Jets Post-Game Videos & Quotes (Week Three)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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Opening Statement

Elijah Moore is in the concussion protocol and Tyler Kroft is being evaluated for ribs.


On the positivity after this week against the Denver Broncos

“There’s always going to be things positive that you can make out of stuff. Defensive settled down and did nice job l. You know we got the ball on the blocked punt. Playing hard is not good enough sometimes so we just got to be much more efficient, much more precise and look out for it.”


On what is wrong with the offense

“I want to say one thing, but I wish it was one thing. It’s at all three levels and to spread the wealth with regards to precision. From O Line, route running, quarterback, rhythm, and play caller, making sure that it’s everybody. You know we’ve all got to look in the mirror and we’ll have to find a way to play way better on Sunday because during the week, if the execution is very high, we’ve got to find a way to bring into Sunday and execute at the high level that we’re practicing it.”


On the five sacks today and stunting QB Zach Wilson’s development

“No, I wouldn’t say it is stunting. But again, it goes across the board, receivers catch the ball, O line protect the quarterback, quarterback getting rid of the ball, it’s everybody. You know, we had opportunities in the first half. Zach had a really good scramble and we had a chance to get inside the ten yard line. Then we get a delay of game and knocks us out of field goal range. We’ve got to play cleaner and there’s a lot of things where you can look at the game and say we’ve had our ups, but at the same time if we’re not cashing those ups then there’s nothing.”


On being outscored 46-3 in the first half of the games and preparation as a whole

“No I don’t know about being prepared. Everything starts with coaching, we come out and we’re playing with a heck of a lot of energy. We’ve got to cash in as an offense and give ourselves a chance to possess the ball. Put ourselves in position. Positions for, you know, we’re right there to convert, instead we have to punt. We’re playing the field position battle again but you’re right, we do have to be better coming out the gates. We got to start faster but that’s an organizational thing.”


On averaging six points a game and feeling like things are broken

“No because it’s execution. There’s a lot of things. When we are averaging six points a game, you can easily says it’s broken, but at the same time, we’ve got a lot of young guys out there. We’ve got to execute, we got to cash in on those opportunities coming. There’s clean pockets, the quarterback has to stay in them and throw the ball and the receivers have to catch it, but it just seems like every play. It’s one breakdown for one different position and coaches included. Eventually we got to piece this together.”


On the delay of game and penalties today against the New York Jets

“We’ve got to transition faster into field goal. We were looking for a shot clock reset but obviously we’re not going to give it to others standing over the ball, we still got to operate a lot faster. To start with, we got to get guys on and off the field faster and getting the ball off. “


On whether the penalties today show a lack of discipline or just a breakdown

“It’s a combination of both. I wouldn’t say discipline. I know we got another roughing the passer penalty with Shaq Lawson. We had a taunting penalty with Justin Hardee. We had offsides with the D line. Silly penalties that don’t need to happen, I’m with you on that one and I know we’re better than that.”


On what his message is to the team

“Playing hard and playing with great effort isn’t going to cut it. That’s the first step. We talked about effort technique. Then the buttons on which we do and the technique part, execution part, precision part, offense, defense, special teams, and coaches. Everybody operating at a very high level, in a very precise level is what wins football games and we’re missing that part of it right now. We got to get that one together.”


On rebuilding the team’s situation and facing regression

“I don’t call it regression, which is fair question. To the naked eye, we played three really good football teams and three really big defenses. Carolina’s undefeated and Denver’s undefeated. All three of them have top five defenses, so this has been a rough indoctrination for quarterback in our offense but at the same time we do expect plays to be made and progression to be made. At the same time, I don’t think it regression.”


On keeping the players motivated in the locker room

“Well, one thing that I can comment on is that the fact that these guys are professional, and we got great character. These are professionals. I’ve yet to be part of a team or ever seen a team that just folds and quits. It’s three games of a seventeen-game season so there’s a heck of a lot of football to be played. Anytime you step on the football field, whether you’re a coach or a player, the expectation is you put out your absolute best.”


On the need of players to make a play in the game

“It’s all position groups right. It seems like when the pocket is clean, the quarterback can get into rhythm and make a play. It’s everybody that has got to make a play for one another. It starts with one protecting the quarterback in front of the ball and the receivers running. It’s just a matter of being precise in what you do. There’s no other way to explain it and when you do get the drive, you need to absolutely make a play.”


On having a rookie offensive coordinator and a rookie quarterback

“You want to say it shouldn’t be tough. You do want to see growth, day in and day out, you want to see the entire offense, you want to see that growth, you want to see that communication, you want to see the precision as we go. I think we’ll see, I mean like I said, I feel like we’ve been having great practice. Obviously, games are not showing it but at the same time we just got to stick to our zones, stick to our philosophy, stick to our professionalism and try to find a way to convert all our practice habits to the football field and see if we can pull everyone together.”


