Packers Postgame Quotes (Week Six)

Head Coach Matt LaFleur

(opening statement)

“Well obviously I’m extremely disappointed right now. That was very humbling. When you’re in your own building and you get beaten like that and lose by three scores. We’ve all got to be better. Absolutely. Coaching better, got to execute better. We’ve got to get back to work. The reality is right now we’re six games into this thing.  We’re three and three. There’s a lot of ball in front of us, but we have to have that urgency to want to improve. We’re going to have to take a good hard look at everything and really do some great evaluations from a coaching perspective in terms of what’s working and what’s not working and try to find a different avenue because today was not good enough. Give the Jets a ton of credit. They came in. They were prepared. I thought our defense battled in the first half. I thought special teams there was some good and bad, but we didn’t do enough offensively in that first half to even give us a chance to take control of the game. I was proud of our guy’s effort. I thought anytime that you’re getting whipped like that by down two scores and they have got the ball on the four-yard line. First and goal with the personal foul penalty. You get another set of downs and our guys kept battling to keep them out of the endzone. I thought at least that was a good sign that they continued to fight until the end. There’s going to be adversity in this league. We know that and we’re going to found out a lot about ourselves moving forward.  Where we are right now and how we respond. I believe in the guys in the locker room. I know we have a great group of men and I think everybody’s going to stick together through this. We’re going to continue to scratch and claw and fight our way out of this.”

(on why they haven’t been able to put together a full game yet this year)

“That’s a great question. I don’t know. I mean obviously if I knew we wouldn’t be in this spot. We’re in a pretty bad predicament right now. We just could never get in a grove. Give them credit. They were tough to block up front. I felt like we didn’t handle any of their movement very well.  It just felt like we were calling plays in second and long the whole game and then when we did break a run, we got called for a holding. We’ve got to be more disciplined obviously. That’s about as frustrating of a game as I’ve ever been a part of in terms of an offensive prospective and trying to get something going and you can’t and you’re looking for answers. It’s like alright, lets try running the ball. Then you’re getting a yard or two or going backwards. They came in with a good game plan and I don’t feel like they broke profile too many times. I thought (defensive coordinator) Jeff Ulbrich and that bunch did a nice job of not necessarily rolodexing the calls, but they were keeping us off balance a little bit and changing up a little bit from their profile, but I figured that might be the case. Bottom line is if we don’t block up front better, it’s hard because we haven’t run the ball effectively. I felt like there was a lot of pressure on our quarterback. I know Aaron (Rodgers) took a ton of hits today and that’s where the game starts. We’ve got to coach better. We’ve got to come up with something to alleviate some of the pressure. It was a pretty poor day offensively.”

(on the Jets defense giving the Packers offense problems)

“I have to go back and look at it to give you a better answer. Whether it was our schemes or the execution or it could’ve been all of the above. But it wasn’t good enough.”

(on making the change at guard to C/G Jake Hanson in the first half)

“It’s just something that we thought would help give us a little spark right there on the right side. It’s unfortunate, he gets injured and comes right back out. But yeah, I think everything’s on the table moving forward in terms of trying to get our best people out there to give us the best opportunity to move the football.”

(on if there was any considering putting T Yosh Nijman in at right tackle)

“I think everything is on the table.”

(on if it’s challenging evaluating yourself in the middle of the season)

“Well if you don’t correct yourself, it really doesn’t matter what you come up with. So, we can sit here and study the opponent all we want, but if we don’t fix ourselves first, it doesn’t matter what we put in front of our players.”

(on if QB Aaron Rodgers had some issues with his thumb)

“I have to give him a lot of credit. He battled through it, and I know he was hurting. He’s a tough competitor and he’s one of the toughest I’ve ever been around. Give him credit for hanging in there.”

(on if Rodgers’ inaccuracies today were because of the thumb injury)

“Any time you go that route then it comes across as an excuse, so I’m not going to say that. I do think that there was a lot of things that factored into some of the struggles that we had offensively. Quite frankly, like I said before, it’s hard to throw with a bunch of pressure in your face, too. I need to go back and look at everything and just calm down and take a good, hard look at what we put out there today. Like I said, give them a ton of credit. They obviously were well-prepared for us and went out there and did a much better job of not only coaching but executing.”

(on the Jets being able to essentially run out the clock in the fourth quarter)

“I thought that there were a couple positions that we were in to make a tackle, and you have to make those. When everybody in the building knows you are going to run the football, and they are able to do it, that’s a little discouraging. Whether it’s that we’re not putting our guys in the best position or it’s a lack of execution, we have to go back and look at it.”

(on RB Aaron Jones getting three carries in the first half)

“Yeah, that’s not good enough.”

(on the offensive identity at this point in the season)

“I don’t think there’s many things we’re leaning on very well right now.”

