Jets Postgame Quotes (Week Six)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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(on what this victory means for the Jets organization)

“I’ll be honest, it doesn’t mean anything. Just like a loss wouldn’t have meant anything. I’ve said it before, we’ve got to start expecting stuff like this. It is a big win obviously because anytime you win in this league is big. But they’re another opponent, another championship opportunity. We’ve got to get ready to go next week.”

(on if his defense made a statement today)

“I thought our defense has been playing really well the whole season. With the exception of maybe the Cleveland game, I feel like we’ve been pretty good. And we’ve been getting better every week, which is key. I thought our D-line was outstanding today. I thought our back end did a great job with communication, with all their jet motions and all the different things they did. And especially on third down, we finally had…like I’ve been saying, if we just have a good day on third down, we’ll show dominance. And we made a commitment to stop the run today and we won on third down. And that was a big deal for us.”

(on Quinnen Williams’ day)

“Quinnen is playing at a different level. We’re only six games in, but he’s got to continue that. He’s got 11 more left. But, he keeps doing this and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be Pro Bowl, All-Pro, all the different accolades you can get. He’s playing at that type of level.”

(on his special-teams unit making several plays today)

“Yeah, there was a couple plays…we got the blocked field goal. They had a block too but, we both missed a field goal, but that play in the second half…Micheal (Clemons) getting the block and then Will Parks scooping and scoring was such a big…obviously, it turned it into a two-score game and just allowed us to kind of let loose up front. I thought our special teams, Brant (Boyer)…I said it earlier in the week, he’s the common denominator for our great special-teams units over the last seven years or however long he’s been here. But I thought they did an outstanding job.”

(on the play of Micheal Clemons)

“He’s been under the radar. He’s been playing really well this whole season. He’s being asked to do all the grunt work. And I think he had a sack, I don’t know, I’m not sure. But he played well on defense. He’s playing well on special teams. He’s doing anything and everything that is asked of him. Just love his mindset and what he brings day in and day out.”

(on how Breece Hall played and the justification for moving up in the draft to get him)

“Home-run hitter. There’s no price for a home-run hitter.”

(on what the message was to the team at halftime)

“The mindset to go 60 minutes. And to give them 60 percent more. And just keep giving them body blow after body blow after body blow. And just keep hitting them, keep hitting them in the mouth. O-line just keep pushing and just keep leaning on them and we felt like if we could just keep taking them down to deep water, they’ll find out they can’t swim. It was just a mindset. I thought our O-line was outstanding, especially in that fourth quarter. Just leaning on them, especially in the run game. I wish we would have punched one in at the end, but good job by them obviously holding up inside the 5.”

(on what it means to take down a Packers team with Aaron Rodgers on it)

“For me, every game is such a big deal when you win. What I love about our team…we do have a good team and we do have good players and we do have a good mindset. And when you are as young as we are, it’s awesome to get confidence. But at the same time, that confidence can be gone next week. And we’ve got to keep the main thing the main thing. I think our process and the way our guys have shown up day in and day out to prepare for games has been outstanding. And we’ve just got to keep the main thing the main thing. Wins are great and if you love winning, you show up tomorrow and you continue to the process and keep grinding the way we have been and we’ll appreciate the results that we continue getting.”

(on how much more confident his team is after a win like this)

“For sure. There’s still a lot of things we’ve got to clean up, right? There’s a lot of things we need to clean up. But, I’ve said it before, there’s faith and there’s belief. People who can see things happen before it’s even possible live in faith. But unfortunately, a majority of people in the world, including us as a team, sometimes people need to see it happen. And the more it becomes a visual, the more you start believing and the more confidence you get. Either way, winning is always good. But we’ve got to keep the main thing, the main thing and that’s continue to get better.”

(on what is it about this group that has given him confidence all year)

“It starts from OTAs, right? And then you go through training camp and you just see the mindset and you just…I don’t know, you just know, right. And it’s not over, we’ve got 11 games left. There’s still a lot of football to play, a lot of football to play. We’ve got to go on the road again to Denver and they’ve got a really good football team. A lot of weapons and a lot of talent on that football team. I know we’re going to be pretty good. Just got to continue to be focused on the main thing, which is getting better.”

