Head Coach Robert Saleh, 11.3

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Opening Statement…

Practice wise, (Chazz) Surratt is going to be out again from practice, he is most likely out for the game. Today is a padded practice, so we will know more about Joe Tippmann, but otherwise everyone else is full.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: I saw Laken (Tomlinson) pop up, so he is good to go?

Yeah, we will get a good test today. Same thing, I’m sorry, him and ‘Tipp’ (Joe Tippmann) pretty much the same just to see where they are at with regard to their ability to play on Monday.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Did Laken get hurt in the game, Robert? Or was that something that happened in practice?

It was in the game, it was in the game.


Niel Best, Newsday: What is your level of optimism for Tippmann? I know you won’t know until he gets out there, but are you optimistic?

Yesterday was good. It was not nearly as an intense practice as today will be, but you know me, I am always optimistic. We will see how he does, we are hopeful.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: We saw that Duane Brown was also full, is there a chance that he is active on Monday?

We will see again today to see where he is at, communication with him. It has been a month now since he has gotten pads on, so the feedback for tomorrow when he bangs bodies and just on how his body feels will be a big part of that decision.


Jared Schwartz, New York Post: Brant (Boyer) didn’t want to comment on it yesterday, but do you want to comment on (Thomas) McGaughey’s calling Will McDonald’s play illegal?



John Pullano, New York Jets: The Chargers secondary statistically hasn’t been great, Derwin James is still a really incredible player, what kind of challenge is he?

Derwin (James), he plays a style that I know we love here. He is fast, he communicates, I have gotten a chance to study him a lot because when Gus (Bradley) was there they ran a very similar scheme, so just to see him, he is an animal. You always have to keep your head on a swivel when he is around, he is going to hit you. He is a dynamic football player, and he is one of the better ones in ball.


Neil Best, Newsday: Does getting more experience than a normal year with these night games help you guys in terms of knowing the unusual routine versus you don’t do those games very often?

For sure, this year our schedule feels like it has been all over the place. We have got four games in 19 days coming up over the next month. Like today, I was laughing with ‘Scar’ (Steve Scarnecchia), our chief of staff, because today is Friday, but it is a Wednesday schedule with a Thursday practice, so there is all kinds of things going on. It is okay to continuously changes the stimulations, I think it is actually better than getting into the monotony of same old, same old. The times change, the schedule changes, it keeps you on your toes, keeps you alert, keeps you locked in, so there are positives to it.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Robert, how far are you mapping that out? Like are you thinking you are going to have a short week and then it is going to be a late night coming back from the Vegas game, then you have that Friday game. How far out are you guys planning that stuff?

We are mapped out all the way out until leading out into the Buffalo week, we are mapped out. I meant the Miami game, after the Miami game. Who do we play after Miami? (Atlanta). Atlanta, there we go, we are mapped out until then.


Jared Schwartz, New York Post: Carl (Lawson), now that you are after the trade deadline, what do you see for his role going forward?

Same thing, just continue to do your best and always compete to try to get up on the 53. I think they are all competing. Jermaine Johnson has done a phenomenal job, Bryce Huff has done a phenomenal job and Will McDonald is a big asset on special teams, so everyone has kind of carved out a role and it is not a knock on Carl (Lawson), I think he still has all the juice in his body and his ability to paly at a high level. I do believe he is going to be called on, eventually. He has already been up a few times. Knowing him and the way he works and the way he grinds day in and day out and how well he takes care of his body, he is a pro. Empathetically, I know he wants more, but competition and all that stuff, it is what it is.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Robert, the AFC right now, there are a lot of teams bunched together, I know it is only November, but do you start looking at it and say, like this game with the Chargers, this could come into play at the beginning of January when there starts being tie breakers in the next few plays?

For sure, all the in-conference games, division, conference and then out of conference, obviously. Obviously, it does because it is in conference, but the reality of it is that they all matter. We go back and look at last year when we are sitting there 7-4 and we lose a tight one to Minesota and a tight one to Detroit, there was Buffalo and obviously there are so many tight games in the second half of the year where every single one of them, you just have to take it one week at a time. Just focus on that opponent that you have and are there bonuses and all that with regards to the division and conference? Yeah, sure you could look at all that, but we just have to take care of the moment.


