Head Coach Robert Saleh, 8.24

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Antwan Staley, New York Daily News: How did the joint practices come about and how much history did you know between the Jets and the Giants previously with joint practices? 

I don’t know any history about the past. I read a really cool article, I think it was (Rich) Cimini’s this morning, about 17 years ago I guess was the last one, learning, different times. I think I’ve got a lot of respect for (Brian Daboll) and the person he is. If he’s anything like the way we are, and I believe he is, it’s going to be a respectful practice. We’re out to get some work in. Competitive practice, but at the same time treating each other like we are our own teammates and protecting one another and making sure we’re getting what we need, so we can all get better.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: Is there a benefit because their defensive coordinator obviously has strong ties to your first opponent, is there any benefit to that and maybe there’s some carryover?

I don’t know because there I think the new coordinator, you can say there’s carryover. It’s more just to get a different look at a different opponent. At the end of the day, you still have to prepare for Baltimore independently, but it’s really just getting an opportunity to play. They’re going to be very blitz heavy, they’re a blitz heavy scheme, so to be able to see those and talk about those and get those and the man coverages that they play, a lot of different work than what we’ve gotten against ourselves, Atlanta, and so we’re anticipating a really, really good day tomorrow.


Antwan Staley, New York Daily News: Is it something that could happen more routinely with the Giants with these joint practices?

Would like to for sure, I mean, it makes sense. They’re right down the street. We have preseason games with them every year. If we all do it the right way, I think we can all benefit for a very long time.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: We saw Zach (Wilson) obviously tooling around in his cart just watching practices. Do you have an expectation of when he might be able to start doing some like just positional stuff?

I have no information on that one. I know he’s working his tail off with regards to maintaining his progress with the playbook and scheme. He’s in every meeting and he’s still getting the extra working with (Rob) Calabrese and Mike (LaFleur), so when he’s ready to play, get on the field, he’ll be ready.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: How was it getting Dwayne (Brown) out there in team drills? 

It was awesome to get the whole frontline working together, first time all year it feels like and it was really good. I’m sure it felt good for him for his first couple of reps and we’ll continue to ramp him up and see if we can get him to, he’s in phenomenal shape, so I’m not worried about his ability to go for a full game. It’s just a matter of getting the football plays in. He’s very familiar with the scheme, so it was it was awesome to get them all together.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: (follow up) So, you’ll play him a little on Sunday too? 





Neil Best, Newsday: Do you look forward to seeing (Carl) Lawson in a game situation? 

Yeah, I get the preseason. This is all procedural in terms of just going through the process, getting out there. It’s not necessarily to watch him dominate or win one on ones, just to let everyone get out there, go through the process of understanding one another, hearing the huddle call in a game situation, lining up, playing football, go through the process, get off the field and all that stuff. Obviously you compete, naturally you’re going to compete and try to do your absolute best, but at the same time, keep the main thing the main thing with regards to what we’re trying to accomplish and that’s to create that cohesion so in week one, we’re hungry.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: With Sauce (Ahmad Gardner), are you prepared? Is he your starter now? It’s kind of trending that way, it seems pretty obvious.

We had good evaluations yesterday. Obviously, we’re still in the alternating pattern. We’re talking about it every day. So, like I said, I know Bryce(Hall) had what looked like a bad day on Monday, but at the same time, that hasn’t been him this entire camp. He’s had a really nice camp and like I said in my press conference after the game, I don’t want one day to define him, but they both been having a really good camp.


Al Iannazzone, Newsday: Not only physically but what about Sauce mentally, his mentality, do you think will make him successful here?

I think he can drop the last play pretty easily. If he gets beat, if he gives something up, he can drop it and he understands how to download that information and take it with him so it doesn’t happen again. He’s a really cool player and someone who’s going to get much better as time goes, but I do love his mental makeup.


Antwan Staley, New York Daily News: Michael Carter II plays today, its 11-on-11, can you just talk about what you’ve seen from him throughout camp?

Great growth, a lot more comfort in playing his position. He had a play during the game, they hit us on a couple of seven cuts and usually when the bleeding is happening on the field, you want guys to be able to fix it themselves on the field because you can’t get them to the sideline to fix it, so you’re screaming frantically to try to put out the bleeding and there was a timeout and the coaches aren’t allowed on the field and so he puts his helmet on and runs on the field and starts talking to the defense to try to put to bed the schemes that they were running. So, just to show the leadership, he was in-tune in a preseason game where he was out of the game, ran out there just to be able to coach and try to deliver a message that needed to be delivered, so I thought it was really cool. He has matured so much and he’s only going to get better as he continues to get reps, but love the direction he’s going.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: What has Will Parks shown you in camp? I know he played for you guys a little at the end of last year, seems like he’s made some plays throughout camp, he had that big hit the other night.

