Jets Post-Game Quotes (Week Five)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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Q. What is leading to the issue with starting so slow?

ROBERT SALEH: You know, I was just talking to the team about that. I’m going to work my tail off over this bye week and see if there’s something that we can come up with. Study the tape. Look at all the decisions and execution and figure out what the answer is over this next week and come up with something because it’s got to be better.

Q. The defense, did it have anything to do with the travel or the weekend?

ROBERT SALEH: I thought the plan for the week was awesome. I thought our performance staff did a really good job and our players did everything we asked of them in terms of preparing for this game. Obviously it’s not easy coming off a 100-play game, not easy when you’re — when a drive should have been over on the first third down. And I disagree with the personal foul but we’ll see the tape.

But you know, we’ve got to find a way to get off, and you know, I thought we came in with a good plan. Thought the guys were executing early, but you know, when you stack up plays and you’re getting the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh play of the drive, it gets very hard. But credit to them, too. They executed.

Q. Last week seemed like a couple steps forward, and this week seemed like a couple steps back. What was going on today?

ROBERT SALEH: You know, it’s a multitude of things. We weren’t able to get going in the first half. A couple three and outs. Couldn’t get into a rhythm. When we did get into a rhythm in the second half, obviously, again he shows that he’s pretty good when he gets into a rhythm but again we have to start faster and I’m putting that on me to try to figure this out over the next week.

Q. The throws, looked like should be easy completions to him, one to Crowder in the red zone. What did you see?

ROBERT SALEH: You always go back to your fundamentals. You have the screen play also that was pretty open. But you know, he’s working on it daily, I promise you, and he’s going to get better at it and he’s very deliberate about it.

It’s trusting it when bullets are flying. It’s very easy to stand at the driving range and hit 300-yard drives. It’s can you do it when you’re on the tee box and there’s water to your left and sand to your right and that’s just something that he’s got to work on that’s something the coaches have to work on and everybody has to work on. And when he hits it, it’s going to be pretty cool when it does. But obviously it comes back to eye placement, progression, footwork, everything we’ve been talking about over the last couple weeks.

Q. You guys got the win last week, but several times on the touchdown where the defense could have ended things. Today you guy had a chance to get the ball back in the offense hands, convert third and 13, third and two. Did you think that that’s an issue here, aside from the start and the defense finishing?

ROBERT SALEH: Credit Matt Ryan and Arthur and the game plan that they had. They got us in a couple of beaters, and you know, the third and 13 is disappointing. Those are the ones where you’ve got win, and to be honest with you, they called quick in to concede fourth and they got us in the perfect call.

So it’s credit to them but obviously it’s like we talk about when it’s the fourth quarter and game is on the line and somebody close the game whether it’s a coach making the perfect call, player making a play, somebody on the team has to make a play and that’s something that a young team will grow into.

Like I said, you first have to learn how not to lose and when you start to learn how to win, you have to learn how to close and those are examples of learning how to close and things that I think we’ll get better at.

Q. On Friday when I asked you about Ridley being out — what happened early?

ROBERT SALEH: They did a good job of exploiting the middle of the field and using their size to their advantage. By the time we got into the locker room, made the adjustments and from there it’s a matter of executing it from a higher level. Trusting when you see. It’s just little details. But again, credit to them, their execution was better in those moments, but we’ll get it fixed.

Q. What was the thought going into that possession —

ROBERT SALEH: You know, we were hovering around, he’s getting rid of the ball. He wasn’t holding onto it. He wasn’t hitching. And he was getting the ball where it needed to be. And because of his speed, there was multiple interception ops, I want to say about three of them, and those are what I talked about earlier, were a step off, and we’re going to close that step event actually. And if teams want to pick up the pace in terms of when they release the football in timing of the play and they want to on rate on a quick five, plant-throw system to try to mitigate the D-Line then that’s where those plays are going to end up in our favor. And it’s just a matter of time before all that happens, I can tell you that much.

Q. That first roughing the passer penalty. As a defensive coach what is a guy supposed to do in that situation?

ROBERT SALEH: I think we’ll see them, slow motion and all that. Looked like he had his head to the side. He’s obviously full speed trying to get to a guy before he throws the ball, and when he lands, he’s trying to roll up. You can see it go off, so as of now, I disagree with the call but we’ll see when we get to the tape.

