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Head Coach Adam Gase

Opening Statement…

Injury update: Josh Andrews went out with a groin; Frank (Gore) left the game with a chest. Outside of that, everyone else returned that got banged up during the game. I thought the guys did a good job fighting through the whole thing. We had some ups and downs. There are a lot of things we have to clean up – just some of the penalties we had, some of the delay of games, some of the miscommunication. It wasn’t as clean as we wanted it, but I thought the guys did a good job of sticking through it for 60 minutes.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: When you have a performance like this, I know it wasn’t perfect, but you just beat a 10-4 team, a week after you beat a 9-4 team, do you wonder where this has been all year? Is that the natural reaction?

You’re always going to wonder. When you lose games, then win a couple in a row, you kind of lock back and say, ‘What if we did this, this, and this different?’ But it is what it is at this point. I’m just glad the guys are still fighting, that they practice the way they do, they prepare the way they do. When they come out on Sunday, they give everything they have. They are putting some good games together.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Can you talk about the flea flicker play? Has that been there all year?

We ran it last year. We ran it a couple of years ago. It’s one of those ones that, every once in a while, we stick in there and practice it. This week, it just came up. They did a great job of executing it. I thought (Braxton) Berrios did a really good job of lulling the guy to sleep to where he got by him. (Jamison) Crowder threw a great ball.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: How energized are you guys when that happens?

Anytime that you hit on one of those plays and you score on it, you don’t always score on it that clean, so that’s probably the cleanest that play has ever been with us running it.

Brian Costello, New York Post: How impressive was the effort by the defensive line today with Quinnen (Williams) out against that rushing attack, four sacks, the fourth-and-one stop?

When you look at it, holding that team to 45 yards rushing is a great defensive effort from the whole unit. It takes the safeties. It takes the corners, linebackers, front. But obviously, it starts up front. I thought those guys played with great energy, played physical. We did a good job of gang tackling. There were only one or two times when one of their backs popped out, I think it was on some screens, where we didn’t do a good job of getting down. But that was our big point of emphasis this week, making sure we did a good job of getting as many bodies around those guys as possible.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: How would you access the play of Sam (Darnold) today?

I have to go back and look at it. There were some things where I think he was trying to push the ball down the field. It’s a tough defense to go against, especially up front. That front is really good. We couldn’t really get anything explosive for the most part. It just felt like we had to really put a drive together to get down the field. Some of the third down conversions weren’t easy. But he did enough for us to win and he did a good job protecting the football.

Neil Best, New York Newsday: What was it like for you and the defensive coaches when you got the news that the Browns losing their entire receiving corps? How did you adjust to that?

Frank (Bush) didn’t make such a big deal about it with the players. Neither did I when we had our team meeting. We really just focused on what we needed to do as a coaching staff. We just were aware of the possibilities of maybe they might try to bring bigger personnel and run it more. Be alert for runs or throws. Two tight end sets on third downs, which most teams don’t do. We were just talking through stuff. We just had to see how they were playing. When that happens, sometimes might just stick with what you worked on all week.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Chris Herndon had a pretty decent game today. How has he come along? Is he finally at a point where you can tell he is out of that funk?

I think he has popped free a couple of times and he’s made plays when he’s had opportunities. There haven’t been a ton of opportunities for him, but when there were some earlier in the season, it just wasn’t going the way he was hoping. These last few games, he’s done a good job of just making the plays when they are there. The biggest play he probably had was one where he didn’t even touch the ball. On Crowder’s touchdown, he did a great job of his release and helped spring Crowder free.

Brian Costello, New York Post: What has Crowder meant to this team this year?

The thing that I’d say about Crowder is that, over the last two seasons, he is so consistent. You can always count on him. The quarterback can definitely count on him being in the right spot, right time. Make the play that needs to be made in the moment, especially when it’s a critical one. When we need a big play – whether it’s the perfect coverage or the perfect route – it seems like he comes down with the ball. He makes something happen when we something needs to happen.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: What does this say about your ball club to get back-to-back wins after what you went through for the first 13 games?

I thought they did a good job of refocusing on Wednesday. Obviously, any time you win a game, it makes Wednesday a hell of a lot more fun to go to practice. I think those guys did a good job of fighting through that all season. They were ready to go this week. We gave those guys Friday off and really crammed everything in on Wednesday and Thursday. I thought they handled it well. They came back Saturday and were energized and were ready to go.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Is there any bit of you that looks at what you’ve accomplished the last two weeks against two teams that might be heading to the playoffs and thinks what if you could have played this way the whole season?

I wish I had an answer for why things didn’t go our way earlier. We didn’t do enough to win those games. We were in a few of them. There were a lot of them where we didn’t keep it tight enough and execute in the fourth quarter. I just feel guys are doing a good job of just finishing games the right way.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: Is there any way you can put some perspective on what these last two weeks mean in a bigger picture?

I am happy for our guys. They pout so much effort into this and have not allowed the outside noise to waver them. As a head coach, this year could have been ever harder than what it’s been if it wasn’t for our players coming out and doing what we have asked them to do day-in and day-out, putting in the effort they have, guys being ready to step up, new guys that have come in, trying to learn things as fast as possible and fit in. I couldn’t ask for more from a group of guys that have absolutely had the coaching staff’s back and gone to work. They never complain. They just try to get better every day.

(follow-up) Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: How about yourself? There has been a lot of noise about your future. Do you think these last two weeks have done anything to benefit yourself?

