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Head Coach Andy Reid

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OPENING STATEMENT: “I don’t have any injuries for you. So, a good all-around win. I thought that every phase did a nice job and played well. There was a good focus amongst the team. I thought our defense really did a great job on third downs, in particular in the red zone, and held them to field goals, which ended up being big for us. And they really turned up the gas in the second half. Then, the offense was able to move the ball well in the air. It’s funny because we have this whole RPO thing going and some of those runs ended up being throws, but we’ll just count them as yards. I thought it was a nice job by Patrick (Mahomes). Again, he had complete command of everything going on, including the check at the end when they were in a blitz look and hit Tyreek (Hill) on a big touchdown. Just both sides of the ball, both lines, I thought did a nice job. I think that Jets defensive front is really a good front. Gregg Williams is an experienced defensive coordinator, they use a lot of different looks, and I was proud of how those big guys handled it on both sides of the ball. So, a lot of good work there. Then, we were able to get some of the young guys in also with some work. With that, time’s yours.”

Q: What did the Jets do that made you believe the fake punt would work? And how anxious did you get when you saw how high the pass was?

REID: “Yeah, well they’ve been working on it. I mean, they’ve been doing it the last couple, three weeks, and it’s been like clockwork. That one did get a little high. It’s different when it’s in a game, and he’s as good a thrower as there is. So, he’s a real good athlete and he was able to show a little bit of that today. But it’s a little different in a game. Next time he does it, it’ll be better. It won’t be quite as high, but we’ll take it right there.”

Q: When you have so many talented guys who can do damage with the ball in their hands, how great does that make it for a play caller?

REID: “Yeah, these guys make that easy, or as easy as it can be in the NFL. I mean, there’s such great competition out here. But the best thing that I see and like is that they’re on the same page. So, they’re thinking right along how the coaches are thinking when we’re over on the sideline thinking we know everything. So, they’re kind of right in line with it and actually executing it in game time, but it’s impressive.”

Q: What did Patrick Mahomes check out of on that touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill? Was it a run play that was checked to a pass?

REID: “If I could tell you, I’d have to make you disappear. No, it was a pass to a pass. I sounded like I was from Philly for about a second there but don’t tell them that.”

Q: Has there been a point this season where you’ve seen complacency and you’ve had to address it? And what does a performance like this today say in that regard?

REID: “Yeah, so listen, coaches are always on guard for all that. And you say it a million times, you’re always going to say it. I mean, that’s how coaches are wired. So, I remind them of that, but I really haven’t worried about that with them because these guys are pretty focused. They enjoy playing with each other, and listen, if you’re going to be good at the end of the year, you’ve got to take care of business during the year. So, every game counts as you go forward, and so it’s important that you bear down every week, and that’s part of it as you go. But I haven’t really worried that much about it, no, with them.”

Q: Many thought you would be able to beat the jets without needing a play like the fake punt. What goes into the decision to call a fake punt and try to seize the game that way?

REID: “Well, you never know in this league. I mean, the parity in this league is ridiculous. Sam Darnold, he gets hot and runs around and makes plays. And if that’s going on, I mean, you saw him drive down to the red zone a couple different times, so you’ve got to score points. I’ve been through too many of those where you pull off the accelerator and then something bad happens. So, you’re better off just keeping it down, then going for four quarters there.”

Q: How much better has Patrick Mahomes gotten at making the right decision on RPOs?

REID: “Yeah, he was spot on today. He was seeing and shooting, and he’s very accurate with those things, seeing them I’m saying, and then his throws are good too if he pulls it. But at the same time, he’s patient with the run part of it, and he’s got a good feel of the game and what’s happening with it down-and-distance-wise, field position, all those things. So, full trust in him with it.”

Q: How has Daniel Sorensen’s recent play sparked the team?

REID: “Yeah, listen, he’s playing good football right now. He’s flying around, he’s making plays. All in all, he’s doing a nice job all the way around. He’s playing confident. And so, it’s his seventh year and I think he feels comfortable back there with the Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) and they’ve got good communication amongst them, and with 22 (Juan Thornhill). It’s a tight group back there, he’s doing a nice job.”

Patrick Mahomes

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Q: What did it feel like today to open up and feel like you are having a big day out there?

MAHOMES: “I mean it’s always fun to go out there and score touchdowns and do all that different type of stuff. We’ve kind of been saying it all year long is we have a lot ways we can beat teams and today they were doing a good job of kind of stopping up the run and we took it to air, threw the ball and we made plays happen that way. Now that you can kind of see it, we can throw the ball on teams, run the ball on teams and it’s about taking what’s there and finding the best way to win a football game.”

Q: What went into your touchdown celebrations with Tyreek Hill? Looked like you were trying to give him a ride on that first one as well.