Q. Did that penalty demoralize the defense?

ROBERT SALEH: No, any time you get a third down conversion, it’s hard, and now you’re getting into a whole other set of plays. It’s added reps. Especially when you feel like you won the down and you see that.

But it’s not an excuse by any sense of the imagination. But it’s a call when you’re fighting your tail off and a call like that doesn’t go your way, we’ve still got to find a way to get off the field.

Q. Seems like in the first half of games, there’s a lot of short and intermediate throws, and the third quarter, you’re trying to attack down the field. Is there a reason why there’s more short passes early?

ROBERT SALEH: No. There’s some shots down the field, but you can only take what the defense is giving you which leads to check downs which leads to the intermediate stuff.

Credit to their defense. They play a lot of 2-high which does not warrant shots over 2-high safeties. But when they got a little bit more aggressive in nine coverage, the shot allowed you more. It’s all based on what the defense is willing to give you and, I thought we did a good job.

We just couldn’t get momentum going and we couldn’t convert on some third and shorts, and defensively we just couldn’t get off the field. So there was no chance for anyone to get into a rhythm in the first half, and then the second half it started to pick up. Defense gets the stop and offense starts moving the ball, and too little, too late.

Q. Aside from the result, how has the whole London experience been and the atmosphere in the stadium today?

ROBERT SALEH: The fans were phenomenal for both sides. The experience is fantastic to come here and play in front of an international crowd. It’s always great to be the only game ton TV so your peers can watch you. It’s an unfortunate the result, but the experience is always good.

Q. In general, seems like the third and longs have been a problem for you guys the last few games. How do you clean it that up and how demoralizing is that in the course of the game?

ROBERT SALEH: It’s always tough, especially when you work your tail off on first and second down to create a third-and-advantageous situation and you don’t win.

It comes back to execution and understanding the down and distance, understanding what they are trying to give you, understanding the situation that goes from me to the coordinator all the way down, and then from there it’s a matter of executing and getting off the field best we can.

Aside from the third and 13 today, I felt like all of them are winnable reps. Just in terms of execution, they did a good job with their play call.

Q. 64 yards rushing, outside of the New England game, been struggling. Why is the offense not being able to do what it needs to do to have success rushing the ball?

ROBERT SALEH: Again, the full first half was basically mitigated just by — just from time of possession and trying to get opportunities. The second half, I think that drive, you guys will have the numbers more than I would. I felt like we came and ran the ball all the way down after the kickoff return and scored a touchdown.

We can win the ball. It’s just a matter of sustaining drives. If you’re not sustaining drives, so you can’t call more runs. If it’s first one, down, second down pass, whatever it might be, third down and you’re off the field, you can’t call enough runs.

And so it’s a matter of executing on first and second down, obviously, getting yourself to third down, move the chains and you’re racking up more plays and you’re into a rhythm of a series. So you know, you always go back and look from an efficiency standpoint, how we were operating and whether or not we were handling the ball. I didn’t look at totals but this system has always been built on opportunity to run and when you run and run and run eventually you’re going to break one but it’s something we have to be better at.


Zach Wilson

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Q. Things didn’t seem to click for the offense. What happened?

ZACH WILSON: I really think it’s the way we’re starting. I don’t know what it is. We have got to figure that out over this bye week, how to fix that. I’ve got to play better at the start as well.

It’s interesting, in the second half, right, every single game, we have looked really good and we know what we’re capable of and we were able to show it there at the end. I just think we have to get a good rhythm going, some flow. Starting three-and-out isn’t the way to do it, sitting on the sideline.

So I’d say that’s what we have to get better at, because we have the tools. Coaches are putting us in a good position and obviously we’re able to move the ball down the field and it’s interesting because in those two-minute drives, I feel like confidence that are everybody is higher than ever so we have to start the game that way.

Q. Do you feel good about the scripted plays even though they are just not working?

ZACH WILSON: No, I wouldn’t say it’s preparation at all. I would say the guys are ready. I would say it’s a block that we’ve got to get over. It’s like we started the first game or two with a bad first half, and that kind of hit the same trend and we have got to get out of that trend of starting bad.

