Jets Post-Game Quotes & Video

Head Coach Adam Gase

Opening Statement…

(Mekhi) Becton went out with a chest. (Brian) Poole went out with a knee. Everybody else finished the game.

We have to figure out a way to finish the fourth quarter the right way. We can’t allow them to have as many plays as we allowed them to have and really the whole second half…we have to hold onto the ball longer on offense.

Brian Costello, New York Post: How gut wrenching is this for you and your team after what you’ve been through all year? To have a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter and not be able to finish it…

It hurts. I thought guys battled. They gave everything they had. We had a few mistakes that really cost us, cost us the game.

Otis Livingston, WNBC: What did you see form your players tonight? They took it down to the wire and, unfortunately, couldn’t come up with a win, but what did you see out of your team tonight?

These guys keep coming back to work. They keep trying to find ways to get better. They keep trying to execute what is being asked of them. They played their (expletive) off. We’re not finding ways to win.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: There was a play where Pierre Desir on a little curl ran away to set up the game-tying touchdown. Can you talk about what happened there?

That’s hard for me to say without watching it first. I saw him go across the field after the catch. I could see what Marcus (Maye) was trying to do, trying to keep him in front of him. I think he was worried there was a lot of green grass (in) any direction if he over pursued one way or the other. He was just trying to see if he could get the rest of the guys to get close enough to where they could box him in. We didn’t get that done.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: How disappointing was the (Joe) Flacco interception? It looked like he predetermined before the snap that he was going to go deep to (Denzel) Mims in that situation.

They took away the crossing route. Then, the safety on the opposite side fell back. I have to see what actually happened.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Overall, how did you think Joe (Flacco) played?

There was a lot of good stuff. He made a lot of really nice throws. Through the majority of the game, he did exactly what we needed him to do. It was tough when you might have one or two errors and you don’t feel good about it. For the most part, I feel like he played pretty well. He had a dropped touchdown pass on that first series and then had some really good throws.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: It seemed like you guys made a concerted effort to stretch the ball down the field for probably the first time this season. What went into that decision? Did you see something on film that let you know the big play might be there?

No. Our starting receivers were playing that are fast. That helps.

Shara Taylor, New York Beacon: Did Cam Newton play differently than you expected? Did you expect him to run more?

I think that we were prepared for the quarterback designed runs. We weren’t sure if that would be what they were looking to do game plan-wise because most teams change up how the run the ball against us a little bit. I don’t think they were looking to see how many hits he could take running the football.

Otis Livingston, WNBC: It would have been one heck of a shot in the arm going into your bye week with your first win of the season. Now, how do you guys take this time off and try to regroup?

That’s what we have to do. Its an unusual week to have a bye. Normally, you don’t have a Monday night game and then go into a bye with the rules the way they are. We’ll get the guys in. We’ll go through the tape. Then those guys have some time off. They can’t go anywhere because we have the COVID testing. Its really just a way for our guys to be away from practice.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: Is Becton’s injury a torn pec?

I don’t know what it is. They just told me chest.


Zach Braziller, New York Post: In terms of his development, how much does it hurt a rookie like Bekton to keep getting hurt?

It’s all how you respond. I feel like when he is able to practice and play in games, he gets better each time. When any player misses time, it hurts in the aspect of experience. With younger players, you want to see as many looks as possible. You want to be in there and go through those experiences. That’s how you become a great player. You have to be out there. We’ll see the extent of this injury and adjust what we need to adjust.


Brian Costello, New York Post: When you get the ball back with 1:54 left and a chance to win the game, how disappointing was it to come away with a three-and-out? I think it was your first one of the game.

On both second and third down, I thought we had a shot to have something. If the intermediate throw wasn’t there, getting down underneath. I don’t know. I haven’t talked to Joe yet as far as what happened on the second-down play. On the third-down play, he threw the ball to the right spot considering that we got zero. We just missed it by very minimal distance.

Rich Cimini, ESPN: You said there were mistakes that led to losing the 10-point lead. When you walk away tonight, which of those mistakes…

I don’t know which ones, nothing in particular is glaring. I just know that we weren’t as clean as we were earlier in the game. I’ll have to look at it, to be honest with you.

Joe Flacco

Video: Here

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: Joe, can you take us through that interception you threw on the pass attempt to (Denzel) Mims in the fourth?

Yeah, for sure. I was just talking to the guys on the radio about it. It’s one of those obviously in hindsight I don’t want to throw that pick, but the safety on that side of the field kind of came down and cut the crosser and the corner was outside leverage and it was just one of those looks, with the cover two safety on the back side of the field, I felt like I could throw down the hash and Denzel Mims, could beat the guy to the hash and catch that ball for the post. So, I’ve been rattling it around in my head and I don’t think I would have made a different decision in the moment, but obviously I wish I had that one back.

Otis Livingston, WCBS: Joe, how frustrating is this to come so close to getting that first win of the year against a division rival, playing so well for the majority of the night, then having it end like it did?

Yeah, well, for sure. It was kind of one of those games you could tell that the offenses were kind of grinding it out and playing good football. It definitely is disappointing, and guys’ emotions are running high. If you get the ball in the two-minute situation and do nothing with it, that was disappointing. So there are obviously a lot of emotions right now in the locker room and guys are fighting really, really hard to go out there and get wins. We want to do it for each other and we just haven’t been able to do it.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Joe, you guys only had 15 plays in the second half an 11 of them were on that first drive. How frustrating is it kind of sitting on the sideline watching the Patriots grind out these long drives and not having the ball in your hands?

When you’re out there, man, you really have to do your best to try to leave the emotions of all of that out of it and just do your job. That’s the kind of thing you repeat to yourself in your head on the sideline as, really, any game is going on, but definitely one of these kind of games: just listen, stay patient, stay locked in, one play at a time, do your job. I think we did a really good job of doing that all night. Maybe it fell apart there on the play or two down the stretch, but it was one of those games, they had a seven-and-a-half minute drive, we had a seven-and-a-half minute drive, they had an eight-minute drive, and then the game ended up how it did. We’ve just got to get better at—we haven’t been in these situations a lot, obviously, this year—probably this and Denver, and we’ve just got to get better at closing it out when we’re right there.

Bob Glauber, Newsday: Joe, does this make it particularly frustrating for you because you really did have it going? Is this about as good as you have felt in a while?

The good thing is it was definitely good to get a few games under my belt a few weeks ago and get over that hurdle in my mind. I think physically I’m feeling better and better and better every day, so I felt really good physically, I felt like we had a good game plan coming into this game, I feel like our guys really executed it well. The offense, I think we felt damn good about how we played all night. That’s obviously why we’re talking about some of the disappointment is how well we did play and still didn’t end up with a win.

Otis Livingston, WCBS: This certainly would have been a big game to get going into your Bye Week, probably could have made it a lot sweeter. What’s the mood of the team? What’s the emotion like right now going into the Bye now and then have to come back and regroup?

Yeah, listen, there are challenges every single week and right now we’re 0-9, so we’re dealing with a lot of those right now and this is just going to be something that adds to it. I think we’ve done a really good job during the wee k- throughout all of this – of keeping our heads up and taking it one day at a time. It’s going to be the job of the coaches and a few guys on this team to make sure we still have that mindset going forward, as tough as that might be. There are seven weeks left in the National Football League season, so if you don’t come to work ready to go, this league will make that very long and very tough for you to survive, so we have to keep our heads up and play this thing out the only way we know how.

Jamison Crowder

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