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Head Coach Adam Gase

Opening Statement…
Injury update: (George) Fant went out with an ankle/knee; (La’Mical) Perine with an ankle; Peanut (Patrick Onwuasor) went out with a hamstring; Chuma (Edoga) went out with an ankle. Those are the guys that didn’t finish the game. We’ll have more information. I think the one that we really need to get checked out is George Fant to see what’s going on there. I’m sure once we get back, we’ll have to do the whole MRI and all of those things and figure out what’s going on.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: It looked like you might have taken back play calling in the second half. Can you go over the decision to do that?
No. No, I didn’t. I send them in. I’ve been sending them in the last three weeks. I help on some of the third down and two-minute stuff. It’s easier, when I get involved in the two-minute stuff to already have the communication. It just goes quicker.

(follow-up) Connor Hughes, The Athletic: When you say you help sending them in, what do you mean?
I just send them in. (Dowell Loggains) tells me what play to call and I send it in.

(follow-up) Connor Hughes, The Athletic: So, Dowell tells you the play call and you…

Brian Costello, New York Post: How tough is it to come up with words to say to your team at 0-10?
It’s tough. Those guys battled. We struggled in the first half. We had some good momentum going. We get a turnover, we throw a pick six. Then, we couldn’t do anything on offense. We struggled to get those guys off the field. Second half, we at least…we kept fighting. We got in the endzone, made it a close game. Had the ball. Defense did a good job getting those guys off the field for us to have a drive at the end. We just couldn’t make enough plays to tie it up.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: What went into none of your receivers – your “Big Three” – having a single catch in the first half?
That wasn’t obviously planned. There were some plays called to those guys (and) the ball didn’t go there.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: What did you make of (Joe) Flacco’s day? That has to be on him to not get the ball to those guys, too. Is that correct?
Yeah, some of it. Once we watch tape, we’ll know exactly why things happened the way they did. There were a couple of times where either he was pressured, or the coverage dictated for us to drop the ball down. I don’t think we had a ton of attempts as it was in the first half.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: What happened on the pick six? What did you see?
It wasn’t the right decision.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Can you tell us about the decision to have Sam Ficken kick today? Did he not look right to you, missing those two extra points?
I was a little surprised that he missed those. He looked fine in practice. We went through all of the evaluations that we felt we should go. We felt like that’s who we were going to go to if he was healthy.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Can you just talk about the matchup for your rookies in the secondary facing that core of receivers? I think (Keenan) Allen had some ridiculous numbers in the game. How tough was that matchup and was there anything you could have done better?
When we look at the tape, we’ll be able to evaluate that part of it, that part of if we could have done something different. Those guys tried to play as tight as they could. We had some penalties early. We tried to clean those up. We tried to do some different coverages to roll. There are three guys you have to worry about, which makes it tough. We were trying to change things up and make it hard. It’s tough, the ball was coming out pretty quick.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Earlier in the game, it looked like (Joey) Bosa had lined up on (Mekhi) Becton to try and rush. After the first few plays, he gave up and went to the other side. Can you talk about what it means to have a player like Becton going against one of the best pass rushers in the NFL, who saying, “I am going to try someone else,” and not even try to rush on him.
They were kind of doing an open/closed deal, which they do a lot of the time. It’s not always necessarily going to be him on one side of the other. They play both sides. They were moving Melvin (Ingram III) around quite a bit, too. They were using some odd fronts where they were letting Melvin walk around and work some pick stunts and things like that, especially on third down. There’s a reason Becton is a first-round draft pick. He makes it tough on those really fast, elite rushers. He’s so long. He’s hard to get around. Next thing you know, they’re 14 yards deep, (instead) of around the quarterback, they’re behind him. It’s a positive for us that we have a guy who can control that side of the line of scrimmage.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Why did Mekhi go out for a bit?
They checked his knee. They were just making sure he was alright.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Adam, I just want to go back to the play-calling thing. Just to be clear, you said Dowell was still calling the plays, but you were sending them in?
Yeah. We’ve been doing it the last three weeks.

(follow-up) Rich Cimini, ESPN: Doesn’t that make it more complicated? Why do you need the middleman? Why not just have him…
Because I get involved in some stuff, in two-minute situations. It’s not that hard. (Loggains) says, “Play 25” and I read it off.

(follow-up) Rich Cimini, ESPN: OK. So, you have veto power?
If I feel like doing that, I could, but that’s not something I’m looking to do. It helps us when we’re doing some of the two-minute stuff.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Did you guys talk about taking more deep shots at halftime? Trying to get Breshad (Perriman) and Denzel (Mims) more involved?
Yeah. We were trying to do that in the first half. I think we called a couple of plays, but the ball didn’t go down the field. They played a little softer on a couple of things. We talked about it. We said, ‘How can we get these guys the ball and let them go make some plays?’

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Talk about Denzel. It seemed like he made a couple of nice plays downfield and also drew the two penalties?
Anytime you have a guy that can go up and get it and has speed at the same time; you can tell those guys were trying to make sure he didn’t get over the top. He got behind them a couple of times. Then, there were a couple of times where he basically just had to box them out and go get it. Hopefully, we can keep developing that and find ways to get him the ball down the field.

Andy Vazquez, The Record: At 0-10, what do you say to the players after this? What is the challenge in keeping them positive?
We have to go back to work, go back to practice, fix the mistakes. Guys have done a great job with the energy level at practice. I haven’t seen any letdown or anything like that. I think this is a tight group. These guys try to do everything the right way. Just trying to find a way to win a game.

Brian Costello, New York Post: What happened with Bless Austin?
We tried to practice on Friday and he looked concerned with it. We just checked with the doctors and he didn’t feel good with it. We ended up putting him down. We’ll keep evaluating where he’s at.

