duane Brown is kind of being spoiled in a sense of just having so much great talent at one position. But, we do have faith in our backup offensive linemen. Anytime you get hurt and you have to test your depth it does become scary waters, but at the same time it is why we put in all this work and do our best to prepare these guys to be able to take those spots. It doesn’t create panic at all in my mind anyway, but a guy like Duane is a bonus.


Stefan Bondy, NY Daily News: I just want to clarify, the confidence that it’s not that bad of an injury, that it’s stable? 

Yeah, it’s stable.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: When we talked to Denzel (Mims) the other day he mentioned that he sees himself as a starter in this offense. That’s his goal. I’m wondering if he’s expressed any frustration to you or any coaches about not being a starter because he obviously thinks he’s deserving of that?

Yeah, he expresses that, and he should express it. If he didn’t think he was a starter, I would think there would be a severe problem. I’m going to say it again, I love the way he’s approached camp, he is grinding every day, he’s keeping his head down. He had a really good Green and White scrimmage, even though it was just from a production standpoint. People look at or judge him by production, but he’s doing a lot of different things that people really don’t judge in terms of run game, special teams. He ran some good routes; ball just didn’t get thrown his way. The one catch he caught on the read route was probably one of the better routes he’s run since we’ve been here. So, he is getting better and he does express frustration, but at the same time it’s not fazing his day to day approach, which is awesome.


Ethan Sears, New York Post: One rookie we haven’t really asked much about is Micheal Clemson, how is he looking so far?

He’s doing a good job; we’ll see when he gets to go against different bodies. But, he’s doing a great job, he’s proving that he can play inside and out, and we are asking him to do both. It’s like Deebo in Friday. He doesn’t flinch.


Eric Allen, New York Jets: Jermaine Johnson was all over the place today, what can you say about his progress?

He’s coming along good. Same thing though, we’ll see when he gets to go against different bodies. Especially when we get those inner squad scrimmages with the linemen in New York.


Andy Vasquez, The Record: It looked like Zach (Wilson) was facing a lot of pressure today, how do you think he handled it?

Earlier he did, defense came to practice from the early part of practice. I feel like that first half, going into that half time, manufactured half time, I think defense really punched the offense in the mouth and coming out of the locker room it stabilized and offense finished on that move the ball. So, really cool situation where you come out hot in the first half and then him battling in the second half, it’s a lot of things that we can learn off of from just today’s practice and the way offense and defense competed.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: With so much depth at the tight end position, do you think about going with a 12 personnel a little more than you normally would?

We could do a lot of different things because, you know you got (Nick) Bawdin who I think is a really good fullback, so you’ve got 13, 12, 22, 11, we’ve got a pretty cool skill group where we can go a little a bunch of personnel groupings and Mike (LaFleur) is out here testing all of it and trying to figure what is best for this offense and that’s where his creativity comes to play.


Connor Hughes, SNY: I lied, there’s one more on Mekhi. When he suffered that injury last year it was something similar, where I remember you guys were not really worried because the early reports were good. Is this different than last year? What you’re feeling now, is this different?

Yeah, I think it’s different because I think the initial reports, we knew what it was and we knew there were no tears. It wasn’t where it was going to need surgery, I think, you guys know me I’m optimistic Oliver, but I think he’s going to be fine.