Coach Stanley is known for some unconventional moves and going for it on fourth and whatever. Does that effect anything that you guys do in terms of preparation? Does it add any challenges to the game plan not knowing what exactly to expect from the other game plan?

No, I think in this day and age, it feels like we go into every game assuming that every coach is going to go for it on fourth down. So, you always have a plan for it. So, every situation is understanding, and I am just going to read between the lines of where they are, field position wise and what the tendencies might be, but for the most part, we always work off the assumption that they are going to go for it.


Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: Robert, how would you describe the personality of your quarterback room? Obviously, it has changed a little bit when Aaron (Rodgers) was in there to not in there, what has it been like over the course of the season? How would you characterize that group?

I like the group a lot. I think Zach (Wilson) is a lot more confident than what he was a year ago. I like ‘Timmy’ (Tim Boyle), ‘Timmy’ is locked in, man, sometimes I go back there and I can hear him talking to himself as he is going through the play with himself. I’m just looking over and like good for him. He is always reminding me to not cancel flight school because he wants those reps, so he is so deliberate in his preparation, which I genuinely appreciate. Trevor (Siemian) has been fantastic since he has gotten in there, really doing the same thing with preparation. They both do a great job with the show teams. I really like the makeup of the room. I think they get along really well. I think they feed off of one another really well. It is a good group.


Brian Costello, New York Post: We have asked this a few times recently, but the comments on the offensive line and moving pieces, questions about Joe, questions about Duane on which side?

I have said it, whoever we put out there, we feel confident about the guys that we have. It is just a matter of getting them the continuity that they need to play to be successful. The o-line (offensive), I have talked about it, it is the only unit in ball that is in every play and gets hit every play. A corner plays every play, but they don’t get hit every play, a quarterback, same thing, linebackers maybe half the time, but the o-line getting hit every play and they are playing every play, and the communication that has to happen up front, and the different fronts that they see. Half the battle for good o-line plays is having continuity, so we are confident in the individuals, we just have to continue to strain to find ways to get them to play well together.


Jared Schwartz, New York Post: You mentioned Jermaine before, has something really started to click the last couple of weeks with him on the field?

No, they are young. I know everything expects things to happen right now, usually guys like Sauce (Gardner) and Breece (Hall) and Garrett (Wilson) for that matter. They are the outliers, normally it takes guys more time. Guys like Quincy (Williams) are the norm, it takes them time. Even Quinnen (Williams) took some time. Jermaine is doing a heck of a job and we have talked about it in training camp, he remade his entire body, he looked fantastic, he had a heck of a training camp, and there is an adjustment period. To be honest with you, he is still not where any of us think he is going to be. He is only going to get better. The way he plays, how hard he plays, how violent he plays, he is going to be a good one for a while.


Brian Costello, New York Post: One guy, who kind of flew under the radar was Quinton Jefferson, who we could see had a big game last week against the run, what have you seen from him?

He has been great. He is producing in the pass game, producing in the run game, he plays to our style with the effort and the violence that we ask. He has been great in the locker room because he is a veteran presence. Obviously, he has a voice, and that voice is of value to our younger guys. He has been an absolute pleasure to have.


Brian Costello, New York Post: Does his role increase with Al (Woods) sidelined?

They are all going to elevate a little bit more. We are still going to do our best to get eight guys out there because part of the superpower again it is just our opinion, but to be able to rotate eight to keep those guys fresh, we want to make sure we are continuing to keep that rotation and keep them as fresh as possible. So, I feel like we get stronger as the game goes on because our guys aren’t taking on as many reps, on the third and especially when the fourth quarter rolls around we can just continue to send our eight guys and keep punching them in the mouth. That is just kind of the formula for us.


Jeanne Coakley, SNY: Rutherford Bulldogs?

Yeah, we are recognizing Coach Steve Dunn from Rutherford High School. They have won their third straight conference championship and in the regular season, 8-0. He graduated from Rutherford High School, taught there for 16 years, he was named head coach in 2020, and 31-6 overall. Hell of a deal, but good luck in their playoff games tonight.