Shara Taylor, New York Beacon: You lost to the Dolphins earlier this season. How are you preparing differently?
I’ll figure that out here in the next couple of days. I haven’t gotten that far yet.

Joe Flacco

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Rich Cimini, ESPN: Joe, can you just talk about some of the offensive struggles in the first half, especially the inability to get the ball to the wide receivers?
Well, obviously, I think we started well. We didn’t have to throw the ball on the first drive with the blocked punt and being able to run the ball and get a really good start going. The interception I threw was really bad. I threw it way behind (Jamison) Crowder. I didn’t get my hips out there. At best, we should have had probably a completion, maybe to the slant and at worst we should have had an incompletion over Crowder’s head and instead they end up with seven points on the board. So, I think that obviously hurt us. And then we thought we could run the ball early and kind of take some gimme completions to move the chains and we weren’t able to do that. We were shooting ourselves in the foot and not giving ourselves good chances. We just never got to the point like we did in the second half where we were able to get to some of our stuff that kind of stretched the field a little bit and put some pressure on their secondary.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Joe, when you got into halftime and realized that none of your wide outs had had a catch, how shocking was that to you and what dictated that? I know you didn’t have a lot of attempts.
Yeah, well, I don’t even know if we realized that. I know I didn’t realize that specific stat. We only threw the ball probably eight times in the first half. And like I said, we felt like in order to kind of take care of their rush, we felt like we really had to run the ball early and, like I said, they’re a defense that kind of spot drops and we felt like we could take some underneath guaranteed completions early on in the game and that didn’t happen. So, I think in the second half we just made the decision to kind of attack them and start to make it happen for ourselves.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Did you not see the DB on that first pass on the pick-six?
No, like I said, it was just a simple drag slant and I kind of threw it flat footed and just threw it way behind Crowder and (Tevaughn Campbell) wasn’t 10 years deep dropping in the flat, he was kind of running with him and he had his eyes on the ball way before Crowder did. I threw it way behind him. It was really just a bad physical throw.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Joe, we were just talking to Frank Gore a few minutes ago and someone asked him about the prospect of going 0-16 and it kind of brought a pained look to his face and he goes, “If this is my last year, there’s not way I can go out,” something like that. Can you talk as an older player, not to say that you’re going to retire after this year, but just having to deal with that possibility at this stage of your career?
I think, obviously, the fact that you’re asking the question, it’s obviously in the back of peoples’ heads, but we’re fighting to battle every day to stay confident and keep our heads held high and come out here and play football games the way we know how to. So, we’ve just got to keep doing that, keep focusing on the day-to-day, and we’ve got to have faith that we have the guys to get it done and one of these days we’ll look up at the scoreboard and we’ll have a victory at the end of four quarters.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Joe, obviously nobody plans on a year like this. I know when we spoke to you when you first got signed and even when you first started your first game, you talked about wanting to be a starter again in this league and I just wonder at 0-4 now as a starter with this group, where do you fear that maybe takes you by the time this season’s over?
I’m not really worried about it. I’m not thinking about what comes in the future, I’m trying to play the best football that I can play and help our team win. A lot of those decisions are not made by myself anyway, but I’m going to keep my head down and keep playing the best football that I can play, and who knows where that takes me?

Otis Livingston, WCBS: Speaking to a number of your teammates, they said that effort has never been the issue, it comes down to execution. What do you guys take out of these last two games where you guys were so close to victories against the Patriots and now the Chargers?
I think this one’s a little different than the last one, but, listen, we can obviously play with teams. If confidence is lacking, which, listen, it’s tough for it not to now be. We have to definitely find ways to keep ourselves going. But I think you can definitely see that we should have no lack of confidence. We can definitely go out there and compete to win these football games and we just have to have that mindset from the very first whistle. We need to start believing that that it can be done. The only way to do that is just to play good football and prove it to yourself. I think we had a lot of things that we can use to build off of over the last two weeks, but at some point, we’ve just got to make sure we make it happen.

Chris Ryan, NJ Advance Media: I know Chris Herndon has kind of struggled all year kind of getting involved in the passing game, he had that drop today, but can that long catch and that touchdown be something that gets things going for Chris?
Yeah, I think so. Listen, Chris has a lot of ability and it’s just like everybody else, you’re fighting the battle with yourself to go out there and be able to do it. It’s not like we’re going out there and you’re actively thinking about some of the things that go wrong. It just happens because we’re probably not quite mentally aggressive enough. I think the more that he can make some of the plays like he made today, it’s proof to himself. It shows himself, it shows his brain, it shows his mind that he did it. So, it gives you that memory and it allows you to kind of store it away for the next time. So, all those things are going to help him. He’s a young player with a ton of ability. He just needs to keep doing what he did today.

Shara Taylor, New York Beacon: How did you feel about the safety at the end of the game with only one second remaining and the game being close?
Yeah, it’s good football by them. I’ve been a part of a game before that you do that. They really have all the ability in the world there to hold for as long as they want to and run as much clock off that way. We had a play drawn up on the sideline if we got the ball back, but, obviously, when they did that it made it tough for us to do that. Your best chance kind of becomes Braxton (Berrios) returning a kick.

Otis Livingston, WCBS: You guys have the Dolphins up next, a division rival, a team you already lost to this season. What are you expecting as far as attitude, as far as preparation for this game to try to get that first win?
I’m expecting guys to come in and attack practice like we have all year. I think that we have a good opportunity. It’s a team that is in our division. We should know what they’re going to do to us. We’ve played them once already. They’re a good, physical, aggressive football team, so we’re going to have to be on our stuff, but I think that we’ve definitely found some things over the last couple of weeks since the last time we played these guys that we can build on and use against them. So, I think guys are going to come in ready and excited to get a victory.

Henry Anderson

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Frank Gore

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