(on how the Jets defense played into Jones only getting three carries in the first half)

“They did a nice job. Like I said earlier, it just felt like we were in a lot of get-back-on-track situations. You try to keep out of the third and long situations, and it’s hard when you run the ball on first down and you don’t get much, and it felt like there wasn’t a lot of room to get anything going, quite frankly. To want to sit there and try to do it again and then you are in third and long. I have to go back and look at it, though, and evaluate myself as a play caller and see where we need to improve.”

(on the special teams’ miscues with the blocked field goal and blocked punt)

“That’s another thing I have to go look at. On the blocked field goal, there was a high snap which slowed down the operation, and there was leakage on the right side. I talked to Rich (Bisaccia) about it and we’re not quite sure what transpired on the punt. I’ll have a better answer for you tomorrow.”

(on WR Randall Cobb’s injury status and if there’s a fear that it’s a serious injury)

“Absolutely. I haven’t received any word what the diagnosis is, but yeah, he’s such a great leader for us and made some key plays, specifically on a lot of third downs helping us move the chains. Certainly, it hurts our offense when he’s not out there. I hope he’s alright, but I don’t know.”

Aaron Rodgers

(on how his thumb felt after today’s game)

“It’s a little sore.”

(on whether the thumb injury affected his throws and accuracy)

“Maybe a couple, but not too many.”

(on whether the team is in crisis mode)

“I don’t really know what that means, Pete. Can you explain?”

(on if things are wobbly right now and on the brink)

“I don’t know. We’ve got to be realistic about where we are at. We played a couple subpar games the last two, so we’ve got to play better. But, wobbly? Only if people are breaking rank. I think it will be interesting to look at the comments from all of our guys and coaches. And, hopefully we stick together, that is the important thing. Until I see us breaking ranks, I’m not going to say there’s any wobbliness going on.”

(on where he thinks the team needs to be offensively)

“Simpler. Simpler. Simplify some things.”

(on how much time he spends reading the reports or watching videos or listening to radio)

“Zero. Zero. [Green Bay Packers PR] Tom [Fanning] sometimes will send me some stuff, but I spend zero time on that.”

(on how he would even know about it)

“Tom would send me it.”

(on what he means by simplifying the offense and if he is talking about game plans, too much volume)

“All of it. I don’t want to get too specific. And I’m not attacking anything, I just think that based on how we’ve played the last two weeks, I think it is going to be in our best interest to simplify things for everybody. For the line, for the backs, for the receivers, especially with Cobby’s injury, just simplify some things and maybe that will help us get back on track.”

(on what his message to the team will be knowing not many players have been in this position)

“What position?”

(on his message to the team based on the struggling position they find themselves in)

“Yeah, this is the NFL, so nobody is going to feel sorry for you. Let’s get back to business. If it is good enough when we were 3-1, it’s got to be good enough when we’re 3-3. We can’t ride the roller-coaster wave of emotions. Like I said, it is going to be interesting to see how we all respond to this tomorrow and this week. I feel like we had a great week of practice, so this performance today was surprising. But we’ve got to watch our language and the kind of energy that we are manifesting. I’m going to be steady with the guys and I expect our leadership to do the same.”

(on how he views how the offense is playing right now)

“Very inconsistent, and that is why I think we need to simplify things. Because on the couple of drives we did move the ball, it was very simple things. Very simple plays, no motion. We need to look at everything and the guys that we’ve got and what we can accomplish with them and let’s be smart about moving forward. Nobody works harder than Matt [LaFleur] on the plan each week and nobody comes up with better ideas than him and his staff. But if it is not working, it’s not because those guys aren’t grinding, it is because we are not executing. If you think we have the right players, then we need to simplify things. If you don’t, then that is a whole other conversation.”

(on if he thought they could run the same scheme coming into the season)

“It’s not now, it’s always been like this. It has always bee when we struggle, we are doing too much. So, whether it is with Davante Adams out there, or no Davante Adams. When we get into problems is when we maybe try to do too much. So there is multiple times, but in the past based on the personnel or the way we were playing, we could get through that and win some of those games. This is not a new thing that I’m saying here, this has been a part of every season, even in 2019. It wasn’t like we were gangbusters to start the season. There were times where we needed to just rein it in a bit, let’s just simplify things, make sure our guys are getting and playing with more confidence. That to be said, the standard is the standard. The plays that we had in were easily understood and executable. So, this is not an attack on the staff at all because they put in a plan that can win football games. But, the execution when it looks like that, is not good enough. So we probably need to rein it in a little bit. But, like I said, this has happened in 2019, 2020, and 2021, all the same, just different personnel, different years, different momentums, different energy.”

(on whether last week or this week confirmed needing to simplify the offense)

“No, I’ve thought that all the time. The simplest plays are the best plays. The smartest players are the best players. That is what I’ve always believed in. There are times where we get out there and scheme can look really amazing. And, there’s times where we are not executing the scheme and – the scheme is good, really good. But even the best scheme takes good execution. [When] we are not executing the way we are capable of executing, or the way we believe we should be capable of executing, then it might be time to reel it back in a little bit and simplify some things.”

