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Head Coach Robert Saleh

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RE: Injury updates

Mekhi [Becton] will get evaluated. [Blake] Cashman had a hamstring. Joyner, obviously he’s going to get evaluated. The punter’s going to get evaluated. So a lot of evaluations.

RE: Concern regarding today’s injuries

I don’t have an answer to that right now.

RE: Concerns regarding the pass protection

There’s a lot of things that are involved in protection. I’m never going to just blame the offensive line, especially when you look at the first half when a lot of those breakdowns happened, you’ve got – there’s route running, there’s quarterback getting rid of the football. There is protection, obviously, and then there’s credit to those guys. They get paid too and they won some one-on-ones and did some things schematically that were pretty darn good. But at the end of the day, you’re right. Protection’s got to hold up, but it’s a collective effort, not just solely on the offensive line.

RE: Zach Wilson’s performance

You know what, the entire group in general on offense, that first half, there were so many missed opportunities. A lot of dropped balls, had a couple of explosives, potential explosives, that resulted in drops. Even in the run game, just not getting the push and the edges that we’ve been accustomed to getting out of training camp and preseason games. But they settled down and came back in the second half. I thought they did a really nice job, showed resolve. He made plays in the second half off schedule. He made plays in the pocket. Had a chance there at the end we just couldn’t get the ball back.

RE: Thoughts on the defensive unit’s performance

Same thing. That first half was a little rough with a lot of leak yardage, but had a great red-zone stand right there where they got the takeaway. Second half, I thought they came out and stood up to the challenge. The challenge at halftime, just keep getting our offense the ball. Just keep giving them opportunities, they will flip it. I thought the guys showed resolve. I thought ‘Rick’ [Coach Jeff Ulbrich] did a great job with his halftime adjustments. I thought the offense responded and made a game out of it.

RE: The halftime adjustments that led to an improved second half defensive performance

I appreciate that question, DJ. I’m going to keep that one in the locker room.

RE: Zach Wilson taking a big hit from Derrick Brown before delivering a touchdown pass plays later

Same thing he’s shown on his college tape. The kid’s been hit before. He took some shots today obviously, but he got back up. He showed resolve and he’s fearless. He really is. He’s only going to get better from this. His numbers could have been—again, collective, right? I mean, there’s so many missed opportunities. Even on his end with regards to just letting it rip and getting the ball out. Even on his interception, just didn’t put the zip that he needed to put on it. Worst case scenario, the corner was in great shape he probably would’ve batted it down anyway. But, toss up a lollipop. So, it’s a lot of great things for him to learn off of and we’re still really excited about him. I believe we’ve got a good one.

RE: Whether the Panthers inside linebackers changing to single-digit numbers just before the game led to any protection miscues

No, not at all. That one’s easy because it’s not necessarily based on numbers in those situations. It’s based on safety rotation and all that stuff.RE: Did you see a problem with Panthers’ Shaq Thompson and Jermaine Carter Jr. changing numbers prior to the game

No, not at all.

RE: Robby Anderson’s 57-yard touchdown catch

Off the turnover, sudden-change opportunity, obvious shot. Just right there, when you’re back, you’re back. We allowed it to get behind the defense. We could be a lot better from a technique standpoint. That one is—we have to be better as coaches, we have to be better as players in those situations.

RE: Going back to the drawing board in regards to the offensive line protecting Wilson

No, that’s not necessarily the answer. The answer is—one answer that we first have to look is can we be better at our technique? Can we be better at our communication? Can we be better at our route running? Can the quarterback be better at getting the ball out? Is it schematic, is it personnel, is it play calling, what is it? My guess is going to be that there’s a chance for us to not only be better as coaches and the way we coach it, but can we be better as players and execution. It’s all around, it’s not just one group, it’s not just one player. I know it’ll get better.

RE: Not allowing the team’s confidence to be shaken following today’s game

No, I don’t think so. We knew this was going to go to the fourth quarter. I think we all did, knew it was going to be a one possession game. We’re going to get these opportunities all season. This is a team that’s got grit. It’s a team that’s got fight. It’s a team that’s got resolve. It’s a team that’s going to show up in the fourth quarter in one-score games, and whether or not we can close the door and make these plays to win these football games is going to be the difference between whether we win or lose. Unfortunately, obviously credit to them with the way they played, but we’re going to be staring at this again. We are going to be staring at these opportunities. What can we learn from today’s tape, and how can we get better so that when we’re faced with these one-score opportunities, we can make the plays necessary to win the game.

RE: Matt Ammendola stepping in as punter following the injury to Braden Mann

Terrific job by him. I thought he punted the heck out of it for not really practicing it. Showed no pale face or anything, just stepped right in and did a really good job. Hats off to him. Wish we could have got him a field goal opportunity in there somewhere, but thought he did a great job.