It’s like our mindset is, hey, we are going to start well, but we know we can do well in the second half. Like we got to do well the whole game. We can’t keep trying to come-from-behind. NFL is too hard to always come-from-behind.

So we’ve just got to come out swinging right from the beginning. I’ve got to come out and throw that thing, make the right reads. I just missed some throws. I can’t come out and miss throws, and not throws that are hard. Coaches are putting us in good position. We just have to get some momentum going.

Q. After they forced the fumble, there was one to Crowder, and then the three-and-out — what happened on the shorter throws that were easier completions?

ZACH WILSON: Well, we didn’t get hands on the guys on the inside and I’ve got to do a better job of trying to get out of there. First one was a screen. The back was behind the tackle. Should I have tried to throw it out there and leave him to go get the ball so he’s out of the way. That’s just lack of execution all the way around. I have to do a better job of getting him the ball right there. We have a big play there.

The other one, thinking obviously to hand the ball off, they have got that pressure from the field, and I was going to throw, just didn’t get my hand set. I have got to rip it and get him the wall. I was trying to get out there so quick, I didn’t even get my hand set. Definitely things I have to clean up and that’s exactly what I mean by as far as we have to get going. I have to make those plays and we’ve got to get this offense going.

Q. On the interception, what did you see?

ZACH WILSON: It was the exact same throw I made there at the end on the sideline. Obviously the frustration of just, you know what, screw it. I’m going rip this ball to the sideline and he’s wide open, just like the one earlier on. It wasn’t a bad decision. He was wide open, and I’ve just got to make a better throw, whatever it is, I’ve got to come out and be ready to rip this thing. I can’t be hesitant on any of those throws.

Q. What was Coach’s message to you guys after this one?

ZACH WILSON: We have to figure out after this bye week we have to come out and start better. I think that’s the message all the way around. I know the defense is beating themselves up as well.

But we have to find a way to not have three-and-out drives, get them off the field. I think they had like one drive the whole first quarter. When we go three-and-out, they start the ball, they get a couple drives and all of a sudden, end the first quarter and we only touched the ball once. So it’s hard to get anything going.

We have to establish something on offense. It’s tough. So Coach Saleh’s message is we are going to figure it out. Right there, we really feel like we’re right there as a team. It’s just the little things and it’s being able to start fast. It’s a process that we are going to keep getting better.

Q. Sometimes when one unit is struggling, you can have a locker room that is split, how can you carry your weight on your side of the ball?

ZACH WILSON: They are going to do the best they can. We have to take advantage of our opportunities. You know, not worry about how long they are on the field or some of the plays they are making but they are doing a great job of getting the ball out of there and getting turnovers. We are able to capitalize on those.

Special teams got us some good field position as well. We had plenty of opportunity. We just have to take advantage of those. I think it really just comes down to confidence and understanding that we can do it and that we’ve got the right guys and right mentality and all that and we just have to execute.

Q. Do you feel like you’re letting the defense down at all?

ZACH WILSON: No, I wouldn’t say let them down. I would say, it’s part of game, right. There’s sometimes where third and long and the defense gets off the field and get back up but we understand it hard in the NFL and those guys are going to give up some and they are going to keep battling all the way to the end, as long as everyone has the full effort and they are going to give us everything they have.

We understand everyone is working their butt off out there. I have full trust in them no matter what. We are going to get back to work and they want to get better and we want to get better as on offense I want to get better.

Q. Even after last week, do you think you need more volume as an offense to find your rhythm?

ZACH WILSON: I would say we can’t have, you know, stalled three-and-out drives and then put together a couple really long ones. If we are going to have to punt the ball, we have to at least get a couple first downs first. Let’s change the field position. Let’s get some rhythm going.

That’s the hard thing is when we start three-and-out, that’s what rushing us is going back on the sideline and sitting there again. We have to find some way to move the ball from the beginning and get that confidence going. We get some confidence going there at the end and you just see it in everybody, like we are able to move right down the field with no issues. That’s something there we have to figure out.

