HST Post-Game Quotes (Week Twelve)

Head Coach David Culley

Anything you can tell us about DB Justin Reid and why you didn’t play him today?

“It was a disciplinary reason and coach’s decision. We’ll keep that internal. It was my decision, and it’s internal.”


Is it just a one-game, one-week thing?

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”


Did it stem from a disagreement in a team meeting?

“Let’s keep that internal.”


After you have talked about penalties and how they are enforced, how disappointed are you in DL Ross Blacklock?

“Very disappointed. We talked about not having critical penalties, but it’s part of it. When you’re playing and he plays hard all the time. Obviously, we’ve had some of those type of penalties. He’s just got to get better with that.”


What goes into key team decisions like holding out DB Justin Reid and DB Desmond King II?

“Anytime we have disciplinary reasons like that it’s always internal.”


Does it concern you that you have three players, all starters and all defensive players, that you have had to discipline and miss game time for?

“No, not at all.”


What’s the message you hope the rest of the team learns from a guy that’s kind of high status being suspended for a game?

“We have rules, and when the rules are broken, we make decisions on those. It doesn’t matter who it is.”


What happened to the lack of ball movement in the second half?

“We just didn’t play very well consistently offensively. We had a couple of sacks right there, actually early. We just weren’t able to consistently keep the ball moving. I’ve just got to look at the video to see exactly what happened on that.”


You talked a lot about consistency and how it frustrates you. Last week you guys had this great win in Tennessee. This week you lost to the Jets. How frustrating is that?

“It’s frustrating to any of them. We didn’t play well in the second half to do that. We’ve had that same thing happen last week, but we were able to hold on. We have just got to keep working on it, and we look at the video, keep evaluating everything we do and get it corrected.”


What went into the decision to put OL Tytus Howard at left tackle and how do you feel it went today?

“We just felt that was the best matchup for us this week with who they were playing at the end. We felt like Tytus would be better outside than inside.”


Is that something you think will be consistent moving forward?

“It’s been week-to-week. It depends on the matchups we’ve got, and once we get some of our guys back again, we’ll be able to keep him inside. But right now, we felt like he gave us the best matchup outside to play tackle.”


As a young player, what is it about him that makes you comfortable with the idea of moving him around kind of week to week and not stunting his development?

“Tytus (Howard) is a very, very intelligent football player. He can play multiple positions. He’s got very good football instincts. He’s shown that he can go inside and outside and go left and go right. And obviously he’s a pretty good player and we’re able to do that with him.”


The defense started off really well then gave up two touchdowns and a field goal consecutively. What did the Jets change?

“I think too they got a little momentum because we basically stalled a little bit offensively. And they felt like they got a little momentum going right there. They were executing pretty well. But I think if we were able to stay on the field a little bit more on offense and get them off the field a little bit more, better thing would happen.”


What do you think about your run defense?

“That’s not good enough. That’s not good enough.”


The last three games in the second half you guys have not had as much production offensively. What’s been the guiding thing between those things?

“Again, inconsistency. We’ve had some penalties. We’ve had some sacks. We’ve had some missed assignments. It’s gotten minimal. The good thing about it is we haven’t been turning it over is the big thing about that. But we just got to get more consistent with doing the things consistently that we need to do in order to stay on the field, and we’re not doing that yet.”


With the inconsistencies and offensive struggles and you having an offensive background, do you consider taking over the play-calling duties or making any changes?

“No. Tim (Kelly) is my play caller, and he’ll stay the play caller.”


Late in the game they went for it on fourth down. How frustrating is that for your defense to not be able to stop them and get off the field?

“It was a fourth and short. If it was on us on the other side, we felt like we’d get that first down too in that situation. I thought they did a good job. They went for it, they got it and that’s part of it.”


What is the message to the team?

“We go from week-to-week. The only thing that matters is the next game. The next game, I believe is the Colts. And we’re just looking to go out try to get things switched around again and get the win against the Colts.”


What went into the decision of DB Lonnie Johnson Jr. playing?

“We were going to give Lonnie [Johnson] some reps, and he hadn’t had as many since he’s been there. He’s a little bit more comfortable now. He knows exactly more about what we’re doing, and it was just in the rotation.”


