Jets Post-Game Videos & Quotes (PS2 at GB)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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(on the Jarrad Davis injury) “The initial prognosis is positive, but he’s got to get it looked at deeper.”

(on what kind of week it’s been for the team especially with all the injuries) “You never want to suffer injuries. Obviously the big one being with Carl (Lawson). Otherwise, it’s part of the dog days of summer. We’re expecting all these guys (with injuries) back, especially with the injuries that happened on the practice field. The only one we’re not expecting back right now is obviously Zane (Lewis) and Carl.”

(on his feeling after the Carl Lawson injury) “I always go back to the individual, and that’s Carl. The man puts in the work. He does everything the right way; he regens, he hydrates, he does everything that’s asked out of a professional athlete. You could not ask for a more perfect big-money free agent who came in and just does things the right way. Despite getting paid, he still wanted more. And for that to happen for him, that’s where all my attention goes. I just feel bad for him.”

(on why Morgan Moses and Bless Austin were not playing today) “Morgan and Bless were personal reasons.”

(on what he thought of Zach Wilson’s play today) “I thought he had good command. I thought he was under control. I thought he handled pressure well. He was good in and out of the huddle. He’s progressing, and just like his bad days, this was a good day and it’s just another day. He’s got to continue to stack up and take the good with the bad and find ways to get better.”

(on Zach seeing the field this week and getting through his reads and seeing the field better) “He’s been going through his progressions and he’s been pretty good at that. What you saw today was more of the same of what we’re seeing. I know sometimes the results are not what we want, but his process is light years ahead of where a normal rookie’s process will be. For him, again, the results sometimes will be good, sometimes will be bad, and he’s just got to continue to find ways to get better as the season goes.”

(on any frustrations about Zach not getting to play against starters with Giants and Packers deciding to rest so many players) “No, this is professional football. You go tell those backups that they’re not capable of being starters. You guys know my conviction on Player A to Player Z all having the ability to play at that very high level and all they need is an opportunity. This is still professional football. These guys are professional athletes. They step on the field and they have tremendous pride in their work. And it’s another defense that he gets to see and a different character of a football team, just in terms of the way they present themselves. So I think he’s getting really good work. Call it what you want, but he’s still getting good work.”

(on the Packers having some long drives and what he saw from his defense) “It comes back to third down. Obviously, we want to be better on first and second down and stay ahead of the sticks. You look at those third down opportunities and winning one-on-ones on the perimeter; that’s third down. That’s life in the NFL. That’s two-minute, that’s crunch time, that’s critical downs. And that was a really good evaluation in terms of getting guys that work. We’ll be able to look at the tape and see what we can do better from a technique standpoint. But when you get to those third downs, I mean, that’s back breaking…I think it was a 21-play drive or something like that on one of them. You can look all the way back to third down and getting your one-on-one opportunities and winning when you get that chance.”

(on his assessment of the first-team cornerbacks today) “Again, it goes back to third down. They can be great on first and second down. They can be great the entire game, but it comes down to one-on-one in a third-down situation, especially in those 4-to-7 ranges, and you’ve got to win. Obviously, from a scheme standpoint, we can always do things to mess with the quarterbacks so it’s not so easy for them. But at the same time, in these situations, when we’re trying to get a grade evaluation and trying to get good some clips for them, it just comes down to playing with great technique and winning.”

(on how the team moves forward without Carl Lawson, who was having a great training camp) “I’ve said it before: the NFL train stops for nobody. When someone falls off the train…make sure I say this the right way, it’s another opportunity for someone to jump on the train. There are a lot of men on this football team, especially at that D-end spot, that are champing at the bit to get an opportunity and they’ve got it. We’ll work our tails off to get those young men ready and I know that they’re going to reciprocate and work their tails off to be ready for Week 1.”

(on if he feels they will add another pass rusher or go with who they have right now) “We’re going to focus on the guys that we have. Obviously, Joe (Douglas) and his staff are always collecting data and trying to figure out the next move, and we’ll talk about it. But right now as a coaching staff, our focus is on the men who are in the room.”


(on Noah Dawkins starting at linebacker today) “I think Dawk’s done a really nice job. He’s had a 180 since OTAs. He’s been extremely detailed. He’s getting extra meeting time and he’s been more consistent with his responsibility. And when he’s on it and his eyes are right and his feet are in the ground, the kid can flat out fly. And especially with our defense where we’re asking guys to shrink the field and suffocate an offense. And he’s one of those guys that can do that, so to get him out there with the ones and get him the opportunity this week to go play. Hopefully again next week for him to stack it up, see if he can hold onto it.”

(on the special teams performance today, field goals and long kick return) “You love all of it. All week I thought they did a great job competing. I thought they did a great job winning their one-on-ones during practice and they carried it on to the game. And again, they created a lot of explosive plays. Obviously, Green Bay got one too, but overall I thought our special teams did a really, really nice job this week.”

(on what he takes from the joint practices and game this week) “I personally love the work. To get a different look and to get all that stuff, that stuff is priceless. Especially when it comes in a situation or a time when you really get bored of playing one another. It was like perfect timing. Ideally, we get out of there without an injury, but unfortunately we had a couple. But overall, the work for this young team, to go against a championship roster and a championship scheme, to me, was priceless.”