He’s been awesome. He’s a veteran. He brings energy, he brings juice, he brings personality, character, instincts. He has been everything we hope in terms of what he’s added from everything, including football. I mean he seems to always be in the right spot, but I really like where he’s at and all the different attributes he brings.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: When you have a position like defensive line where there’s a series of numbers, it’s a good problem to have, so many numbers. Do you bend the norm? Normally, you take maybe eight or nine defensive linemen. Do you go really heavy at that spot? What’s your philosophy?

Yeah, I don’t want to speak for Joe (Douglas), but I think he and I share the same thought process and that you want 53 NFL players. You don’t want to cut an NFL player just because numbers say you’re supposed to keep eight here and if you don’t have an NFL player at another roster spot, then you don’t want to keep them just because numbers tell you to, on the flip side. So yeah, we’ll go heavy if it means that, our objective is to keep 53 people on the team that are 53 NFL players that we think can play for 32 teams. So, we do have a problem, a good problem, but at the same time it’s like we tell those players, don’t look at the numbers of your group because you could be tight end and competition with a d-lineman or a linebacker in competition with a receiver. There’s all different things where you’re not necessarily competing with the guys in your room, you’re competing with guys outside of your room and that’s where special teams comes into play and all the different things that we ask these guys to do.


John Pullano, New York Jets: We know what Breece (Hall) is able to do as a runner, I mean did he did it in college, but when using him as a pass catcher a lot out here, what do you like about his versatility?

I’ll tell you another quick story. So, I think it was the second day with Atlanta. We had that seven-on-seven drill and out of the huddle he tells Joe (Flacco), you better throw me the ball. He motions to the slot and that slot fade that he caught, the guy’s got unbelievable confidence. He tracks the ball very well. It’s very easy for him to find the ball in the space and torque, move his body, the body control. He has body control like a receiver. So, he’s definitely an asset, both in the run game in the pass game as is Michael (Carter) and as is TJ (Ty Johnson). Then, obviously you get the explosiveness of Tevin (Coleman) and (La’Mical) Perine’s physicality and then you got (Zonovan) Bam Knight, he’s shown he can do a lot of good things too. So, again, I know I’ve talked about that running back room, but it’s a really cool room.


Eric Allen, New York Jets: Was it good to get Quinnen (Williams) back into team routes and what did you see from him early in camp? Seems like he was dominating out there. 

Yeah, I think he’s in the best shape of his life. I mean, I don’t want to speak for him. I’ve only known him for a couple years now, but I mean, the guys out there, he doesn’t sweat. He’s got a great explosive movement. He’s got that big babyface smile that we all love, but messing with him today, it’s good to see him back from vacation. Looked like he had fresh legs, but it’s good to get him back out there. He feels good. He looks good. The expectation is just do your best, but we’re really excited because we think his best is going to be pretty damn good this year.


Eric Allen, New York Jets: Can you talk about (Greg) Zuerlein a little bit and also the luxury you have at kickoff position because you guys been using (Braden) Mann there for a while, but I think Zuerlein was 80% there last year and in Dallas as well?

Yeah, he’s a veteran. He’s been there done that. We went against him when he was at the Rams for a lot of years and I think we had a nickname, his nickname was Legatron back then, now it’s Greg the Leg I guess, but he’s got a big leg. He can kick it from anywhere over 55 yards and have plenty of distance. I thought Eddy (Pineiro) did a fantastic job too. He came into the stadium last year and was eight for eight I believe on field goals, so he was every bit of deserving too. It’s just we had to make a decision and that was the decision we went with, but really excited about Greg because he’s kicked game winners. He’s been through it all and just to have that veteran presence back there, it was reliable. It’s pretty good.


Zach Braziller, New York Post: Do you expect having the starters on Sunday playing a half or a quarter? 

I haven’t decided on the timeline yet, but it’s going to be anywhere between a quarter and a half.


Zach Braziller, New York Post: (follow up) Will Quinnen (Williams) play?

Everyone’s playing.