Jets Postgame Quotes (Week 17)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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Can you talk about the difference in the defense from the first half to the second half?
“I appreciated the way the guys came out and fought in the second half, but obviously, the first half wasn’t good

What happened in the first half?
“There was a series of – I wouldn’t say miscommunications – just slightly off in regard to technique. Like I said, it just
wasn’t good enough all the way across the board. I’m looking inward on me in terms of what we can do better on
these short week games.”

You probably thought without Browns WR Amari Cooper, they would feature the tight ends, but TE David Njoku went crazy in the first quarter.
“Yeah, the first third and 15 was a check down. We were just a little bit out of position and he cut inside and made a
good play. On the second explosive, it’s a shallow cross on the exchange and we lose our footing. But other than
that, he hit those two big explosives. He’s a good player, but I feel like we had more control over what we allowed.”

What do you make of Browns QB Joe Flacco’s performance today and how big was that 50-yarder?
“Yeah, they’re playing with a lot of confidence. They’re playing and they have a lot of juice and a lot of energy right
now. Flacco, like I say, in these months, he is just going to get better and better. I think this is the fifth game that he’s
had and you can see that he’s getting more confidence with the offense. Again, credit to them. Hats off to them.
They did a great job.”

You have 26 penalties in these last two weeks. How do you explain that?
“I have to figure it out. I have to figure it out. There was a lot of pre-snap stuff today. A lot of pre-snap stuff, but we
have to figure it out.”

Some of the penalties, like having 12 men on the field, just seems like fundamental stuff that should not be
happening. How do you explain that?
“I have to figure it out.”

You alluded to some technique things with the defense early on, but you guys referred to this as a championship caliber defense.
“Yeah and they have it. Technique stuff happens every game on every play regardless, but we pride ourselves on
precision. Obviously, we have to look inward. I have to figure out what we can do better with regards to the week on
the short weeks to ensure that we keep our precision from a play-calling standpoint and that we’re putting our guys
in a position to be comfortable with what they’re being asked to do. There’s a lot of things I have to look at first
before I start looking at our players.”

Do you think you were affected by the short week and also with how long the Washington game was in terms of plays? Do you think you guys were tired today?

“No. No, this is the third different schedule we’ve used on a short week and I just have to keep trying to dig and
figure out what’s best for our guys and how to get us started faster. Because like I said, I felt the guys came out in
the second half and continued to fight and chop wood. I thought our offense moved the ball against a really good
defense. But defensively, obviously in the second half I thought we were much better, but that first quarter especially
just wasn’t good enough.”

It’s anyone’s game in the NFL, but what is different about going up against Browns DE Myles Garrett and this
defense as opposed to other defenses?
“Myles is arguably one of the better D-ends in all of football. He’s a game wrecker in terms of what you have to do to
try to negate his ability to make all the plays that he’s able to make. Preparing for them, I like to think, is no different.
Whenever we play a game wrecker, wherever he is on the football field, you’ve got to be ready.”

It looked like Jets T Mekhi Becton was struggling with Garrett a bit.
“Again, Myles is a phenomenal football player and he was jumping back and forth so they were making it difficult to
target him from a protection standpoint. We had our opportunities, but at the end of the day, from a coaching
standpoint, I’m just going to look at that first and whether or not we helped them enough. But in a one-on-one battle,
obviously, Mekhi’s going to want to win every one, but Myles is an All-Pro football player. He’s going to win his

Did you feel like Jets LB CJ Mosley struggled today? He was uncharacteristic on a few things and in dealing with the tight ends.
“No, like I said, his footing came out from underneath him on the shallow cross that Njoku ran. But CJ was fine.”

Is Jets OL Jacob Hanson the only injury?

You don’t seem particularly angry or upset. Can you share what’s really churning inside of you now?
“I’m not quite sure about that question. Do you want me to throw the podium on the floor?”

QB Trevor Siemian

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Did you feel you were building something off of the Jets’ opening touchdown drive?
“Yeah, it felt good. Most of the game, really. I think we moved the ball well. Had the explosive play on third down
there and we just didn’t get that play down in that part of the field for the rest of the game it felt like, but I felt like we
moved the ball well all night. Just didn’t get it done the other times that we had the chance down in that area.”

Do you feel the Jets handled the Browns’ pass rush well?
“Yeah, I mean they are what they are, they are the best in the league, or one of the best in the league, so I knew we’d
have our hands full. I’m proud of the way our guys fought, and like I said, I felt like we moved the ball well. When you
play a group like that, the margin of error is really thin, so when you get your opportunities you have to hit them. Just
didn’t get enough of them.”

Is it concerning to see the defense give up the amount of points they did tonight?
“No, because I gave them one. Our defense has pretty much carried us all year, so we don’t bat an eye. Shoot, the
week before we saw it first hand, I think we were up 27-7, if I’m right on that? But in this league, it changes so
quickly. One moment you think you got it or you don’t have it, it flips quicker than you expect.”

What happened on the pick-six?
“I just threw it to the wrong guy. Got me on the coverage. Middle safety came out of the middle. Yeah, just got me.”

Are some of the mistakes the offense is making frustrating, especially this late in the season?
“That’s my job. I’m running the show out there. I’m the quarterback, so I have to know how many guys are on the
field and make sure we are legal. At times, I’m just trying to play with some tempo, but that’s on the quarterback. I
have to run the show and obviously didn’t do a good enough job.”

What was the difference between the first and second half, and what can you take from the second half going
“I think we had the ball a little longer in the second half. I think we ran the ball really well tonight. That’s something
we’ve tried to lean on and press on, so that was good to see that. It was good to see (RB) Breece (Hall) get some
space. Again, the margin for error against a defense like this is so thin, just didn’t get it done.”