Jets Postgame Quotes (Week Seven)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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On how resilient the team is

“I just felt like we were really alive in the fourth quarter. I think we generated two field goals, I felt really good about our defensive game stops, and I felt like we just keep putting up points and that we’d be able to keep them out of the endzone, so credit it as a team win today and it was a good one too, because that’s a good football team over there. Like I’ve said before, all week, they’re inches away, and they got a hell of a defense over there.”

On the injuries

“[RB] Breece [Hall] doesn’t look good, he’s got his knee. The initial diagnosis is not good, but we’ll see tomorrow. [WR] Corey [Davis] he’s also dealing with a knee. He got cleared to play but just wasn’t feeling right. Another evaluation tomorrow, not concerned long term. ‘AVT’ is (G Alijah Vera-Tucker) dealing with an elbow and will be evaluated tomorrow. Everyone else was quick to come back out and play.”

On RB Breece Hall’s injury

“I’m not going to comment, but we’ll see tomorrow. I’m going to stay optimistic as I can for him. He’s a heck of a football player. When we lose great football players, it’s not good, but we also have a lot of faith in [RB] Ty Johnson and [RB] Michael Carter and ‘Bam’ Knight (RB Zonovan Knight) who is a rookie. He’ll get his opportunity. There’s a lot of guys out there on our team.”

On his team’s performance

“It was sloppy. Especially in the first half, just a lot of self-inflicted wounds. The penalties—whenever you’re committing penalties is because they’re going faster than you. That’s plain and simple and it took us a second. I felt like it was a little bit cleaner in the second half, it could have been a lot cleaner but credit to the guys. Back-to-back road trips are never easy in this league, especially coming out here on this trip but they gutted one out. Like I said, there’s no quit, we don’t flinch. They know that whenever it gets rough, they have completely bought in and believe what they’re capable of. I’ve just got so much faith in our group especially when the game gets deeper and deeper, I just feel like they get stronger and stronger. In the fourth quarter, I think we outscored them six to zero.”

On QB Zach Wilson

“First of all, this defense is ridiculous that they’ve got. They’ve got a really, really good defense, credit to them. Obviously, [QB] Zach [Wilson] is going to want things that he can’t have back but he did a great job, he didn’t turn the ball over, he kept the ball where it needed to be and we’re still able to generate a couple of scoring drives in the second half. Was it the cleanest game? No. Was it something that sounded the alarm off? Absolutely not. Credit goes to Denver and how good they are.”

On CB Sauce Gardner’s fourth-down play

“He made a few plays. He’s doing a heck of a job. He had a play in the first half on [WR Jerry] Jeudy. He’s playing at a very high level and teams are going to test him. The next step he’s got to take is you’ve got to take one. He’s got to take the ball. Once he starts taking the ball, he will be eliminated from progression. The same thing for [CB] D.J. [Reed]. Both of our corners played lights out today and so really, really excited about this.”

On having five wins

“It’s good. It’s hard to win in this league. It’s a bear to win in this league. To be sitting here with five wins is awesome, but I’ve seen a lot of teams that are five and two not finish good either, so we’ve got to keep our heads down to keep ourselves focused. New England’s coming to town, and we’ve just got to focus.”

On coming in to play a top defense

“They don’t let you, same with our defense, they’re not going to let you attack the intermediate to deep ball. They just don’t. They’ll let you run the ball, they’ll let you dink and duck, but they’re not going to let you create explosive plays and we got the big one with [RB] Breece [Hall]. [RB] Michael [Carter] broke one at the end of the first half that generated some points in the pass game. There were some opportunities that we had but just didn’t connect. As far as that defense and as good as they play and as precise as they are, I thought our offense did a great job.”

On [WR] Denzel Mims

“He’s the one who’s running free. I’ll never question his ability in the run game and all that stuff, and he’ll continue getting better, so he’s going to be a big part of this.”

On K Greg Zuerlein

“He’s been on board since week one. He’s been really good. It was windy down there and it’s the difference, right? Their kicker misses a field goal and extra point, and ‘Z’ (K Greg Zuerlein) splits the uprights every time. With that team, points are going to be hard to come by. Z gave the confidence for me to just even on those fourth and ones where analytics will say go for it, I felt our defense, if we could just keep chipping away points, we’re at a premium and once we got that touchdown lead, it just felt like it was over.”

On the three-and-out to WR Braxton Berrios

“Make them burn all of their timeouts. They needed 80 yards. They had to go 80 yards in about a minute and 40 seconds. It just felt like our defense could hold up and no timeouts, all that time on the clock and just make them drain their timeouts and just going to score one on defense.”

On their defense

“I think they’re playing mad. The same thing I’d say about Denver’s defense. The communication, the precision, being stingy with explosive plays. Our corners are doing a fantastic job and allowing us to kind of do other stuff defensively. Our D-line, obviously, is doing a great job. The linebackers were beat up today, but [LB] C.J. [Mosley] is doing a great job. I still think that was an interception that was overturned but don’t fine me, I’m just making a point, but either way, I think our defense did a really nice job.”

On QB Zach Wilson’s progression

“He’s going to get better. He gets out of the pocket. You want to see all the off-schedule stuff that we know he’s capable of. Like I said, he was under duress, their coverage is very sticky and so credit goes to them. We’re about to play three more consecutive, New England, Buffalo, New England in terms of great defenses so it’s not going to get any easier.”