Q. Do you think there is a situation where you are pressing to get that success early in games?

ZACH WILSON: I wouldn’t say “pressing.” I wouldn’t say anyone is trying to do too much. I would say my mentality definitely isn’t how can I get a big play or anything here.

It’s how can I be efficient; how can I get completions; how can I get you go be in third manageable and help us move the sticks and get first downs. Everyone is doing the same thing. They are all thinking about that.

So I wouldn’t say it’s a pressing issue. I just think it’s a confidence issue. We need to be able to execute and hone in on our assignments and I need to be able to make good throws.


Corey Davis

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Q. What are you seeing in the beginning of games?

COREY DAVIS: See the same thing. There’s a lot of things we’re doing to ourselves. I mean, obviously have to give credit to them, playing like they did. But they didn’t do really anything to stop us in the first half. It was all us. We’ve just got to eliminate that.

Q. This has now been a month of these struggles. Are you over thinking anything?

COREY DAVIS: We’ve just got to settle in, honestly, especially in that first half and relax. When we come out in the second half, it’s like, it’s obviously a whole different ballgame and it’s a different energy. So if we can have that in the first half, we have a better chance.

Q. The first drive should be the best drive, have you felt good that the first drive would be good?

COREY DAVIS: Great. We feel great about it. Obviously we get out there and it’s different, but our preparation is great. But we’ve just got to do better on Sundays.

Q. You’ve played a lot of football. Is there something that you guys have practiced or not changing enough?

COREY DAVIS: I mean, like I said, you can’t really over think it. We just have to get back to work and focus on the details. They go a long way.

Q. Overall going into the bye week, what’s the mood in the locker room and as a leader, how do you think you guys are going to take the next step moving forward and turn this around?

COREY DAVIS: I mean, the thing is, we know we’re a better team than 1-4, so that’s what the energy is like in the locker room. Dudes are disappointed and angry, all types of emotions, because we know we’re better than what we are displaying. We haven’t even played our best ball yet. We have to go back to the drawing board and don’t press the issue.

Q. How defeating is it to go three and out, three and out?

COREY DAVIS: It is deflating but that’s my job as a leader and the entire offense to stay in it when we do have those three outs and not let it deflate us and not let it defeat us like it did today.

Q. With the defense having a great first half, is there any kind of moral victory?

COREY DAVIS: Yeah, staying positive. We didn’t get beat by too much. We definitely left some points out there and like I said, just got to hone in on smaller details because they go a long way. We definitely left some points out there.

Q. Were you worried about a disconnect about the different performances in each half?

COREY DAVIS: You’ve got to be consistent and we’ve all got to be consistent with how we work and how we approach the game. Especially in the first half like we’ve been talking about. We just have all these really slow starts and are behind in the second half and then we play catch-up. There’s not a lot of quit in this team. We are going to fight till the end but we’ve just got to start faster. That’s what it is.

Q. A few passes are behind you, do you feel like you should make some of those catches?

COREY DAVIS: I feel I can and I should make every catch.

Q. Some of them are above your head, you’re not catching that ball. Do you feel there’s a catch you should make?

COREY DAVIS: I feel like I should make everything. Throw it my way; they are trusting me to catch it; got to make it.


Bryce Hall

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Q. The offense scoring that touchdown brings you guys within three points in the fourth quarter and defense goes on the field and Falcons go right down and score. What you are saying in the huddle and on the bigger plays?

BRYCE HALL: We believe we are going to go out and close out and that’s the expectation that we believe. We just, you know, things happen, we just got to do the ordinary things right and it was nothing that we had not seen or weren’t prepared for. We just have to execute on our assignments and what the defense was asking us to do.

Q. What happened on the third down to Pitts on that drive?

BRYCE HALL: We just didn’t execute the assignment we were in. It was just a collective thing in the secondary that we’ve just got to get fixed. So that was that and that’s what I was referring to, doing all the mental things right, knowing our assignments and when we do that we are going to be really, really good.

Q. You’ve been good on third downs this year. What was different about third down today?

BRYCE HALL: I can’t say one thing for certain not having watched the film or looked at it thoroughly. I think it really comes down to us executing our assignments. I think there was a couple times where guys were free and I think it’s just owning our assignments. I think they came out and did some different things, you know, because they had different guys in different places. And so for us, it just comes down to making sure we own the looks, own what we are seeing and then being able to execute that on a high level.