RE: George Fant starting at RT over Morgan Moses

Knock on wood, because we’ve got three starters at tackle and teams are begging for just one. Both of them deserve to be playing. Both of them deserve to be starting, but George had just a little bit more. Doesn’t mean that Morgan showed less, it just meant George just showed a little bit more in terms of what we could him to do. It’s not a knock on Morgan, he could very well be out there next week.

RE: Thoughts on how the defensive backs played today

I thought they did a good job. We had the one with [Javelin] Guidry on the go ball. I think it was DJ Moore on the left sideline. That was the big one, in terms of one-on-one. Even then, I thought he was in a really good position. He’s just got to go up and make the play somehow. Again, credit to him. If we give up those, I can live with that. That was a hard catch. It was a great job by him getting his feet down. A great job by the young man making that play. We trust that if we’re in those situations again we’ll be alright. [Bryce] Hall had an opportunity on Robby Anderson on a couple of go balls. You saw Michael Carter had an opportunity on a slot fade. The one thing they have to get better at is their zone coverage awareness. We gave up a couple of bad zone eyes. A couple of explosives on the sideline. Those are things that can be fixed. I mean shoot, [Javelin] Guidry had that monster tackle on McCaffrey towards the end of the game to get us off the field on a jerky concept. I thought they did a good job. Things to learn off of though.

Zach Wilson

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Is it difficult to play under this pressure?

I mean it is tough, but it is part of the job right. That is why we sign up to be quarterback. I feel like I am just getting better. Experiencing. Having stuff in your face you’ve got to be able to play. That is a part of the quarterback position. You can’t just say, “all this pressure, I can’t do my job.” That is why quarterbacks, it is a tough position to come by. It is good for me and I am just going to keep working and getting better.

How do you feel physically?

Yeah, neck is a little sore. You know a little whip lash, but I will be alright.

Was there a difference in intensity that you felt in this game versus preseason?

Yeah, I mean you’ve got to give those guys credit. They are flying around. They are doing a great job on defense breaking up balls. All that kind of thing. But really, I feel like I was seeing the field well. Even early on when we struggled a little bit. I felt like I was seeing what I was supposed to be seeing. I just felt like we were just a little bit short on execution. Just some of the details overall and I have to clean that up. Us as a team you know we’ve got to get back in and watch the film and do better next week.

What happed with the interception?

Honestly, I wasn’t mad about the read. It just was not a great throw. I got to, I mean I see the dude right there right and I’ve got to put the ball over top of him and we got to a route coming in behind him. It is tight. So obviously don’t force things, but really, I’ve just got to make a better throw right there can’t let him get a hand on it. Or get to my check down there. 

How shaken up were you after that late sack?

Yeah, I was fine. But you know sometimes, it felt like I got hit by a truck there for a second. Sometimes you’ve got to catch your breath, take a deep breath and understand we are still in it. You’ve just got to stand up and keep going. So, I was fine. Just got the wind knocked out of me a little bit. And then we were able to go down and execute.

Were they doing anything pre-snap to disguise pressure packages?

Yeah, I mean we knew on third down that we were going to get pressure. We knew what we were going to bring and I feel like we were seeing it well. We’ve just got to execute and I’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball out of my hands faster. We’ve just got to get better at picking some of those up. I wouldn’t say we didn’t know what they were doing though. They try to disguise certain things, but I feel like we had a good idea of what was going on. 

What are the range of emotions on your first touchdown pass?

Yeah it is rough. It kind of kills the whole play a little bit and you hope he is doing ok. I am not even sure what was going on. It was the heat of the moment. We had to go back out there for another play. Of course, my prayers are with him and everyone else that got dinged up or hurt today. I hope he is doing alright because it sucks to see your left tackle out. 

What adjustments did you make in the second half to produce?

Really, I think it just comes down to the NFL. Every series is kind of a new series. A new game almost. Even early on when things were struggling I felt like we were so close to having that play or one guy does this. Get that out a little bit faster. Throw a better ball here we were going to be going. I feel like it was really settling in. Honing in on the details and then just focusing on execution.

Did the Panthers linebackers changing their numbers have any effect on you?

Nah. They are still linebackers. You still see them standing there. You know you put it in your mind you see 7 and 4 back there you understand they are linebackers. They are big dudes. You know their safeties 21 and 31 so you are not confusing who is playing where at that point, but it is good to be aware of those.

Did you feel that the game was still within reach at 16-0?

Of course. Every game is. Even if it was 40-0. You’ve got to approach every single series like you have a chance to come back. That is why we do this. We are all competitors. No one out here is thinking “ah game is over let’s move on to next week.” If you are a competitor you are not going to take that. You are going to keep coming back every single series. Especially, 16-0. You have seen how quick some teams can score. In that situation we’ve just got to get the guys going a little bit. Get some energy and then execute.

What do you think caused most of your issues today?

No, I am not entirely sure. You’ve got to give credit to Carolina. They got some good pass rushers up front. I think we just got to settle in. Some of those first game things and you know we’ve got a great O-line. Those guys are going to go back. They are going to do their thing and they are going to get better this week in practice. We are going to make it work. 

