Jets Postgame Quotes (Week 15)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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ROBERT SALEH: Real quick, I’m going to do injuries. So Zach (Wilson) went out with a concussion.
Jalyn (Holmes) is dealing with a knee and then ‘Q. Jeff’ (Quinton Jefferson) is dealing with a hip.

Q. It looked like on the offensive side of the ball you just couldn’t get anything moving, anything
going the entire game.

ROBERT SALEH: Yeah, credit to them. I thought they obviously won the battle up front, right from the
get, and just made it hard on us to be able to get anything going, both run game and in the pass

Q. Can you clarify what QB Zach Wilson’s health? Initially they were saying he went in for

ROBERT SALEH: I’m not sure the process. I know that he is – from my understanding, it was called up
top and he is now in the protocol.

Q. Is this embarrassing, Robert, to come out and have a performance like this?

ROBERT SALEH: Yeah, when you get beat up front, yeah, it’s not – doesn’t feel good.

Q. What were some of the issues with pass protection wise?

ROBERT SALEH: They beat us up front.

Q. What did you see defensively from your team?

ROBERT SALEH: You know, with the exception of the go-ball with the double move or whatever it was
to Jaylen (Waddle), I thought they fought. I thought we were really good in the run game. We need
to be better on third down, but a lot of short fields. But overall, I felt they fought their tails off. Thought
the guys played hard.

Q. That second half against Houston, it seemed like finally this offense clicked. To go from that
to a shutout, how does that happen?

ROBERT SALEH: Week-to-week league. But again, it starts and ends up front, and we’ve got to be
better up front.

Q. Depending on the results of some of the games going on right now you guys could be
eliminated from playoff contention at 5-9. How disappointing is the way the season has gone?

ROBERT SALEH: It’s disappointing. Starting from the first series of the year all the way to now, it’s just
been a constant battle. I do appreciate the heck out of our guys. We still got three games left to finish
strong. As bad as we feel now, we got to remember we felt pretty good last week, too. We got a good
Washington team coming in that’s going to be licking their chops, so we got to go and take care of
business and get ourselves ready to play that one.

Q. There is a report that QB Aaron Rodgers could be cleared this upcoming week. How does this
loss affect that?

ROBERT SALEH: I don’t have any – there is no discussion to be had until he’s actually cleared.

Q. Obviously you faced adversity early in the game with the strip sack at the one-yard line, but
didn’t look like you had any answers to that. It just seemed like the team was almost
noncompetitive at that point and didn’t really come back.

ROBERT SALEH: Like I said, they did a great job up front. Made it hard for us from an offensive
standpoint to get anything moving. They deserve a lot of credit. Just like I said, it wasn’t good enough.

Q. Robert, I don’t think WR Garrett Wilson had a catch till the third quarter. Obviously, CB Jalen
Ramsey is a fantastic cornerback, but they found ways to get WR Jaylen Waddle the ball against
your corners. Do you guys have to figure out a way to get WR Garrett Wilson more touches there?

ROBERT SALEH: No, like I said – they did a good job with (Jaylen) Waddle obviously. He had his
touches. With Garrett (Wilson), you’re always trying to find ways to give him the football. Again, starts
and ends up front to be able to get the quarterback a chance to go throw it, then obviously the
quarterback with timing, and then again from a coaching standpoint to make sure are putting these
guys in position to get the ball in and out of their hands as quickly as possible. Again, like I said credit
to them. They did a really nice job doing their best to take him away and they beat us up up front.

Q. What was your message to the team?

ROBERT SALEH: Same thing – these things are always tough pills to swallow, but we got three more
left. Get our bodies right, try to heal and get ourselves right to play another game on Sunday.

Q. CBS cameras caught WR Garrett Wilson multiple times, on the sideline and on the field,
seemingly very, very frustrated.

ROBERT SALEH: Oh, yeah, he’s – Garrett (Wilson) is an emotional young man. I’ve always said it, his
competitive spirit is always going to be on tilt, always. But there isn’t as good a teammate in football
as him.

Q. Do you worry that the way this losing the last couple years, him not getting the touches and
not getting involved, the toll that it could take on him and his overall feeling on not his teammates
but the overall feeling?

ROBERT SALEH: No, it’s a week-to-week league. He’s fine. He knows everyone is working. He knows
everyone is trying to put their best foot forward. Obviously, it didn’t work out today.

Q. T Mekhi Becton seemed to have a really tough game against LB Bradley Chubb. What did you
see watching him?

ROBERT SALEH: You know, I’m sure there is a couple plays Mehki (Becton) wants back. Chubb is a
heck of a football player, has been for a while. When you’re dealing with a guy like him, you’re going
to win some, you’re going to lose some. Like I said, he’s going to have three more opportunities to
strap it together and play some good football.