(what caused the struggles with the offense in the first half and what clicked in the second half)

“We knew that they would come out, backs against the wall, at home, that they would come out punching. For us, it wasn’t the mindset to weather the storm or anything. It was just fight back, just keep leaning on them. Just keep fighting, keep fighting. Eventually, the longer it went, we felt like the more pressure would be on them. So, credit to them and the way they came out. And again, obviously credit to our offense and special-teams unit, just made the plays; explosive play after explosive play in the second half to generate the points that we needed. I think we ended up with 24 points in the second half. Big, big, big deal for the offense and special teams.”

(what caused the unsportsmanlike penalty on the Jets bench)

“As far as the unsportsmanlike conduct, a coach was in the white and run into the referee and that was why.”

(on if he thought the D-line against the Packers’ O-line was a matchup they could win)

“We feel like our D-line matching up, from an advantage standpoint, versus anybody. Whether that’s cocky or unguided confidence, whatever it is. We love our D-line. We think they’re a rolling ball of butcher knives and there’s a lot of them that can play at a high level.”

Zach Wilson

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(on the first half struggles)

“It is just NFL football man. It doesn’t always work out. You just have to keep going, keep grinding, make adjustments and keep figuring it out. We got the run game going in the second half and that was huge. Guys up front battling. Backs running the ball hard. Receivers making some good blocks too. Just a great team win.”

(on playing so well in the fourth quarter every week)

“You just fight all the way around. What Coach Saleh preaches, the culture he is bringing us of just never quitting, going all the way to the very end. You can see that in everybody. Guys are flying around, playing all the way to the last snap. I think that is where that probably comes from. Guys are just fighting all the way to end.”

(on how helpful it is to have a good running back like Breece Hall)

“Yeah, really nice. Really nice. I mean of course you like to be balanced, but some games are like this. We knew going into this game these guys were great in the secondary. We knew we needed to run the ball. Those guys stepped up to the challenge. The guys up front were battling all night, moving those guys up front. The line of scrimmage was moving and backs were hitting it hard, and never letting the first guy kind of hang on.”

(on if he knew the misdirection plays would work)

“You always have those plays in, but you never know. Coach LaFleur (Mike) did a great job of putting us in a good situation there in calling those at the right time. Those were huge plays for us. I think even a couple of explosives in the pass game were just great play calls as well, kind of confusing the defense because they were making it tough on us. So I think all the way around, he called those plays at the right time and they were able to hit.”

(on the big pass play to WR Corey Davis)

“It was huge. The shot we had talked about going to getting out on the edge. I wish I still gave him a little bit of a better ball, but I wanted to give him a chance. I didn’t want to overthrow it. So he did a great job going up and getting it and we were able to score the next play. So I thought a great sequence of putting us in a good position to get a one-on-one, and a good guy going down the sideline for us. So it was a good play.”

(on talking to Aaron Rodgers postgame)

“Yeah man it is crazy for me because this guy has been my idol since I was eight years old. So anytime I watched football and he was the quarterback, I copied everything. I tried to be just like him. As ugly as a game as that was, I think he is a great guy. He is someone who I have studied through the NFL, and someone who I try and be like. Sharing that moment after the game was really cool. Just telling him good job. I’d love to sit there and chat with him all day and just ask him kind of what he has for me and all that stuff, but it was just a cool moment.”

(on winning in Green Bay)

“Great fight man. I mean you see what the defense and the special teams did for us. They kept fighting until we were able to get the ball going in the second half. We started running the ball and getting what felt like ten yards a pop there at the end. You know, really cool team win, but you see the fight all the way around in all three phases and what everybody was doing for us was awesome.”

(on if this team is better than people thought)

“Yeah absolutely, but the season is still so long and we can’t feel like we have arrived or anything now. We have to keep going. We have to keep getting better. We have to learn from these wins. We have to be able to throw the ball better. It is going to be tough sometimes when teams hunker down and you try to run the ball and they stop it. So we have to be two dimensional and be able to throw the ball and run the ball. You want to be able to help those guys upfront as well. So good things to learn from.”

Micheal Clemons

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Breece Hall

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Sauce Gardner

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Quinnen Williams

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