Head Coach Robert Saleh, 7.30

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Brian Costello, New York Post: Robert, what was the report on Garrett (Wilson) after Thursday, with the ankle?

He’s dealing with a low ankle, so we’re just being cautious with him, give him a couple of days to recover.


Antwan Staley, New York Daily News: Is Corey (Davis) still suffering from the illness?

Yeah, hopefully we can get him back tomorrow.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: How was it having Dalvin (Cook) out there? You got to interact with him a little bit.

He’s a good young man, a very good young man. I didn’t interact too much, but seems like there’s a lot of stuff going around, especially when it’s open to the public, so it was good to say hello.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: What does that entail today? Him showing up, taking a physical and just meeting everybody?

That’s pretty much it. Call it a meet and greet.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: Is it like recruiting?

I don’t know about recruiting, but I think it’s more just get a feel and make the best decision for your family.


Zach Braziller, New York Post: Did you try to sell him at all at some point today on why you think he would be good here?

I guess. I’m sure he’s got a lot of questions that he wants to ask and hopefully we get a chance to sit down and I can answer any questions that he might have.


Connor Hughes, SNY: This is a little bit of a unique situation with him because it seems like the two teams really vying for him are you guys and Miami, so theoretically he goes within the division, does that play a role in wanting him here to keep him away from them?

No, it shouldn’t. We’re focused on us and how can we make ourselves better and how does this all fit and if you check the box of making yourself better, if it’s the right way, and we’re doing what’s best for this organization, then you make the right decision, but to make decisions to spite another team, you’re just asking for it.


Tom Rock, Newsday: Do you expect to have a decision from him by the end of the day?

I have no expectation.


Antwan Staley, New York Daily News: We talked a lot about this defensive line, but what have you seen from Micheal Clemons recently and leading into training camp? 

Mike, I love his demeanor, his intent. He’s a very violent football player, very violent man, which you want. Cool thing about him is he knows how to turn it off off the field, but I just love the progress he’s made. He’s gotten bigger, he’s gotten stronger. He’s shown the ability to get inside and kick down inside and play some three technique, but he’s doing a really nice job. I’m excited to see him play on Thursday. He’s a cool piece for sure.


Connor Hughes, SNY: When you guys are going offense verses defense, it seems like Todd Downing is the one with the walkie talkie calling in the plays and (Nathaniel) Hackett is more, for a lack of a better word, coaching the players as they come off the field. Is that something you guys will continue with in the regular season? What went into that decision?

Well, from the box, Hackett calling the call and then Todd, so he’s going to hear Todd’s voice on game day. So just getting him used to it, as of now anyway, yeah, it could change.


Connor Hughes, SNY: (follow-up) So, it will be Hackett in the booth and then to Todd on the field?

Yeah, unless it changes in the next week or so, but I am going to encourage, like we did with (Mike) LaFleur, to just try both and see what you like better, so we’re going to try some different things, but it’s just more to get used to the voice and all that stuff.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Robert, what’s your plan for Thursday, in terms of how many guys will play and what you will try to get out of Thursday? 

We’re really just trying to get the young guys a lot of playing time, see what we got in them, so we’re not anticipating any of our starters playing and a couple of vets for that matter, so it’s going to be a lot of young guys running around and trying to showcase their skills and try to make the 53-man roster.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Will Zach Wilson play Thursday? 

Yeah, he’s going to play.


Connor Hughes, SNY: This is probably a little ignorant speaking, is that normal to go from one to one to QB, like when you call plays offensively? Or do you want less is more, where it is just a direct line of communication with this guy to that guy?

Well, it depends. I mean everyone’s different. Back in the day, you had to because you couldn’t talk from up there, so you had to relay it down. Todd is kind of the ear when Hackett is busy working with other position groups, so he’s constantly hearing Todd’s voice, so it’s a good setup in the way we have it, so it’s normal and either way works, but you’re right, less is always more, but I don’t think that’s too much at all.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Speaking of Thursday, is Mekhi (Becton) going to play at all? 

Yeah, we are anticipating Mekhi plays.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Do you have an update on Duane (Brown), Robert? When do you expect him back?

Yeah, he’s coming along. I don’t have a specific date, but we are expecting him back at some point.


Joseph McBride, Reach PLC: I know there has been a lot of talk about Cook, but the running game looked good today. How do you feel with your depth with your running backs as it is?

Yeah, love the running back room. We do have four really good ones, so there is some competition already between Izzy (Abanikanda), Michael (Carter), and Bam (Zonovan Knight) to try to get that third spot, or the two and three spots if you will, but what I have actually been loving with the run game is our offensive line. They’ve come on strong, they’ve been doing really well, they’re trying to establish a new line of scrimmage, they’re playing with a lot of grit, a lot of fight, so just at this moment, very pleased with where the offensive line is, still a long way to go, but love the way they’ve been playing.


Steve Serby, New York Post: Any update on Breece (Hall), your expectations for Week One maybe?

Still got the same expectations. I think we’re expecting him back a couple of weeks after this game. He’s coming up quick, so he’s coming along good.


Brian Costello, New York Post: What have you seen (Will) McDonald IV, Robert and where’s he at in the rookie progressions? Is he swimming right now in the defense? 

No, we don’t ask those guys to do a lot. Just get off the ball, but he looks good. Like I said, he’s got to learn power. He’s got all the freakish ability, he can win with speed, he can counter inside, but until you get those tackles playing a little bit more heavy footed because they’re afraid of your power and all that stuff won’t matter, so he’s learning that aspect of it, but I’m excited. I think he’s going to show really well in the preseason and he’s showing well here, it’s just not as flashy because of the fact that we’re not calling sacks and stuff, but he’s got all the ability in the world. He’s just got to continue to learn his style.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Is the power aspect something he can get to this year or does he need a full season because he is in the strength program?

No, he can, but it’s only going to get, he can start the process now. Obviously, you want to get bigger, you want to get stronger, but just learning leverages and different ways, different leverage and how to bend and torque and all that, and he can do it all. It’s just a matter of learning how to create those perfect angles to create all the power you can.


Rich Cimini, ESPN.com: Kwon Alexander ended up going to Pittsburgh. Was he a guy you were interested in bringing back and now is it (Jamien) Sherwood with the spot?

We do have a really good competition going on for that third spot with Nas (Hamsah Nasirildeen) and Sherwood, along with Z (Zaire Barnes). A couple of those young linebackers are coming on strong too, but I love Kwon, I think he’s a fantastic person, brings so much juice and energy to the locker room and on the practice field, always reliable. Love him to death and I’m excited for his opportunity. Pittsburgh definitely got a good player.


Do you expect Will McDonald (IV) to play Thursday?

He’s playing.