Q. You’re on the field for a hundred plays last week and then you fly across the ocean, time change and on the field for 11 minutes in the first quarter. Do you feel like there was fatigue?

BRYCE HALL: No. Honestly that wasn’t a factor. That wasn’t something that, you know, I felt like we were heavy-legged. At the end of the day we just have to come out and do what we do and execute our job, and that’s a mental thing, not necessarily have to do with the physical part of it. Physically I felt like, you know, we were fine. We were ready to go.

Q. Do you think this defense has to find its killer instinct still? Are you still looking for that?

BRYCE HALL: I think we have what it takes. It not like we are looking for it or searching for it. Just the other week we were able to come down the stretch. I think it’s just — there’s no excuses to it. It’s just the more we play, the more we grow, the more chemistry we have. I think we’re just going to keep continuing to grow and get better each and every snap.

Q. Was it clear that Ryan was getting rid of the ball really quickly?

BRYCE HALL: I think that’s just something he does in general throughout his career. He’s always been somebody to get the ball out quick, especially those quarterbacks who have been really, really seasoned in the league; that they are bit on timing and getting the ball out quick. They know where the guy is supposed to be at. That’s just kind of who we were facing today.

Q. How close do you feel are you to getting a pick?

BRYCE HALL: I’m right there. The next one, it’s going down.


C.J. Mosley

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Q. C.J., not a good team on third down today. In your mind what was the problem on third down?

C.J. MOSLEY: Start off with a lot of mental mistakes on our part. Uncharacteristic mistakes especially in the first half, the first couple drives. They did a good job setting up some routes for our defense. So credit to them for that. But honestly I feel for the most part we didn’t start out as well as we usually do on third down, and just in general.

But once we settled down, kind of figure out what they was doing, we made some adjustments. But I think for the most part we have to make sure we don’t get ourselves in those type of positions and we’ve got to do better as far as penalties on defense.

Q. Do you look at all the number of snaps — after last week, didn’t get on the field at all this week, was it because of travel?

C.J. MOSLEY: All that played a part, I’m sure both sides of the team, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just got to play football. You’ve got to do what you have to do. So we didn’t — I don’t think anybody tried to use that as an excuse.

Q. When the offense goes three-and-out, starts a series, you’re on the field for 11 minutes in the first quarter —

C.J. MOSLEY: They make our offense three-and-out, we should make their offense go three-and-out.

Q. You had a chance there obviously to get the ball back and they scored the touchdown. What happened on that drive and how disappointed were you not to be able to do that?

C.J. MOSLEY: That goes back to a mental mistake. I’m not sure exactly what happened on the back end or whatever, that whole possession, but we’ve just got to find a way. We had the momentum rolling. We had a few turnovers. We got good field position. So we had them, and they was backed up, as well, at the beginning. So we just have to find a way no matter what the call is or the situation.

On defense we have to put the team back in position and find a way. Just coming up, everybody has to get healthy, do some self-scouting and everybody has to look at each other in the mirror to figure out what we have to do to get better and after that look at our next opponent. This is a bye week, but it’s really not. We’ve got to really lock in and feel what we have to do as a team collectively to get back on track because we can’t have a game like we did last week and fall back in the hole in the first half.

It’s just hard to do that in this league no matter who you’re playing. When you get down early that fast, it’s always hard to come back. We always show heart when we fight back and claw back and come down to the end of the game and fourth quarter. Just have to, you know, like I said, look ourselves in the mirror and figure what we have to do.

Q. Do you believe that the defense is still trying to find the killer instinct?

C.J. MOSLEY: No, I don’t. We just have to eliminate our mistakes and stop the penalties. Especially on third down. I think everybody knows what this defense is about. Everybody feels comfortable in this defense. Everybody feels comfort at their position. You can see that, especially when we was really starting to get things rolling, everybody was having fun, flying around, getting turnovers.

So when the big moments come, we have to really lock in, really have just a mental mindset that we have to do our job. It doesn’t have to be everybody — one person doing one thing better than the other. Every player on the field just doing their job and good things will happen. So once we eliminate those mistakes, once the moment comes, we do our job and then we’ll be where we need to be.

