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Head Coach Adam Gase

Opening Statement…
As far as injuries go, (Mekhi) Becton left at the end of the first half with a shoulder; (Jordan) Willis had an ankle. The only other two guys were (Chris) Hogan had a quad/knee; and Jordan (Jenkins) had a shoulder. It really seemed like it was bothering him most of the game, but he stayed out there. We can’t turn the ball over. We have to figure out a way to stop those guys. We put ourselves in, at least position a few times, but a red area turnover and two pick sixes is not going to make it for us. We have to play a way better game than that. We let that one get so far away from us. We have to clean a lot of stuff up.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Can you walk us through what happened on those three (Sam) Darnold interceptions? The pick six, the one in the red zone, and then the second pick six.
The first one, I was excited he went to (Lawrence) Cager, he stuck with the progression. I have to go watch the tape and see his release. I’m not really sure what happened at the top of the route. I thought he did a good job of coming back and getting us down the field, taking up the whole first quarter and putting us in the endzone. The red zone pick can’t happen. The third one, I have to talk to him tomorrow and just find out kind of what was going on there.

Brian Costello, New York Post: You’ve bene outscored by 57 points in these three games. How do you fix this?
We have to clean up the red area for sure. You can’t drive down the field and not put it in the endzone. It seems like we start out the game and stay in third-and-manageable, and then as the game goes on, we’re in third-and-long. It was tough running the ball once Becton left. We lost a little bit with our run game there for sure. We still had ourselves in a couple of good positions, but then we were shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: A byproduct of a start like this and even last season to some degree is that there have been a lot of people calling for your job. Today, there was a pregame report from ESPN from (Chris Mortenson) that ownership and management is looking at you the next few games. How do you react to that? How do you handle that?
I am going to do what I always do and come back to work tomorrow and try to get things fixed. That’s something I can’t worry about. I have to focus on getting our guys ready.

Shara Taylor, New York Beacon: Were any changes made last week that were implanted this week, changes to coaching responsibilities or anything like that?

Rich Cimini, ESPN: What is the nature of Mekhi’s injury and what is the prognosis?
They just told me he had a shoulder and that he was out for the second half. We have minimum amount of time. I didn’t really have time for a long discussion.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Was that the shoulder that was bothering (Becton) during the week when he was limited on Wednesday?
I don’t know. I didn’t ask.

Brian Costello, New York Post: What is the most troubling aspect of the way you guys played today?
The red area interception is where it felt like things really started going bad for us. We were first and goal inside the 10. We have to score a touchdown there and we definitely can’t turn it over.

Charles McDonald, New York Daily News: How much responsibility do you take for the start the offense has gotten off to this season?
I run the offense. We have to play a lot better.

Andy Vasquez, The Record: With the Darnold mistakes, he has talked about cleaning them up. You’ve talked about cleaning them up. Why do you think they keep happening?
I’m going to go back and watch this and just figure out. And I have to talk to him to find out, ‘Hey, what were you thinking? What made you want to throw this type of ball or go to this side?’ There are a lot of things that we’re going to have to learn from this film for sure. The biggest thing, we have a short week, so we don’t have a lot of time to spend on this game. We have to get ready for the next one, but we need to fix these red area turnovers for sure.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Do you feel that Sam is a better quarterback this year than he was last year and if so, why?
I thought we were trending in the right direction after last week. Like I said, we have to go look at this and figure out what went wrong and figure out a way to fix it quickly. I thought last week he was very efficient last week. He was doing a lot right, better than the week before.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: On the red zone interception, it looked like a weird coverage. It looked like he (Xavier Rhodes) dropped off the intended receiver and then he picked him up again? On TV, they said maybe he didn’t even know what defense he was in. Can you describe what happened?
We thought we knew what the coverage was and then he ran down and grabbed Hogan, and then he fell back on Cager. He took an inside angle. I don’t know if there was a miscommunication on a motion for them or what happened with the DBs.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Beyond just the offense, where do you characterize your responsibility for being outscored by 60 points in three games?
We haven’t done a good job. We all have to get better – coaches, players, myself, everybody. We have to do a better job. We have to find a way to clean all of the mistakes up and put ourselves in position to compete in the game.

Charles McDonald, New York Daily News: Last week, you said that it was time to put things in hyperdrive. Do you feel you guys have made any progress over the past week?
When we’re in practice, I feel like I see guys getting better. We’re doing the right things. I thought this week was way cleaner with the execution of what we were doing play-wise. We just can’t make the mistakes that we are making. They are brutal mistakes that cost you games.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Is this embarrassing?
Yeah. You don’t want to go out there and get your ass kicked. It’s frustrating. I’m frustrated for our guys, our coaches. We’re the only ones that can fix it. We have to do it. We have to figure out a way to clean up all of the things that aren’t going right for us.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: I guess the question is why does this keep happening? It seems like a lot of similar issues with not being competitive, the game being over in the second half. It was there in the opener, there in Week Two, and now in Week Three.
We just have to play better. That’s what it comes down to. We played three tough teams. We have to play a lot better than what we did.