You had chances in the game to throw deep. What allowed you to get there and take those shots?

“They allowed us to be able to do that at that time. And those opportunities weren’t there later on. We just didn’t have the opportunity to be able to do that.”

Tyrod Taylor

Why do you think the offense stalled in the second half after the good offensive start?

“Yeah, didn’t execute on third down. Didn’t execute in general on early downs as well, too. (When you) put yourself in third-and-long in certain situations, those are hard to come by. But just the flow wasn’t right in the second half. We have to be better at that moving forward.”


In that second and final drive, what was your plan going into that? Can you take us through what worked and what didn’t?

“We had an opportunity on a read play, defense gave a tough look, and we ended up not getting the yardage that we needed on that one. But obviously the plan was to go into – get the first down – and then go into hurry-up mode or two-minute mode, and just didn’t execute how we needed to, and it didn’t work out for us.”

You said the flow wasn’t right. Why do you think that is?

“I think that boils down to execution. Like I said, it’s just us not executing. If you look at the first half, the flow of the game was in our favor. We were executing, hitting our chunk plays, doing what we needed to do in the run game. But like I said, we didn’t do it in the second half.”

Is this loss any more painful because it was winnable?

“They’re all painful, obviously disappointing any time you don’t come out on the winning end. But it’s something we have to learn from. We have to watch the film with a critical eye like always and move forward to the next game.”


What did you see from the pass rush?

“We knew going into this game their guys up front did a great job of rushing the passer and being stout against the run, and they did it today. Hats off to those guys; they competed well. Obviously, they came away with the win. Just something that we have to go back, clean up where we could have been better and keep moving forward.”

A few of those passes on the outside, that last one to WR Nico Collins, what goes into those?

“It’s a one-on-one matchup. We like those opportunities, and we just have to win on those point-blank.”

Being one of the leaders on this team, how hard was it to lose DB Justin Reid on the other side of the  ball?

“It’s always tough. But Coach (David Culley) said from day one (that) we’ll hold everybody accountable for their actions, and he made a decision for the team. We support our coaches and our leadership decisions, and we continue to keep moving forward.”

You all had a couple of chances to go deep at the end of the first half. What led to you all being able to do that, and how was that taken away in the second half?

“The guys have done a good job competing down the field and making plays. Like I said, we were able to execute those early on. The second half of the game those opportunities didn’t present themselves. Obviously, you like to call those as you get those flowing with the drive, and just wasn’t able to continue to keep the drive alive. We had an opportunity on the one-yard scramble, but then negative yardage on the next play. Just something that we have to clean up and be better moving forward.”

You were sacked quite a bit today, but you weren’t in the last game. What would you say was different, if anything?

“Like I said, we knew those guys could rush the passer. Ton of talent up front. Hats off to the guys that battled up front on our end. They competed their butts off. Just didn’t come away with the win today.”

Rex Burkhead

In the second half, why do you think it was such tough sledding for you guys after building the lead?

“We just didn’t execute. We did a pretty good job in that first half putting some drives together and really marching the ball down the field. And in the second half we just, we struggled to do that. And converting on third down, doing a good job on first and second. Getting to that third-and-short opportunities, we just didn’t do that.”


It seemed like they were there with the screen attempt at the beginning and then getting in the backfield. Did you get a sense that they were ready for anything y’all were throwing at them?

“Yes, they were. They were flying around, they were everywhere playing very physical. And, like I said, we’ve got to execute. If we don’t do that, if we’re not good on the little details, you know, it’s going to feel like that. It’s going to feel like they’re flying around, they’re in your face every single time. And so really just comes down to execution.”

In terms of frustration, to lose this game, a winnable game, what does that feel like for you?
“Losing is always frustrating for sure. We’ll have to go back, look at the film, make corrections, and do our best to not do those mistakes the second time and to keep moving forward. That’s what we’ve got to do – keep fighting, keep moving forward and getting better.”

On that third and one y’all were trying to get that run, did you all expect to catch them off guard? Can you take us through that play?