(on Zach having a highlight play and what he (Saleh) thinks when he sees that) “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think anything of it. But it goes back to what we talked about. In practice he’s going to stay in progression and he’s going to try and be as disciplined as possible, but there’s just something about quarterback play where it’s very, very natural for them to feel pressure, to feel something breaking down and to exit the pocket and find ways to create an off-schedule play. And that was an example. He had a couple opportunities today, but Zach’s in a good place…take the good with the good and the bad with the bad and get rolling.”

Zach Wilson

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(on his performance tonight and where it ranks among his performances as of late in practice) “I don’t know where it ranks, but it’s part of the process. Like you said, just stack this up on one another. I think it goes back to the joint practices, too. How can we just keep building off those, good or bad, out here on the field as well? How can we just keep getting better and learning from, even the good plays?”

(on the sideline throw to WR Corey Davis when he was scrambling) “Corey did a great job of getting open. Me and the running back screwed up a little bit right there – we were supposed to be faking the other way. It was a great play design to get Corey free on the sideline. I was just glad I was able to get it to him. I know I have to be cleaner in my operation of getting guys lined up where they are supposed to be. That’s what this stuff is for.”

(on the value of WR Davis) “Huge. He’s a great player. I really have a lot of trust in him and all his one-on-one routes where he’s going to get open. And I hope he has trust that I’m going to get him the ball.”

(on hitting WR Davis for a 24-yard completion during the first drive of the game) “It was a play that we had game-planned that we knew had worked pretty well against them throughout joint practices. We kind of knew it was going to be a go-to. Corey was going to be isolated, one-on-one with their corner. We sent a route up the middle to pull guys out of the way and there was a great lane there. He just had to beat the corner and Corey does Corey things, so he made a great move, cut across the middle and it was a great play.”

(on getting better at improvising during the game, and if the sideline throw to WR Davis was proof that he’s getting better at improvising) “It’s just understanding when to do it, and that’s what I’m still working on –   understanding when it’s good to leave the pocket, like in that instance, and finding somebody down the field, and when you need to take a shot and buy a little time in the pocket and still deliver a good ball. It’s finding that balance. I think, as we keep playing more games, we will be able to figure that out.”

(on talking to Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers about going off-script during games) “Yeah, when it got brought up between us, it was really like how that’s a natural thing, he had said, for me, and I know that it’s a natural thing for him. It kind of just happens in a game when you just start to have that instinct of something in the pocket’s closing, maybe a route’s not there, and you have to be able to get out. He hit it right on the head of just like, it’s going to come natural and it’s not something you can really work on. It’s what makes you, you as a football player. The hard stuff is being able to hang in there in the pocket and deliver shots. That’s really why we work on that and the time comes when you need to get out.”

(on if he had a chance to talk to Green Bay QB Rodgers) “I did, yeah, a couple times. I really just appreciate him as a man. He’s an awesome guy. He definitely doesn’t have to come up to me and say anything. I don’t expect him to. But it means the world to me that he’s able to come up to me. And whatever advice it is, whether it’s, ‘hey, good throw,’ or ‘maybe you could do this a little bit better,’ it means a lot to me that he’s just able to reach out.”

(on when he spoke to Green Bay QB Rodgers) “A little bit at halftime and a little bit after the game.”

(on the first touchdown pass of the night to TE Tyler Kroft) “They [the Packers] were in their cover three. They had a backer sitting in the middle on my first read to the right. Tyler did a good job staying up the seam; the safety was a little bit deep. So I just tried to put the ball on his back shoulder a little bit, keep it away from that safety. He’s [Kroft] a big body; he’ll take a shot. And he got into the end zone. It was a good route. Good execution.”

(on what this week as a whole has been like – joint practices, losing DL Carl Lawson, tonight’s game) “Man, that’s rough. Carl was about to do some special things. He’ll rebound, and I’m excited for him. I think the thing I learned about our team is just how resilient these guys are – the energy, the passion, just wanting to be great. They just want to keep getting better. I think that’s always a positive thing with this team, is that those guys have the energy to just want to be good.”

(on QB James Morgan playing in his hometown) “It’s awesome. I’m so happy for James. This is cool for him. I don’t think I realized it until we came out here – James is a big deal out here. He’s a popular guy. There were a lot of people chanting his name. So I was excited for him and his moment that he got to have tonight to go out there and do his thing. He got to spend some time with Aaron [Rodgers] as well and that was like his girl crush growing up. Mine as well, but I try not to show it.”


(on the season starting in three weeks and if it feels like it’s a long way away or like it’s coming up quickly) “I think a little bit of both. What’s tough is that I’m not really thinking about that yet. I think it’s just because we have so much going on right now as far as just getting ready for Philly. How can we learn from our mistakes or even just the good plays we made out here? How can we apply it and get into practice Monday and just be able to do well against Philly? Just keep stacking up those days. We can’t stack them up if we think out too far into the future.”

Tyler Kroft

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Folorunso Fatukasi

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