Are you disappointed that you weren’t able to run the ball better as an offense?

I wouldn’t say disappointed. I’ve got all the faith in the world in our run game, our scheme, everything we are doing. Like I said I think the run game came down to the little details as well. When you guys watch it looks just like a big scramble of dudes, but it is very organized as far as who is going to who. When you get back in the film room there is going to be a lot of good opportunities for these guys to learn on how we can improve in that run game. 

Do you think you have a better idea of what you need to do moving forward?

Yeah, a little bit. I think every game I am going to keep learning. You know talking to Aaron Rogers a little bit ago as well. He is in year 17 and he is still learning every single game. It is like you are always going to be learning. So, it is like how quickly can I keep learning and every game there is going to be something new and I just need to keep settling in. Going through my keys and what I am looking at.

How challenging was the first half not know what they are going to do?

You know I feel like you just get hints here and there of what they are going to do and you’ve just got to be able to go in there and execute. There is a part of playing quarterback where you know these guys tonight threw stuff at us that maybe we weren’t expecting. And you expect that. It doesn’t catch you off guard. You just have to react to what you see. Not everything is put on paper as this is exactly what we are getting. You’ve got to react to what you see and there is only so many coverages, so many blitzes teams can do and you got to be able to react to all of them.

Connor McGovern

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What do you think caused your protection issues?

You know it is early in the season and especially with a young quarterback they are going to eat you up. It is nothing we didn’t prepare for, but when the team in blitzing you every snap it might be a little softer than normal. It is kind of what we expected and prepared for, just got to execute better.


Did the Panthers do anything different than what they have in the past?

Not a ton. They are a different, in the past I would say they did more unorthodox stuff last year. This year is pretty standard blitzes and you know nothing we weren’t prepared for just got to execute better.


Do you think they sent more pressure to capitalize on Zach Wilson’s inexperience?

Yeah, I mean I think they are pretty pressure heavy team. We knew they were going to heat us up. It is what happens when you are with a younger quarterback and until you beat them on those hot throws and really make those big plays, which we were starting to get towards the end of the game, that will start slowing people down. It is what you expect and it takes us as a team to execute to stop doing that. I think we are very well capable of doing it, but it is what everybody expects with a young quarterback. Every team in the NFL, you are probably going to get a little bit higher percentage than someone like Drew Brees.

Corey Davis

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How were you able to get so open on the touchdown play?

The first one? Yeah so, Zach [Wilson] was kind of scrambling and I was just trying to stay alive. That is something we work in practice is just scramble drills. Especially, down in the red zone so I kind of knew my wheels and he hit me.

Do you feel like it took you a while to settle in?

Honestly, it was just a rough start. First half was rough. Couldn’t really establish a run game, pass game. It was rough for us. But we fought and second half looked a little bit better. But that is not who we are. We are a lot better team than that and we know it. We just have to show it.

Is it frustrating when you get open but see Wilson scrambling or getting sacked?

Yeah it is just frustrating when we don’t make plays in general. Not only when I am open and see him get sacked. I just don’t like seeing him get hit. That is our guy. That is our quarterback. We have to protect him. Today just wasn’t good enough.

C.J. Mosley

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RE: Evaluation of the defense.

It had a lot of sudden change. I felt like we did the best we could as far as that goes. As far as technique there are a few things here and there that D-Line, Linebackers, and DBs could have done better. Overall, for a young group I felt like we did pretty well in the pass and the run game. Once we cut on the tape tomorrow we are going to really hunker down and see how we can do better because we have a division game coming next week. There is a lot of improvement and a lot of learning that we can do from this week. In practice and in preparation and from the game results. I am excited to get back to work tomorrow.

RE: Challenges they had with Christian McCaffrey.

Well when he has space he can make big plays. That is what he did. They executed when they needed to. They executed in situational football. From what I saw I think we did pretty good on third down, but when you have a great running back like that he is going to make plays when he can. But overall, I think we did the best that we could. We have to make sure that we have a lot of people around him when he has the ball. They try to get him out of the perimeter with a bunch of screens. A lot of traps. A lot of draws. We have to game plan for that because the big plays that we did let go, other teams are going to copy-cat that. Like I said this week in preparation we just have to focus on the little things we can control.

RE: Second-half adjustments.

We just have to play our type of football. We didn’t change our defense at all. We didn’t change our mindset. I think overall, we calmed down a little bit. We played behind the sticks a little bit with the sudden change and playing on a short field. But we can’t use that as an excuse on defense. The first time we got a field goal. We got a quarterback draw when we went empty. That was a good call by them. Like I said, it was a great first game. Get on the road for our team to really see what it is really going to be like when go on these road games. Even when we go back home. Now we just have to make sure that we watch our film. Correct our mistakes. And now show up because we have a division game next week.