On the receivers changing the tenor of the game and QB Zach Wilson not having much help

“I don’t want to sugarcoat anything, but he had his best week of practice. He really did good in terms of eye placement, footwork in the pocket, stepping up and climbing in the pocket, going through his reads one/two, and being very deliberate in the way you work. He’s just got to stick to that, he’s got to trust that process. He’s got to take what you got out in practice and he’s got to trust his weeks of preparation and bring it to the football field. Execute at that level and at the same time, everyone has got to pitch in. This is a collective effort and something that we’re going to get fixed.”

Zach Wilson

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On what happened to the offense out there

“It’s frustrating. It’s just a lack of execution. Once again I just say, we’re all learning. We’re trying to get better every single week. It’s maybe hard for people to see that, but we’re learning a lot in those games. People are going to hate, and it is what it is, but we’re just going to keep that confidence. Getting there Monday and just be hungry to keep trying to get that win.”


On how he is physically

“Yeah, I’m fine. I mean it’s just like just like little scrape, but took a shot right there, it is what it is. Got to pop up and just keep going and keep trying to get better.”


On if he feel like he is getting something out of this

“One hundred percent. I’d say we’re getting more out of it than we would if we were doing well, right? And it’s like a fourth quarter when you have no rhythm and things aren’t going well, how hard is it to just say, ‘hey, next play, next play, next play. Keep pushing getting better. Keeping everybody’s confidence, you know? It’s a big challenge for us and it gets hard in those moments. And I promise that’s making us stronger.”


On is it difficult to keep a positive mindset

“I mean of course it is, but that’s why you need to have that mindset. This is going to be a progress for this team. It’s going to take time to just keep building and getting better. And the greatest teams are the ones that can function in those situations. The game is never over until it’s over. And so we just have to keep doing our thing and whatever time is left on the clock, we’re not going to just give up, we got to keep going.”


On how does it go from the really good second half against Carolina, to not great against the Patriots to no points versus Denver

“It’s frustrating. You got to give the defense some credit, they did a good job. And, I’d say it’s just, you can’t really point to why, you know, Carolina, two completely different defenses, and situations, and completely different games. We just got to fight through that adversity in this game and just figure out a way to keep the chains moving and sustain some drives. Because it gets tough when we go three-and-out, we get off the field, we sit there for a little bit and we just don’t feel like we have much rhythm.”


On acclamation from college to the pros being harder than expected

“I wouldn’t say harder than I expected. I knew it was going to be hard, right? I mean, you think about it and every single guy on both sides of the ball was the best player on their college team. And so I understand it was going to be challenging, but I’m in this position for a reason and I’m going to keep getting better and doing what I can.”


On how challenging the schemes that Broncos head coach Vic Fangio presents to a quarterback

“I wouldn’t say necessarily they’re challenging. I think they do a really good job. Some of their disguises, I thought we did a good job of just having some good answers for them. And I didn’t feel like tonight I was confused on what a coverage was or anything like that. I felt like we were seeing the field correctly. Now it just comes down to us just making sure we execute the right way, whatever it is across the board, whether it’s me getting the ball out of my hands faster or just making plays out on the edge.”


On disappointment in the second quarter after a few completed short drives showing rhythm before a missed catch and penalty

“Yeah, I mean the whole game on offense was of course disappointing. I mean we want to do better than that, but I did think we did some good things on that drive. And I think that what happened at the end of that drive really shows I think what’s happening the whole game; it’s us killing ourselves and it really comes down to that. You know, both of those plays had nothing to do with them. That’s just us needing to execute, and I promise we’re going to get in and these guys want to win man. I promise they do and so we’re going to give everything we have, every single week.”


On if other receivers playing poorly impacts his game individually

“Just give them some love, man. I mean these guys are busting their butt out there, too. You know, not every throw is perfect, you know. For sure it’s not. I’ve got to be more accurate and give these guys some good throws. And it’s tough, and I think that just goes back to football is a team game and it’s not on one person. There’s definitely plays individuals can make, especially myself, but it all goes back to the team functioning and all 11 guys doing our job.”


On what he says to himself in his mind after tough hits

“I mean next-play mentality. That one didn’t work out, reset button. Next play.”


On if these last few weeks have shaken his confidence

“Absolutely not.”


On how to make these teams pay for overlooked blitzes

“Yeah, same thing I just said, going in, watching the tape, and finding out how we can be better. Protection, along with completions, running the ball, it’s never all one person. Maybe the stats show that, but it’s going to be a whole team effort, whole offense effort, as far as just picking up those protections, me getting the ball out quicker, understanding our scheme, what we’re doing. And I promise, those guys up front, they’re going to be hungry to get in there and learn from that film.”


On how difficult it is to maintain confidence after eight straight quarters without a touchdown on offense and what does he say to teammates about that

“It’s tough, but it’s making us stronger. I feel like it’s making me stronger. This is hard. I didn’t experience this in college. And the crazy thing is, I knew it was going to be like this, you know. You come into a program that, you know, has all new guys coming in, it’s a process and all of us want to get better and give everything we have. So we just have to understand that we need to take it just one day at a time and people can hate all they want but this is, you know what, what’s feeling sorry for ourselves going to do really, right? And so, you know, we need to keep our confidence high and just understand that we’re in this position for a reason. And understand that we have the talent, we have the players, and we have the coaches in the scheme to get this thing done.”