MAHOMES: “No, the first one I was just trying to get him out of the stands. He went up there and I don’t know the rules on that, but I know it’s probably not the best thing to do so I tried to get him back down and the second one, it looked like he was a little dinged up. He made a great play on the ball, I got him over there and luckily he ended up being fine so we’re just having fun out there.”

Q: What would you say to people as we near election day?

MAHOMES: “I would say just finish the job. Go out there and vote, use your voice, no matter where you live, no matter who you’re voting for, use your voice and do whatever you think is best for you, this country and your family.”

Q: After watching film the Jets defense and how tough Quinnen Williams is, did you know today would be the day some things would open up down the field?

MAHOMES: “I wouldn’t say that necessarily. He does a good job of stopping the run and if you watched this entire season, they’ve done a good job usually of getting their cornerbacks and linebackers in there and stopping the run. I knew there would be some opportunities to make some throws and I thought the dudes did a good job of the open spaces in zones. It’s good to be able to do this and have a game like this going into another great opponent next week and kind of show we can do multiple things not just one.”

Q: What were you seeing out there today since you threw more than handoffs?

MAHOMES: “Yeah, just kind of the alignments of defenders, they were really focused on stopping the run which they did a good job of doing. We obviously have to try to be there, but they were coming down fast and guys were getting open in space and I was putting it in their hands. I think the biggest thing was he kept calling those plays, he kept giving me the option to run or throw the pass and I think when we do that, it puts a lot of stress on the defense.”

Q: Out of your five touchdowns today, which one was your favorite?

MAHOMES: “My favorite was probably the last one just because I kind of got to check to it and we’ve been working on that check for a while and we finally got the look that we liked and we were able to check and make the play happen, so I would say that one or the underhand one. I mean the underhand one was sweet, man. Every time I get that opportunity to do that, I try to take advantage.”

Q: Is there a different feel for you halfway through the season this time around compared to previous ones?

MAHOMES: “I wouldn’t say a different feel. The thing to me that I’ve learned from in my experiences is we have a team that can go get whatever we want to go get. Going into the last two seasons you haven’t had that Super Bowl championship, you don’t know for sure, you think you do but you don’t know for sure and I know we have the players in this locker room and now it’s about the effort we put in every single day and the grind every single day of not taking anything for granted. That’s what its going to take and I think we have the leaders in this locker room to try and make a run at it.”

Q: What was your perspective of the fake punt and throw from Tommy Townsend? How important was that play for the drive?

MAHOMES: “I thought it was sweet, he ripped that thing. It wasn’t a lollipop at all, I mean he caught it and he ripped it over there, so it was pretty impressive. I actually didn’t know it was happening. I was trying to go for it and Coach (Andy) Reid was – I should’ve known by the way he kind of just said go ahead and he sent the special teams out there. I was like, “man, you’re not even going to think about it?” I guess he already had things planned ahead. I think Toub (Coach Dave Toub) does a great job and he has for a very long time of having different tricks and having different ways to execute at a high level of that special teams group. It gave us a chance to have another play and we were able to score on it. It was a big point in the game.”

Q: Do you judge your offenses performance differently in this game compared to others, seeing as the Jets haven’t won?

MAHOMES: “I don’t. If you look at this defense and how they played this year, I mean they may not have won any games, but they’re in games and they’re competing, they’re doing their job. They’re a team that has a lot of talented players and we went out there and we had to execute at a high level. You have to do that in this league, you can’t take anyone for granted because there’s great football players on every single football team that you’re going to go up against.”

Q: What was the name of the underhand pass to Travis Kelce?

MAHOMES: “It was called ‘Stampede Right’.”

Q: With the season being halfway over, are you scoreboard watching now especially with the Steelers being 7-0?

MAHOMES: “I think you can’t do that. I think you have to focus on the opponent that you have every single week. Pittsburgh, they won their game, they’re undefeated, they’re a great football team so for us we just try to win as many football games as possible. If we win them all and we’re 15-1 and they’re 16-0 they deserve to be the number one seed.”

Q: Did you know Tommy Townsend could throw like that?

MAHOMES: “I’ve seen Tommy throw, but you never know until someone gets under pressure how they’re going to perform. He’s done a great job of punting the ball and a great job of throwing the ball so far.”

Q: Do moments like Tommy Townsend’s throw to Byron Pringle really make a difference in a lopsided game like this?

MAHOMES: “100 percent. Those moments, especially in the beginning parts of the game, those are huge in getting the momentum in your favor and getting things going and putting points on the board. That changes the whole entire game and so obviously it was a big play.”

Mecole Hardman

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Tyrann Mathieu

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Tommy Townsend

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