Zach Wilson

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On the Broncos’ Defense

“They’re good. I would say this is kind of what we expected, though. I still wish I had some plays back, of course, but it’s not going to be perfect. We’ll learn from some of our missed opportunities there. We knew it was going to be grimy. We knew we were going to have to take advantage of certain opportunities, execute, and then a big one for me is we can’t turn the ball over so that was big for us to come out of there without any. We had a couple of close calls but essentially, I think that was a big reason for us putting our defense in a good situation.”

On RB Breece Hall going down

“It’s tough when you see anyone go down and all those guys that kind of went down today, I didn’t even know what was going on but I’m just in the huddle like, ‘Where they at?’ It’s tough because all of those guys are great players. They’re all balling. But unfortunately, it’s part of the NFL, right? Next man up mentality, guys got to take advantage of their opportunities. I’ll check on those guys [the injured players] and make sure they’re doing all right.”

On keeping the team’s attitude up following injuries

“We just have to keep moving forward. I said a little something in the huddle—I don’t feel like I needed to—but I said, ‘Listen, take advantage of this opportunity. Step up. Grow a pair.’ I think that’s what I said. I don’t know if I should be telling you guys that, but I think the guys got the message. Guys stepped up, saw it was their opportunity and that this is where more money, more playing time and other things come for people. That was really cool when the guys stepped up right there.”

On RB Breece Hall’s 62-yard touchdown run

“[RB] Breece [Hall] is obviously great with the ball in space. You see the way he hits it, but I don’t think anyone’s talking about the reach on the edge there by the tackle, or what an amazing block by [WR Denzel] Mims and whoever else was out there. I think Mims sealed that up pretty well for us. We got a stupid OPI [offensive pass interference] later from a great block by him too where he did the same thing. He did a great job on both of those and showing up and so I think those runs show when you are able to get a hold of a guy that’s that explosive and powerful, he can take it all the way, but that’s definitely a team effort right there.”

On winning ugly games

“We know it’s going to be ugly, so for us as an offense, it’s just one drive at a time and if things don’t go well, we have to regroup, see how we can adjust and come back at it. Our defense is doing a great job putting us in a good position.”

On extending plays and making decisions

“Every time I escape the pocket, I don’t want to just keep throwing the ball away. It kills you as a quarterback when you keep getting out of things and just keep throwing the ball out of bounds. Obviously as a competitor, I’m trying to extend, I’m trying to find guys down the field but these guys [pass rushers] are quick. There were times where I thought I had a little bit of time because I made the first guy miss and the second guys closed quicker than I expected. I need to be able to make a better decision there.”

On winning games on the road

“It’s huge. I think that shows that we don’t really care where we’re playing and you know, it comes down to it all being about us and focusing on the guys we have in that room.”

On the team’s confidence

“I’d say the confidence is great. Everyone’s in a good headspace. We just won another game, which is huge. But of course, there’s so much to keep growing and learning on but we’re excited for the challenge.”


Braxton Berrios

On finding ways to win

“That’s what this league is about. We knew coming in here it was going to be a dogfight. Credit to them, the [Broncos] have one of the best defenses in the league. We knew a lot of it was going to be on the ground and when we could, obviously, we’d try to get yards in the air.  We knew it was going to be a dogfight and we found a way to win.”

On the Jets’ defense

“All credit to them. Obviously, we [the offense] weren’t scoring too many points. We ended with 16, but obviously it was seven more than our opponent and that’s all that matters in the NFL. We found a way and that’s what this league is about. I’m so proud of the guys in this locker room.”

On how fun it is to win games

“When you win, football is a lot of fun. All credit to the guys upstairs and this coaching staff for coming in and turning the corner. Long way to go. That was the seventh game of the season, we have 10 more, but obviously it’s looking promising. We just have to continue to get better and keep at it each week.”


Michael Carter

On if he needs to refocus if he needs to change roles

“No, I think that I’m prepared. You want to go every week. We don’t want anyone here to get hurt. That is football kind of. I don’t want to have to get ready, instead of just staying ready.”

On what it meant to pull out this win despite injuries

“It was grimy for sure. We have so many interchangeable pieces, especially up front. We have the best defense in the league. Especially when you put that defense out in the lead, put that defense out on the field it’s hard to lose. It’s hard to lose when you have a defense that good. Offense, it’s just getting the ball down the field. We just have to keep getting better. [We’re] 5-2 but we have to keep getting better too.”

On the team and how they keep winning tough games

“We have a little bit of dog in us. From top to bottom, one to ninety-nine, coaching staff, everybody. It’s really nice to be able to go get a win, especially after the way they beat us last year. [It was] kind of embarrassing.”


Vinny Curry

On having today’s win against Denver

“Today was good, to go find a way to win because each and every game is different. You know, some games require the offense to score points, while some games require the defense to come up with stops. So as a team we’re just showing that no matter who’s out there, no matter the circumstance or situation, that we’re well equipped to be able to win any game.”

On the mindset of Jets’ defense

“Absolutely. So like I said earlier, you know as a competitor, you like having that pressure on yourself. You like feeling like it all comes down to you being able to make a play. So we take pride in being the last group on the field.

On getting the accolades

“Oh, absolutely. The one thing about us and we’re going to prove it each and every week. You know, we’re not worried about where we stand right now or rankings or anything like that. End of the day, whoever is on the schedule has to see us every week and when we take the field. We’re going to make sure we perform up to our level of expectation and come every day to dominate our opponents.”