I haven’t thought about it. I haven’t had any discussions with Christopher (Johnson) about any of this. My job is to get us ready for the next game, so that’s what I’m going to worry about.

 Rich Cimini, ESPN: Are you hopeful that these last two weeks will have an impact on ownership’s decision?

Once again, it’s something I can’t worry about. I have to focus on getting us ready for the next one.

 Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Do you believe you should be this team’s head coach moving forward?

I think our guys have done a good job of doing what I have asked and what our coaching staff has asked them to do. These guys play hard. The amount I appreciate what these guys have done to battle week-in and week-out, it’s hard to put into words.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Can you describe the fourth-and-one stop? What did you see?

I just thought it was a great job of that second effort. When I saw him standing straight up, I’m not sure who it was that came off the edge there. When I saw the ball pop free, it was just about where was he when it happened. I wasn’t really sure there. Once they replayed it, I felt a lot better about it.

Sam Darnold

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Otis Livingston, WCBS: Sam, how does it feel to have back-to-back wins after you guys snapped the 0-13 streak last week and came back and beat another team that’s a playoff hopeful?

Yeah, again, like I said after our game last week, I think it’s just playing consistent football. It feels good to continue to win and win back-to-back games, so we’re just going to look to build on this for momentum next week.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Given the way Jamison (Crowder) is throwing the ball now, do you think there might be a quarterback controversy coming up?

Yeah, maybe. I told him next series you might think about going back there and playing some snaps at QB. What a dime though. It was cool because I was blocking on it around the edge and I had no one to block so I just look to see if (Braxton) Berrios was wide open and he was so I just saw the ball come right over his shoulder. He threw it perfectly and, yeah, it was awesome to see.

Otis Livingston, WCBS: How proud are you of this entire football team, not just the offense, but the way you guys have hung in there. Of course, it did start with the 0-13 start, but to put back-to-back wins together and never really give up.

Yeah, it’s huge. Our guys are just so resilient with everything we do. Coming out here and playing the way that we did. For us as an offense, struggling a little in that second half and our defense and special teams having our back, that’s how we play football and they did a great job there, so I’m just super proud of the guys. We came in and we had a huge win in LA and we came into work that Monday and Wednesday and the whole week we put in a really good week of work and we’re super excited about the win but we’ve got another tough challenge in New England and we’re excited for it.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: When you play across the board, all three phases, the way you guys have the last few weeks, is there a human nature emotion to kind of wonder where this has been all year and wonder what if?

I think for us we’re just playing more consistent, and I think some of their adjustments that they made, because we have been having good first drives, which is well documented, but I think for us making the adjustments that we need to after that first drive has been, for us as players talking to the coaches and everyone just communicating, I feel like has been much better and for us as players we’re playing more consistent throughout the game and I think obviously it’s too late but it’s coming together nicely.

Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post: There’s been so much made about Adam (Gase’s) future and what not, I just wonder if you wonder if this is too late for him. Is there any thought about that?

He’s our head coach right now. I love Adam and I love working for him, but again, that’s not my decision. I love playing for him though.

Otis Livingston, WCBS: Sam, there’s also been a lot of talk about your future with the Jets. How have you been able to keep that on the outside, not listen to that outside noise and then continue to play as a starting quarterback?

Yeah, I mean, it is what it is. With the season going the way it has there’s going to be that talk about the number one puck or anything you can imagine, so for me I’ve just been doing a good job of tuning it out and just going to work every week, and really that goes for our whole squad. I feel like all the guys in the locker room and really put their heads down and went to work every single week so far and, again, we’re just looking to finish it out against a good Pats team.

Otis Livingston, WCBS: What’s it going to take for you guys to do that against the New England Patriots, a division rival, and end the season on a three-game winning streak?

Yeah, we’re just going to have to do what we’ve been doing. I think just playing more consistent. We can’t have the lull that we did have in the second half as an offense. We’ve got to play better that way and look at the tape and grow from it, but we’ve just got to keep playing good complimentary football, and we’re going to do everything that we can to do that.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam, how did you feel you played personally today?

In terms of not turning the ball over and playing consistent that way, I thought I played well. Obviously, I thought there were some decisions, maybe not taking some of the throws that I could’ve made. Looking at the tape though, I think there are going to be some decisions that I’m going to want back or maybe throw to my first read and not getting off of it. There’s some stuff like that, but overall, I’m happy about not turning the ball over and scoring when we had to.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam, how much are you guys kind of feeding off each other, offense, defense, right now. You guys talk about complimentary football a lot, but it’s kind of finally coming together.

Yeah, it’s huge, the way the defense is playing, and special teams. Offensively I think we’re playing more consistently like I keep saying, so we’re just looking to continue to build off of it.

Zach Brazziler, New York Post: Sam, there’s a large segment of the fan base that’s obviously talked about the number one pick for a while and are disappointed that you guys aren’t going to get it. What’s your response to that?

Our job as players right now is to go out there and win a ball game and we’re going to continue to do our best to do that.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Sam, on the third down in the red zone could you have taken the sack there instead of throwing it away?

Yeah, that’s something I asked right when I got back. I was kind of like, ‘Ah, should I have taken that sack there? But I was happy with the decision, keeping the field goal shorter, in the moment you have a split second to decide that, so I think, for me, I think throwing the ball away and making it not as long of a field goal was the right decision.

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