Q. What did you the penalty call on Quincy Williams?

C.J. MOSLEY: The call is the call. Not much we can do about it.

Q. You were a top-10 unit in the red zone and today offense went to the red zone four times. What were some issue?

C.J. MOSLEY: I’m not sure honestly. We’re going to watch the film once we get back. We’ll definitely see what the issue was there. But for the most part felt like we tried our best and we lined up and did our normal calls in the red zone. They just got the best of us today.

Q. What did they do early that gave you guys problem?

C.J. MOSLEY: I think that goes back, honestly, just I’ll start with me. A lot of those routes I was going over the middle, going over, that’s on the linebackers. That’s on me, some of those plays.

So we just, like I said, we have to just do a better job earlier in the game and knowing what we need to do when we have a defensive call, knowing what we have to do, not having extra, not trying to make up for somebody if they are not in the right spot. I think it just goes back to everybody just being relaxed. We knew what they was doing. We saw the formations. We saw all that. So we just got to settle down early in the game and just play football.

Q. The forced fumble looked like an extra punch. Describe that play. Do you feel like you swing the momentum with that play?

C.J. MOSLEY: Well, I’ve been punching and swinging all season, so I finally got one. Got a ball out. But yeah, it was definitely a momentum-changer because they was dropping the field again. Quincy got two — we missed a bounce. We flew us to the sideline, so that definitely would have been a big play as well. We practice that all the time. It’s fun and it feels great when it happens, when you get rewarded for the practice, for the work.

We’ve just got to keep working at it. Also get some interceptions and defense — a few balls that never got up. We got to take the next step.

Q. At 1-4, what’s the mood and thought process in the locker room?

C.J. MOSLEY: I mean, we came into this game very confident. We came over here very confident. We did all the right things, for our sleep, practice, sleep, practice, studying film, but this is the NFL and everything just doesn’t work out just because you do the right things.

So you know, now we just have to really, like I said, look at ourselves in the mirror when we watch the film by ourselves and when we watch together. It’s to the going to be pretty because like I said we left a lot of plays out there on all phases.

So we just got to be real with ourselves and figure out what we really need to do to turn this thing around because we have proven that we can win games and we can win games together. We have to make sure that we bring that mentality and work ethic every week.


Alijah Vera-Tucker

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Q. What’s leading to the problems in the offense?

ALIJAH VERA-TUCKER: I think today, we started running the ball pretty well and we just got to find a way to keep it going. I don’t know what that is yet. We have a bye week to figure that out, so all we can do is just go into the meetings this week and figure it out and then just move on from there.

Q. What is causing the slow starts?

ALIJAH VERA-TUCKER: I’m not sure but it’s definitely something we need to figure out and we’re going to figure out. Like I said, we have the bye week and it’s the best thing for to us really dive into the film of the last four or five games, whatever it was we’ve played to figure that out.

Q. Must be frustrating because imagine you’re working on that first group of plays, probably working on that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then doesn’t come to fruition in the game. How frustrating is that?

ALIJAH VERA-TUCKER: Yeah, I mean, it’s frustrating for any team. This is the NFL and not everything works out, you know. The guys on the other team get paid, too.

So like I said we just have to come into meetings next week and the week after that and figure out a way to get it done and keep the momentum. We can’t be hurting ourselves and we have to put the defense in better situations, as well.

Q. Did you feel like you had swung the momentum with the first drive in the second half?

ALIJAH VERA-TUCKER: Definitely a momentum change for the whole team, defense, too. Like I said, we got to figure out in the first half, can’t come in the second half — everybody in the locker room knows it. We talk about it. So it’s just something we’re going to have to figure out.

Q. Did you guys feel any effects from the trip, the flying, the time change and stuff?

ALIJAH VERA-TUCKER: I can’t speak on everyone, the whole staff, being in the meeting room and on the field, we felt pretty good. Felt the team had put together a good plan for us. You know, practiced on Friday and walk-through on Saturday. I can’t speak for the whole team but I feel like we had good energy coming out. Had a good game plan. Just didn’t work out for us.