On how good Denver’s defense was and what he can take from that and the road experience

“Yeah, I mean, I would say they’re a really good defense, of course. I mean, you’ve seen what Vic Fangio has done over the years. And they do a good job of limiting explosives down the field, and so we knew that coming into the game. I’ve got to do a better job of getting the ball underneath. And of course that’s the goal, right? That’s what I’m thinking about every single play, is how can I get through my progressions and get the ball underneath when they take things away down the field. We got to keep getting better, but they are a good defense.”

Greg Van Roten

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On what went wrong for the offense

“We just didn’t execute at a high level or really at any level that will help you win games in the NFL. We could have been better as an offensive line and helped [QB] Zach [Wilson] get the ball out. He has to take what the defense gives him and, as the playmaker, take the ball and make plays. We felt anemic in the first half. We would have a spurt of life and then shoot ourselves in the foot with a penalty or we’d be behind the sticks and then it’s second-and-11 and there isn’t a lot that you can do with that in general. Then you couple it with the defense that we are going against, they’re definitely Top-10 in the league at this point, credit to them for scheming us up. We just need to execute.”


On why the team didn’t have much life in the first half

“These things happen. You try to establish the run and your first run is for one yard. Then you try to pass the ball and within the first couple drop backs, you give up a sack to Von Miller. Things just start going wrong and you’re trying to correct them and you feel like you’re one step behind. That’s how this game started, and we just never caught up.”


On what needs to change for QB Zach Wilson to stay healthy

“He’s got to learn this is the NFL and you have to get the ball out. You can’t hold onto it and try to make a play and throw it deep down the field. We’ve got to protect him better. It starts with us up front, so we have to get on the same page. I thought we were better today with our communication. There’s always a few plays here or there that you want to clean up. They didn’t really pressure too much but when they did, they were successful. I know we weren’t very good on third down today and it starts with getting in third-and-manageable.”


On how to avoid frustration setting in

“It’s frustrating but you need to understand this is going to be part of the growing pains with a rookie quarterback and a new offense. We have a lot of new guys. This is just part of it. You want to get going and you want to get out of the gates and hit the ground running to do well but we haven’t been able to do that. It’s frustrating from the standpoint that we feel like we are a better team than how we are performing on Sundays, just based on how we practice and the talent we have. We think we are a good team, we just haven’t shown it yet.”

Sheldon Rankins

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On whether the last few weeks have been frustrating

“As a competitor, it’s always frustrating to lose, no matter whether it is a new team or a team that has been together for years. At the end of the day, it is what it is. We need to go back to the tape and break it down and find the positives and the growth that we are able to see and then just continue to push forward. It’s not going to be easy, no one expects it to be easy. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be any bad teams. We have the men in this locker room, the men upstairs, the coaches to get this thing turned around. We just need to continue to push forward. Sometimes you need to stumble, sometimes you need to trip in order to start walking and start running.”


On whether it’s demoralizing as a defense to see the offense struggle

“At the end of the day, we are a team, and it all goes hand in hand. When we’re out there, it’s our job to get the ball back to our offense, no matter how many times it is, no matter if the offense has a fumble or throws an interception, it’s our job to go out there and stop the opposing offense. We’re not here to be discouraged.”


On whether it is impossible to win when you commit so many penalties

“It’s definitely tough. We talked about how this is a precision league. It’s hard enough to win as it is but you can’t do things to help that cause for the opposing team. You can’t put yourself in bad situations, you can’t have untimely penalties in key situations but unfortunately, it’s part of the growing process. Eventually you learn and eventually it gets better. Right now we are in the thick of things not being too well for us but through all that, we can see some positives. I’m not down on anyone in this locker room. We just have to keep working.”


On whether he is worried about QB Zach Wilson being shaken by the start to the season

“No, no. To know him is to know he is pretty unflappable. He comes into the building with a smile everyday and ready to work. He’s eager to get better and I see it on every play in practice. He continues to make strides. I’m not worries. At the end of the day, he’s having some growing pains along with the entire team. Of course, it will be magnified because of the position he plays and being the number two pick and the market we’re in, it all culminates into a bigger story but at the end of the day, he’s one of 11 on offense and he goes out there every day to get better and make this team better. He just happens to play a primetime position where the spotlight is on him.”

Corey Davis

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On how he puts into words what happened out there

“It was tough. It’s tough sledding. A lot of it was self-inflicted errors. We’re a good team, we have a lot of talent. We just need to put it together. That’s the most frustrating part. We know we have talent and there’s no reason why we should have zero points. We have too much talent for that.”


On whether he is worried about QB Zach Wilson taking too many hits

“It’s a grown-man’s league. He’s more than capable of handling it. Physically, mentally, emotionally. He can handle it.”


On what the Denver defense was doing to make it difficult

“It was nothing spectacular. A lot of what we do is self-inflicted wounds, and we have to get rid of that to move forward and get to where we need to get to.”


On what the team’s identity is

“We have to create that. We have talent, everyone knows it. We just have to put it together.”