Jets Postgame Quotes (Week Four)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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Talk about what it feels like to win.

It always feels good to win in this league. I thought our O-line battled. It wasn’t exactly the prettiest game, but I thought they did a good job battling and held up when we needed them to.

What did Zach show you on that last drive?

He doesn’t flinch. There was a couple plays that I’m sure he wishes he had back. The young man doesn’t flinch. He got us out of a lot of bad situations with his mobility. I thought he played a pretty good game for his first game back.

At what point on that drive, that final one, the game winner, do you and Mike start talking about the clock, and not only scoring and getting points but also not allowing them much time to do anything?

It was right after the — I think we took it down to the 20-yard line. We just said, slow it down, we’ve got three time-outs, and then from there I’m talking to Shamash who’s the situational coordinator. We ran the ball, let it drive down all the way to 18 seconds, called the time out, because we had two more. Then we ended up scoring on the next one. But the objective was not to give them any time if we could.

How big of a play was that interception?

Oh, the last one or the second to last one? That was big-time because obviously they hit the explosive in a one-on-one situation. Again, that’s what I love about this group of guys. There’s no flinch. Michael just gets beat on a China fade we call it, and bounces back and gets the interception. I thought our D-line was putting pressure on these guys the entire day.

It was tremendous resilience from the group because we were holding the lead, had a bad sequence there at the end of the first half and they had some momentum bringing in the young kid, but to weather the storm and show the resilience to come back again on the road, awesome.

What did you think of Corey down the stretch?

He was good all day today. Made some big time catches, runs his big boy routes, and he’s doing a really, really nice job. He’s been stacking up a lot of really good days. He’s backing up what we saw in training camp. He looks fantastic.

What changed for the offense in the fourth quarter?

You know, it was just capitalizing on opportunities. It was there in the third quarter, too. It was just a couple of opportunities that we were missing here and there, and it’s a game of inches, and again, just when we got that opportunity after the interception, it was just a really good precise drive.

We had the 4th down conversion to get it to within three on that drive, got it to within three. In critical situations guys stepped up and made plays when we needed to.

Can you talk a little bit about Corey? He’s been overshadowed by Elijah and Garrett’s emergence.

Yeah, he was. He’s been good all year. He does all the grunt work and then he gets all the big over-the-middle body catches — big body routes that have to absorb hits and contact, and he’s there in the run game just digging out safeties. He absolutely grinds every play. His stats may not show it, but he’s been having a really nice year just with his grit, the way he grinds play in and play out, and we were really excited about him going into the season with the way he played throughout training camp and the way he’s coming in shape and with a renewed mindset to attack the season.

He’s been — I’m really pumped that he’s had the game he’s had, but he’s been doing that all year.

What went into switching Alijah (Vera-Tucker) to tackle and how do you think he did?

We’ll go to the tape. We felt like getting him out there, he’s played tackle in college. Sorry I kept that one from you all. Just the combination of him and Herbig there at guard, we felt like that would be a really good stabilizing combination. Obviously we lose Max, which we’ll get the evaluation tomorrow, but that group — eventually that group has got to get a run on luck with health and see if we can string together some games having the same group over and over again.

Is his knee stable?

I haven’t gotten any report yet. I just know that obviously he left the game and we’re getting him evaluated, but I don’t have any information on how the knee was.

At halftime did the possibility of a quarterback change enter the picture?

No, I thought Trubisky was doing a decent job. I don’t know if he got hurt at the end of that half on the ill-advised penalty, but it wasn’t crossing my mind, but it didn’t matter. They were going to run their offense.

(Indiscernible) big picture wise?

I don’t know, we talked about that after the Cleveland game. Every game is so independent of one another. I think what it shows is that this group — it’s the second win. This was a cool game because it was a back and forth game. We had a lead, playing really well. We have a really sloppy end of the first half, and we seize momentum at the start of the second half and then we take it back in the fourth quarter.

It was just a really cool NFL game, and for as young as we are, to have the mindset to stay in it, go 60 minutes, again, really proud of the group with the mindset and just exchanging blows with another opponent. Being 2-2 right now, it’s pretty good. We’ve got a really good chance. But you never know. But every game is independent of one another.

With the defense, how do you think — four takeaways, but how do you think they responded overall?

Overall I thought the defense played really well. Like I said, that third quarter, just to weather the storm of the young buck going in there and just weathering the renewed excitement, if you will, of the offense. But to get four takeaways in an NFL game is pretty significant. We were all over the quarterback the entire day, and I thought overall they played a really, really good game of football.