“We were just trying to get a first down pretty quickly there because we’re in tempo format. And so I was just trying to get the ball, get the first down. They made a good play. Go back and look at it, see if I could do something different to convert there.”


They got five sacks today. What protection did you sense was the kind of difficult thing from them?

“They’re a physical front. They move guys around, give you different looks. And we knew going in that something that they do. You try to stop them from getting going. At times we didn’t do that. We didn’t give Tyrod enough time because when we do our offense really gets clicking and gets moving. So hopefully we can look at that and make some changes.”

With the disciplinary decisions with LB Zach Cunningham, DB Desmond King II and now DB Justin Reid, what’s the message for the players when you see that happening?

“I don’t want to, I guess, comment specifically on that. Anytime we have something like that, that kind of goes through coaches or whatever. But any discipline thing, we try to correct and try to fix.”

Jonathan Greenard

What in the second half enabled them to have those long drives?

“A lot of big plays in the run game, fits and stuff. Basically, just getting on the perimeter, getting their big guys on our little guys and just playing a numbers game. I think they executed that pretty well. We had our moments when we stopped it. We weren’t consistent enough to stop that.”


How disappointing is it to come off a big win last week and not be able to follow up with a win at home?

It just shows that nobody cares what you did last week, any given Sunday. We just have to go out there and treat all of our opponents with the same respect that we did with Tennessee and just finish. No matter what, we had a chance to finish, we just got to do it.”


You guys didn’t treat them with the same respect?

“No, I’m not saying that. It’s just the aspect of when you have to finish a team, of course the record may not say the same at Tennessee but at the same time they are still in the NFL like we are. You have to treat them the same way we would treat Tennessee or any top team in the NFL. Hats off to them.”


What do you think about Zach Wilson?

“He’s a young guy. I could tell he was banged up out there a little bit. He got all of the mechanics and tangibles to be a good quarterback. He’s just young, got to get through the growing pains. Don’t have to hit the panic button on him, he has made some mistakes but that’s not my choice to keep him at quarterback position. I will let them make that decision.”


How tough was it for them to convert the fourth downs late in the game?

Can’t happen. It just can’t happen. No excuse it just can’t happen. Inexcusable.”


What happened when the Jets started to run the ball more?

“They just knew that we got guys. When you get in those predictable situations, they didn’t know we were going to t-off and get off the ball but at the same time, we have to know what’s coming, what’s coming behind that. Just have to be more sound and more understanding of their game plan and understand situational football and get better in that aspect. Things that we have to clean up for ourselves, it just shows up weekend and weekend, we just have to build upon them.”


What was your reaction to Head Coach David Culley’s decision on DB Justin Reid?

“Coach (David Culley) tells us whatever is going on. He held everybody accountable from day one. Whatever decision he goes with, we are going to stick with it. I don’t have too much to say about that.”


How disappointing was it when you played the run well last week and not that well this week?

“Can’t happen. Inexcusable.”

Kamu Grugier-Hill

What was it about the Jets running game that picked up as the game went on?

“I don’t know. We have to look at the film. I can’t really talk on that right now.”


How disappointing is it to win a game like you did last week and instead of build on it, you lose this one?

“Super disappointing. I thought for sure we all had a pretty good game plan. We started out pretty hot, just got to finish. It’s been the same thing all year. Our ability to finish is not there.”


What about the run game today? The team played well the last two games and gave up 157 rushing yards today.

“Like I said, I don’t know. We just have to be better. We are not proud of that. I think we pride ourselves on run defense for sure. So, to give that up is disappointing.”


What is missing in the inability to finish?

“I don’t know. I don’t know what it is. It’s just not there. We got to finish. It’s the only thing.”


Did you think you were going to be able to pull that pick in?

“No, I think the way I hit the ground it just came out. Need that one though. I need that.”


How frustrating was it to not be able to get off the field in those fourth downs that the Jets converted?

“They had a good game plan for fourth down. They got that one and then they tried it again, we came off the field. We just kept fighting.”


How tough is that to say that your inability to finish is not there 12 weeks into the season?

“I don’t know what else to say. Game after game we get put in these positions and it’s just, I don’t know. We just can’t finish. We got to figure it out.”