Head Coach Robert Saleh, 11.26

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Opening Statement: Alright, I’ll start with injuries guys. No new updates except for Corey (Davis), he’ll be limited today and then (John Franklin-Myers) will be limited also with a hip. Otherwise, everything else is the same. Today, we’re representing Dino Garr. He’s the Coach of the Week. He’s at Rye High School. His team is in the semis tonight, they’re 10-1, he’s been there for 40 years, graduated from there. Jets are routing you on, brother.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: Robert, with Corey, what happened to him the other day, just came up?

Yeah. That time of year. Just got into the wrong spot, stretching out for a ball, had a little tweak. All indications are that he’s good, so we’ll limit him today and just give him until Sunday and he’ll be ready to roll.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: You said JFM was limited with a hip?

Yeah, he has just been dealing with a hip, kind of flared up a little bit yesterday but he should be good to go, too.


Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: What have you seen from Zach (Wilson) the last couple of days?

Just trying to re-acquaint himself into the offense. He’s working, he’s seeing a bunch of different receivers running at a different tempo than when he left, too. Everyone’s gotten a little bit better around him and so, just him reacquainting himself with the offense and his teammates, but it’s been a good week of preparation.


(follow up) What are the signs that you want to see in the game that will show you and Mike (LaFleur) that he has taken maybe some things from watching? Are there any specific things you can look for?

Even leading up to his injury, he was making the right reads, going where the ball needed to go. Obviously, for him, the speed at which he gets the ball to those people, to his reads, so processing a little bit faster, playing the game faster with his mind and then being very cognizant of his footwork, to make sure he’s got his feet in the ground and making all the throws that he needs to make. Whether it’s five yards down the field or 20 yards down the field. So, just continue to work on those aspects of his game and the ore reps he gets, the better he’ll be.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press : In a weird way, is this almost like, he’s a rookie, still, Zach, obviously, we’re still in his rookie season here. But he played six games, missed the month and now he’s come back, and the offense has progressed and kind of changed and like you said that the tempo of the receivers, is this almost like he’s taken the next step? You know what I’m saying?

Almost, because you love for OTAs and training camp, but I know exactly where you’re getting at and it’s a good question and it’s a good thought. But for him to be able to step away, digest and watch, like I’ve said a million times in terms of seeing the offense through another lens of a teammate. So, for him, whatever he’s learned, just apply it but at the same time, he just has to play his game. There’s still a style. He’s different than Mike (White), he’s different than Joe (Flacco), he’s different than Josh (Johnson), but there are all very good in their own special way. How can you take what he learned from a quarterback position and apply it to his skillset? Now, it’s just a matter of he’s just got to go do it and try it out and not necessarily try some new things on gameday but try it out in practice and keep finding ways to get better and find out what works for him and you trust. I mean, he’s such a smart young man and he works so hard that he’s going to figure this out. Again, he’s a young man that’s getting reps.


Dan Leberfeld, Jets Confidential: With Quincy Williams, he seems to be very good with everything in front of him, stopping the run, blitzing, special teams coverage. But sometimes things get him back in terms of diagnosing against the pass or misdirection, so how can he improve in those areas?

That’s reps. One of his superpowers is speed. He’s one of the faster linebackers in football, if you just look at his GPS numbers. He has the luxury of taking a step before triggering, because whatever he lost at the snap, he can regain because he’s so fast and long. It’s just learning to be a little bit more patient in his read and just be sure he knows and when he knows, trigger like he does. You also don’t want to make him a robot and slow him down. So, there is a fine line there. He’s getting a lot of reps, he’s gotten a lot better since the first day he arrived here and it’s just a matter of just continue to stack up good days, continue to put him in different positions, continue to give him the same things to do over and over again and trust that as he sees more things, he’ll continually get better.


Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Robert, I’m sure Houston looks at you as a very winnable game, and you probably look at the same their way. After the Miami game, you were obviously annoyed at self-inflicted stuff, how do you get rid of that? What’s the process, I know you’re going to say reps and stuff like that. How much does that particularly drilled in this week? Was is it maybe drilled in more this week?

You try to educate, you saw it yesterday, you saw in the Dallas and Vegas game, two playoff teams, just kept shooting themselves in the foot. You saw it in the Bears/Lions game of just ways to lose games. Didn’t really catch much of the Buffalo game, I was passed out by then, but you have to learn how not to lose games. And a lot of time, it’s because, one you’re either trying to make a play that you don’t need to make, you just need to do your job. Two, you get caught up in the moment and the moment gets too big for you. Or three, you’re just a young kid who needs time, who needs to be able to be exposed to those situations. So, you educate as much as you can. Matt Burke did a great job this morning just showing the different situations that happen of the course of last week, and over the course of yesterday of situations that teams beat themselves. And then you obviously, out in practice, when you trust your preparation and you trust doing your job over and over and over again, you trust that you can execute it come gameday, you don’t have to make stuff up, because you’ve already done it. Again, it’s teaching, it’s keeping your foot on the pedal with regards to trusting your preparation and then coaches trusting that you don’t have to make stuff up as a coach either, just keep the standard, understand the standard, and execute the standard.


(follow up) So (Burke) showed the guys today, you use some of the other games, like you referred to, to illustrate some of the things?

Yeah, every Friday Matt Burke gets up there, we call it “Learning Around The League,” and we show things from previous games that are great teachable moments. Whether the taunting penalty, making sure that we’re continuing the emphasize that stuff. Showing that Detroit game, in terms of just situational awareness, both as coaches and players, and what do those situations call for. Or the Vegas game, there’s some stuff in there with Vegas, and the Cowboys. So, every game has teachable moments. And I’m sure teams are using our stuff as teachable moments, and some of the stuff to do and some things not to do. So, it’s a great opportunity on Fridays to just kind of, the game plan’s in, you’re set, let’s just digest here and talk about situations and things that teams do to help themselves win. So, we do that every Friday.


Zach Brazziller, New York Post: Robert, is Foley (Folorunso Fatukasi), did something happen with Foley the other day?

No. Again, simple going through the season, a lot of these guys who have been around the league for a long time, this is about management in terms of trying to get to Sundays while preparing the best you can and getting all the reps that you need. You know, early Bye Week, we’re going to be almost, shoot it feels like forever, but we got seven more, including Sunday, so it’s just making sure that our guys are healthy for Sunday.


(follow up) I know you said the other day, (C.J.) Mosley was rest, but you guys listed him with a shoulder, is he injured at all?

So, you have to put something on there. That’d be the ailment, but for him, we don’t hit in practice, so the shoulder wouldn’t limit him. It’s just making sure that we’re taking care of his lower half.


Denis Waszak, Associated Press: With (Joe) Flacco, has he been testing negative? Because you were saying the possibility of him possibly…

There’s been no setbacks for Flacco so far. I’ll keep his test results private. But, so far, he’s still on pace.


Dennis Waszak, Associated Press: Just to go back to Quincy Williams, even though he’s been in the league a couple years, would you say he’s kind of raw in a sense?

Yeah, so a young guy, right? Played at a smaller school, so you’re not exposed to the complexities of what you might see defensively or offensively, so he’s raw in that regard. And so, a lot of it’s new. And he basically played nickel in college, a lot of people don’t realize that. So, now he’s stacked behind the ball, so there’s a learning curve. And he played, obviously he had some reps there in Jacksonville, sometimes it takes a couple of years to click, sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes it happens in year three or four. So, this is year three for him, I believe, and a lot of times, I’ve said it before, year three is kind of a trigger point for a lot of these guys, and he’s triggering.