Zach Wilson

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Opening Statement: I think there was so much growth in those last two minutes as an offense for us, to be able to put a drive like that together as clean as it was and punch it in was awesome?

In the first quarter things were going well and then there was a stretch in the 2nd and third where you missed some throws and turnovers and it seemed like you settled down a little bit in the fourth. What changed for you?

Yeah, it’s just the NFL, man. We had some good things going early, we score, things get stalled out. My mentality is just keep doing my job, keep doing my job, keep chipping away and relaying that message, and everybody did. Everyone kept fighting. There was never a single time we were going out there that anyone was down. There was frustration, but it was the right frustration.

So I think what a cool opportunity and moment for us as an offense to be able to lose a lead like that, have some turnovers and then need to rebound and move on from those.

Have you ever caught a touchdown before?

I don’t know. It was pretty cool, though.

What were you thinking as that one is coming to you, as that ball is coming in?

Yeah, first I hand it and I see everyone flowing, and I’m like, oh, thank goodness. I’ve got the best hands on the team.

When you’re talking about emotions are you talking about regular in-game emotions or what you might have been feeling it was your first time out this year?

A little bit of both. I thought this was probably the most comfortable I’ve ever felt from a pregame standpoint coming into a game. Of course my expectation was nothing is going to be perfect because it’s not. It never is. I felt like I had the right mentality and I felt like everybody else did, as well. But to your point, I feel like the emotions, the ups and downs of the game was kind of really what I was talking about, having a couple drives where we were stalling and going three-and-out sucks, but it’s part of the game, and our defense did a great job getting us the ball back.

Did you say anything to your guys in the huddle after the Michael Carter pick? Did you say anything before that last drive?

It was really just kind of the whole game, just trying to give those guys some juice, telling them to keep fighting, keep going. We’re battling all this together, keep going, and they did. Everyone responded well, and we were all on the same page.

You had a couple plays there where you evaded a rush and moved around, one of them early in the game. Did you almost need that to happen to go, okay, knee is fine, we’re good?

The cool part is I feel like I’m in a such a good spot with the knee that from the beginning, I never thought about it once the entire game. I felt like I was in a pretty good spot. I felt like our training staff did a good job getting it ready for me. There’s so much going on, I don’t think I thought about it once.

You said how comfortable you were in pregame. Is that just a function of being in your second year? What kind of led to that?

Yeah, a little bit of both. We spent a little time throwing a little extra with the guys today, I think got us on the same page. I think that was good for us. Besides that, I think just second year, having a little bit of experience and knowing what to expect helps there, too.

Can you talk about the connections to Garrett, 3rd down, and then 4th down conversion to Corey?

Yeah, huge. I mean, it’s cool seeing those plays, right, because it just shows the team effort there. The O-line did a great job holding up there, making the pocket feel comfortable.

Those guys do a great job separating in their man coverage, winning at the top. I can see the routes that they’re giving me. Easy for me to sit back there and hit them when everyone is doing their job like that. So I think credit to those guys for keeping battling. It was awesome.

What did you see on your two interceptions?

I mean, it’s tough. Obviously the one, I’ve got to throw lower. The other one, it was a man beater, running away from guys. That was my best look side. That’s unfortunate. It was a good play over there by the corner. I’ve got to throw a better ball. Still missed a little bit over Jeff’s head, but I’ve still got to be able to see that, hold on to it, live to play the next down.

What was your mentality? When you got the ball with a chance, 65 yards away from the touchdown, what do you think at that point?

Yeah, I mean, it was cool. I feel like I have a little bit of a different mentality this year. It’s do my job, give it everything I’ve got and live to play with the result. I think everybody did, too.

I felt like that was the first time as an offense we didn’t feel stagnant, we didn’t feel timid. Everyone was playing fast. We were right on cue with what the calls were. So much fun playing in those situations.

It sounded like you expected to go down and score?

Yeah, 100 percent. From the beginning I think there was no doubt in my mind, especially when we hit a couple quick passes and stuff there, too, and we were running the ball well. I feel like as an offense you can just feel it.

You talked about the growth of the offense. On that second to last drive when you guys had the two penalties to turn 1st and goal into 1st and 11 or whatever, for you to come back from that, what do you think that says about the growth of the offense and just overall the adversity?

Yeah, that was frustrating, but I think, again, it’s part of the game, and next-play mentality, and the guys did a great job responding, putting us in a great situation.