Andy Vasquez, The Record: You say there is frustration on your end and from the players as well. What do you say to them after a performance like that?
We have a short week. For us, guys that are banged up, have to get in the training room. We have to recover as quickly as possible. We have to move on to the next one. We have a very short period of time, so we don’t have time to hang our heads and worry about this one too much. We have to get on to the next one and figure out a way to win a game.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: On the defense, you guys were such a good tackling team last year. It seems to be lacking this year. There are just so many missed tackles. Do you kind of throw your hands up? Why do you think stuff like that is happening?
We just have to keep working on it. We’re three games into the season. I don’t know, maybe at the end of the year you look at it and say, ‘Preseason was that big of a deal.’ That’s where you get most of your tackling experience for the year, or where you’re hardening up and getting used to doing that. Unfortunately, we’re going through this in-season.

QB Sam Darnold

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Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Can you just take us through those three interceptions today and what kind of happened on them and just assess your performance as a whole today?
Yeah, I obviously didn’t play well enough today. Didn’t execute well enough. Obviously, the turnovers cost us big time. The first one, just based on his leverage maybe I shouldn’t have thrown it. And then the red zone turnover, I thought (Xavier) Rhodes made a good play. I probably, obviously, shouldn’t have thrown it. He made a really good play. I think they busted their coverage. And then the last one, just didn’t see well enough. I’ve got to be better.

Brian Costello, New York Post: How do you guys fix this?
Yeah, we’ve just got to take it one day at a time. We’ve got a short week. We’ve got to get ready to play Denver tomorrow. We’ll play Denver Thursday, get ready for them tomorrow. Yeah, we’re looking forward to the challenge. It’s just, again, like I said, it’s about taking it one day at a time right now. That’s where we’re at.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: What do you believe is holding you back from taking that next step as a quarterback?
I’ve just got to play consistent. I’m not playing consistent enough to play well in this league, and so, for me, I just need to play more consistent, make the plays when they’re there and when they’re not just get rid of the ball, check it down, do all the right things I need to do.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Is it particularly frustrating because in between the interceptions you guys were actually moving the ball reasonably well on the second series and had some things going and then the pick seemed to deflate everything. Is that it? Is that what you’re talking about mainly with the inconsistency?
Yeah, we drive the ball down the field, we’ve got to execute in the red area. It’s the same story as last week. If we score a touchdown there it’s a whole different ballgame.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Obviously we all know the people that you’re missing receiver wise, obviously Mekhi (Becton) goes down today. Do you look at that’s what’s holding you back or is that an unfair excuse for you to make?
No, that’s not an excuse. I think, for us, like I said earlier this week, it’s always been a next-man-up mentality whoever’s out there. Coaches do a really good job and the players, my teammates, do a really good job of knowing the gameplan even though they’re not technically starting and that’s why I think we do a really good job of having a next-man-up mentality. Again, like we’ve said earlier, we were driving the ball down the field, we’ve just got to execute in the red area and put it in the end zone.

Shara Taylor, New York Beacon: You had some success with Braxton (Berrios) in the first quarter. Is there anything you did in practice with him that you found useful today?
Yeah, me and Braxton have always had a good connection. I think he was out there making really good plays for us.

Chris Ryan, NJ Advance Media: You guys have had a pretty good week at practice, you felt pretty good on Friday. How frustrating is this again to be in this spot and not seeing that transfer to Sundays?
Yeah, I’ve been saying the same thing, but we’ve just got to play consistent. We’ve got to execute when it’s our time to execute in the red area and that red zone pick is deflating. Obviously we need to pick ourselves back up and move onto the next series. But yeah, when you make mistakes like that, I can’t make mistakes like that.

Andy Vasquez, The Record: What’s the challenge for you in keeping your confidence and not being too cautious or going too aggressive when you’re making those mistakes?
I think, for me, I’m always going to have confidence. Again, I’ve just got to execute the play that’s called. That’s my job. Execute the play, move the ball down the field and score when we get to the red zone.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Now there’s a lot of speculation swirling around your head coach, a pre-game report about job security and so forth. As a player who’s close to him, works with him closely, how do you feel about all that speculation? Do you think it’s warranted? Three straight blowouts is pretty alarming.
No, I truly believe this, and the guys in the locker room feel the same way, we’ve been put in great positions to go out there and succeed and go out there and make plays and execute a gameplan that’s put together perfectly for us. It’s just about us going out and executing. That’s it.

Shara Taylor, New York Beacon: What did you tell your teammates to keep them encouraged or to motivate them for the next game?
We’ve got a quick turnaround. Obviously, we’ve got a Thursday game. Take whatever anger, any pent-up anger you’ve got from this game and translate it into having a good week of practice. For us, we understand we have two choices—when you’re pinned up against a wall you can either sit there and crumble or you can get up and fight and that’s going to be our mentality, getting up and fighting. We’ve got a long way to go. It’s been three games. Obviously, they haven’t gone the way that we wanted, but we’re going to make the most of every game we have.

DL Steve McLendon

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G Greg Van Roten

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