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Head Coach Adam Gase

Opening Statement…
Bless (Austin) went out with a calf; (Lawrence) Cager went out with a hamstring; Chuma (Edoga) with a shoulder; Jordan (Jenkins) with a calf; Sam (Darnold) with a sprained shoulder; (Mekhi) Becton tried to come in, he went as long as he could and then he couldn’t go anymore, the shoulder, he didn’t have enough strength.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: The sprained shoulder on Sam, do you have a long-term prognosis?
No, I don’t know. I don’t know anything after he came back in and said, ‘I’m good to go.’ I’m sure I’ll find out more either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: What happened defensively tonight? You didn’t get to (Brett) Rypien once.
We had multiple chances to get off the field. We hurt ourselves. Penalties were just, they’re brutal. We made them punt one time. We just couldn’t do the right stuff. When we did hit them, we were hitting them too late and getting personal fouls. It’s ridiculous.

Charles McDonald, New York Daily News: Did Mekhi pull himself out of the game, or was that decision made by someone else?
No. He went as long as he could. He just didn’t have the strength he wanted or needed.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Can you go over the decision you guys made to kick a field goal on fourth-and-one down in the red zone and if you gave any consideration to going for it?
Yeah, I did. I thought about it. Quarterback sneak there was on my mind, but (Darnold) had the bad shoulder. We had a chance to take the lead. You know, hoping for a stop.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Six sacks given up and 10 quarterback hits. How do you win with the offensive line playing like that?
We obviously have to do a better job there. We called a ton of passes. We were not very effective in the run game. We were made one-dimensional. When that happens, we’re going to give up hits on the quarterback. We have to do a better job stepping up and picking up the blitzes when they did pressure with our backs. We just didn’t do a good enough job.

Al Iannazzone, New York Newsday: What are the issues in the red zone right now? You guys are just not getting it in at all.
We had a couple of opportunities that we missed. (Denver) has been a good red zone team since Vic (Fangio) got there. He’s always had a good red zone (defense). We had one down on each attempt where it’s like, ‘We have to make that play because that’s how we’re going to get in.’ We didn’t make that play.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Did you end up shaking Vic’s hand at the end? It looked like there was a little something going on.
I saw those guys start going off and I heard Vic yelling at his guys, “Get in the locker room.” I saw what was going on.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Were you guys pissed off at something or was he pissed off about something?
I think he was just trying to make sure we didn’t have a melee. It was getting heated.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Do you think he felt there was some unnecessary shots taken at his quarterback? How do you feel about that?
No. I’ve known Vic for a minute. I’m sure I’ll talk to him here sometime.

Daryl Slater, Newark Star-Ledger: What would you say to fans who don’t want to see you be the coach of this team past tonight?
I know we’re working to get this thing right. I’m not happy about this. I know we can play way better than this. I know we cannot beat ourselves and do the things we’re doing.

Brian Costello, New York Post: When you look at six personal fouls, is that a lack of discipline?
It’s decision-making. We have to make the right decisions. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: The roughing the passer has been a problem all year.
We either need to put different guys in there or we have to look at as many options as possible as far as what we need to do to get that corrected.

Daryl Slater, Newark Star-Ledger: You’re now 1-11 in the first half of seasons. You know that stat. What gives you the confidence that you’re the right coach to lead this team back to relevance?
Well, this is what I do for a living. This is what this coaching staff does. This is the adversity of the NFL.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Were you concerned that Sam was seriously hurt after that sack?
Yeah. The way he got thrown down, I wasn’t sure. I was trying to blueprint out how the rest of the game was going to go with Joe (Flacco). (I was) trying to make sure I called it right and not put him in harm’s way. Now, if something happens to him, we’re going to our emergency quarterback. There was a lot of time left.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: From the angle you had on the Sam slam down there, did you expect a penalty there?
I didn’t see it until I saw the replay on the big board.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: From What did you make of that? It seemed like Quinnen’s (Williams) hit a little while later was not even…
They didn’t call it. That’s all I know.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Considering you had the lead in the fourth quarter and you’re off the field on third down if Quinnen doesn’t get his face mask, do you feel you let one get away tonight?
Yeah. When you look at it and there’s 11 penalties for 118 yards…we hurt ourselves. We hurt ourselves. We need to get this corrected and figure out which guys are going to do the right things right. Guys that are going to do the right things at the right time. This is not the way that we’re going to play.

Sam Darnold

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Rich Cimini, ESPN: First of all, Sam, how’s your shoulder feel?
Fine. We’ll take it day by day at this point and see what they say tomorrow.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Were you worried that it was going to be something pretty severe when you hit the ground? Can you just take us through that moment and what kind of happened when you went back to the locker room?
I’ve had something similar so I wasn’t too worried. Once they told me they felt like I could go out there again, that’s when I started to get excited and, obviously, got back out there.

Chris Ryan, NJ Advanced Media: You stayed in for one play before signaling that you wanted to go out. What did you feel on that handoff that it was too much to keep going?
Yeah, it was just painful. That’s basically it.

Andy Vasquez, The Record: How do you explain the inability to get the ball into the end zone in the red zone and, obviously, this is an issue you guys have been dealing with all year, but how frustrating is it in a game like this when you had several chances to?
Yeah, it’s unacceptable. We’ve got to score when we get down there.

Chris McDonald, New York Daily News: Can you walk through what happened on that 46-yard touchdown run you had in the first quarter?
Yeah, I just saw an opening and took off, thought I was going to slide there for a second, obviously didn’t. I think the defense also thought I was going to slide, too. Yeah, it was nice. The receivers did a really good job blocking downfield once I escaped.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Can you go through that fourth down play where you took the sack just in terms of what your read was, was your top target, was it covered and that’s why you held it a little longer? Could you just go through what happened on that play?
Yeah, number one (read) was covered, or looked covered to me, and then I just tried to move on to (option) two, it wasn’t there, and tried to make something of it. I was going to start running around and got sacked.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Is there anything you could have done differently there?
I did everything I could. Fourth down, game on the line.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Now there’s already been a ton of speculation about Adam (Gase’s) security. How do you feel now? It’s only going to increase now with 0-4.
It’s nothing I’m worried about. Obviously, I love Adam. But, it’s not my decision to make.

Tom Mariam, Sports Final Radio: Do you feel that the team made some progress tonight being in the game all the way to the end of the game as opposed to the first three games?
We’ve got to win games, man. I guess, yeah, it’s better than getting blown out, but we’ve got to win that game.

Jamison Crowder

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Pierre Desir

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Marcus Maye

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Connor McGovern

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