(on where he is in his belief that this team can be great)

“Probably higher than yours.”

(on getting hit a lot today and if the Jets did anything unexpected)

“They brought about two or three pressures maybe, it felt like, all day. It was [a] four-man rush. Every now and then they’d mug [CJ] Mosley up in the gap, but it was execution. They brought some twists, but we knew they were like 50 percent twists in certain situations based on the analytics. So we just didn’t execute that very well.”

(on why Yosh Nijman hasn’t gotten an opportunity to play on the right side of the line)

“That’s not really a question for me. I don’t make those decisions. We have a lot of confidence in Yosh, but we’ve got confidence in the right side as well. We just have to figure out what the best situation is over there. But, again, a lot if it’s – I’m sure and I haven’t seen the film yet – but a lot of it’s very simple mistakes. So we’re making simple mistakes on complex plays. To me the natural response is to simplify things even more, or if you need to make some moves, you make some moves.”

(on if he needs to help younger players understand what it takes to get back on track)

“Yes, but the biggest thing is to guard against the freakout, to guard against the feeling into the wobbliness and to [not] let that creep into your mind. Like I said, if the preparation is good enough in the wins, it’s got to be good enough in the losses. The execution is obviously different, so it’s always good with a fine-tooth comb to go back over your own stuff, be very critical of yourself, your preparation for the week, your performance, your mindset, all that stuff, and then make tweaks that need to be made. But for me, I’m not going to change. The standard is the standard. I’m going to try and play to that standard I’ve set for myself, but the preparation that I go through is going to stay the same. The way I show up to practice and during the week with enthusiasm and energy is going to stay the same, and I expect the other guys to do the same. As a rookie, as a young player, you’ve got to fall into line, but I’m not going to freak out or make any grand statements. I’m just going to get back to what I do best, go through the process, have real good conversations with Matt [LaFleur] and with our staff and try and get this thing fixed, because those guys care about it. They put in a hell of a lot of time. It’s demoralizing, I’m sure, to be grinding the way they do and us to go out there and play so crappy on offense, so we’ve got to fix it as a group. The players gotta step up though. The best teams are player-led teams, so it’s time for us as players on both sides of the ball, and on [special] teams to truly take ownership of that. And I can’t explain to you exactly what that looks like with an eight-step process, but it’s a mindset. Until we get that mindset, we’re going to be wallowing in this inconsistency.”

(on if he has the energy for relationship building the same as when he was a younger player)

“I’ve got a lot of energy. I care about this a lot and I’m always keeping a tight pulse on the team and having those conversations with the leaders of the football team, making sure we’re putting our arms around guys who need that love and attention, and then holding guys accountable. That’s the fun part of this game is the relationships, so I’m going to be walking around with a watchful eye, making sure we’re all taking care of our business, thinking about things the right way and still riding high with confidence, but yeah, I’ve got plenty of energy for that.”

(on if he thinks they have enough offensive weapons)

“Well, we’ll see. We need Sammy [Watkins] back. I think that’s happening here pretty soon. ‘Cobby,’ I’m guessing he’ll be out for a little bit. Brian [Gutekunst] and I have had a number of conversations [with]. I trust him and his staff that if they feel like they need to add that they will. I think there’s enough on this team to be a successful team. There’s the possibility, if certain guys emerge, of us having a chance to make a run, and I know Brian believes the same thing. But if there’s an opportunity, I would expect that Brian will be in the mix.”

(on if making a playoff run is the most important thing to him at this point in his career)

“Yes, Bill, I agree.”

(on if he feels like he’s played well enough the last couple games when the offense hasn’t put together a full game)

“I have to go back and look at the film, but there’s always a couple plays you’d like to have back. I felt like we were just so terrible the first four drives of the game. I’m not sure, again I’ve got to look at it and see what I could have done better, but I’ve got to raise my game probably a little tick in order for us to come out on the winning side in some of these games.”

(on the balance of sticking with the run game vs. they are taking it away and you have to go to something else)

“That’s tough. I don’t know exactly how to give you a perfect answer there. I think that it’s a feel. You could kind of tell the first few drives that we just were getting beat up front, we weren’t controlling the line of scrimmage like we have in the past. I felt like we made some adjustments, but still we had way too many sacks, hits on me, kind of dead plays, negative-yardage runs, which we don’t really have, so I don’t know that today was a day to really stick with the run. I think we were at our best when we were kind of spreading them out and dinking and dunking.”

(on how worried he is about Randall Cobb)

“I think he thought that was it, that he’d broken it [his ankle], but I don’t think that’s the case. Yeah, heart goes out to him for sure. It’s tough, but he was in better spirits in the locker room, and I think you can put guys down on the IR now [for] four weeks, so that might be a possibility.”