Q. You guys feel like you guys had the right gameplan going into this one, you guys were prepared
enough to beat Miami?

ROBERT SALEH: Yeah, you always feel good, then you go watch the tape and see what happened.
You put together the best plan possible – sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. But overall, just
from coaching to execution, all of it on the offensive side, just wasn’t good enough today.

Q. What was the thinking on the fake punt?
ROBERT SALEH: Felt like we had one from – we never got the chance to call it in the Black Friday
game and felt like we had the look we wanted. It didn’t work out the way we thought it would

QB Trevor Siemian

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Q. They dominated you guys up front today. How tough is it to play quarterback in these
TREVOR SIEMIAN: Yeah, I think you’ve got to tip your hat and give credit to them. They’re a good
group. They’ve been a good group, even when they lost Jalen (Ramsey). For me, I didn’t do a good
enough job. So I’ll look inwardly, I didn’t play well enough to win and I think probably a lot of guys
can say the same.

Q. As an offense, you guys obviously were encouraged last week with 30 points in the second
half. How does it flip this drastically in a week?
TREVOR SIEMIAN: I think there’s no – this league is so tough. There is no carryover, there’s no
transitive thing. You’re either playing well or you’re not, you’re making plays or you’re not. If you’re
not and the other team is executing at a high level, that’s what it’s going to look like.

Q. What did they do to take WR Garrett Wilson away? Was it as simple as CB Jalen Ramsey was
locking him down?
TREVOR SIEMIAN: Yeah, (Jalen) Ramsey followed him around, but we just didn’t have a lot of plays
early on either. It felt like we were on and off the field pretty quickly. I’m sure a lot of guys didn’t get
the ball as much as they wanted to or felt like they could have. Yeah, just not enough plays in the
first half.

Q. Are you ready start if QB Zach Wilson is in a concussion protocol?
TREVOR SIEMIAN: I’m ready. Whatever they need me to do I’m ready. Yeah, I’m ready to go.

CB Sauce Gardner

You guys are now mathematically eliminated officially, so how frustrating is that with still three
games to go?

“It’s definitely frustrating. Beginning of the season, that’s what we wanted to do. We
wanted to be able to compete in the playoffs. I don’t know what to say for real.”

What happened on defense today?

“It was execution. They executed more than us. I don’t know what to say, they outexecuted us.”

How frustrating is it coming off a game where everybody was talking about how you guys played
complimentary football offense, defense and special teams, and then come have a game like this

“It’s definitely frustrating, because when you play a game like that, you’re expecting to do
it again the second week. They had some key guys out too on offense and defense and special teams,
so we definitely thought we were going to be able to win when it came to that, but we didn’t.”

What was HC Robert Salah’s message to you guys?

“You just got to keep going. Give it everything we got. We got three more games. Three guaranteed games – give it everything we got.”

CB D.J. Reed

Officially eliminated from the playoffs, what are your thoughts?

Just frustrated, man, especially with the way I played. I’ve definitely played better. Got to get it done. I came into the game this whole
week, I ain’t felt well, but that’s no excuse. I’m out there, got to get the job done. Just frustrated with
the work we put in, how hard we worked. That’s not the outcome – getting goose egg and getting
beat by 30 is definitely not the route that we thought was going to happen today.

What happened on the WR Jaylen Waddle touchdown?

– Yeah man, just one-on-one. It’s part of– I mean, it’s my fault. I just got to stay on top. He ran a drift and go, so they gave me two drifts early
on, so I played aggressive on the drift and he ran a drift and go. Tua (Tagovailoa) threw a good ball,
no help. I got to get him down, I got to make the play so that’s on me. I’ve got to be better, it’s really
that simple.

You mentioned the drift and go, were you playing that thinking a pick and were you maybe
pressing a little bit because there wasn’t much production on the offense and the defense thinking
that we need to score, we need to do something here to flip the game?

No, not on that play. I wasn’t thinking a pick, I was just thinking the drift. Usually the drift is like a six-step route, that’s what
he ran and he stuttered it. So once he ran the double move, I’m thinking the ball is going to probably
go a little outside, but Tua threw it good. He threw it inside, so it kind of turned into a skinny post
which is tough to cover, but I’ve covered it before so I have to make the play.”

Did you expect help?

No, it’s one-on-one. Mano-y-mano. He got the best of me, sometimes it happens.

Do you think Head Coach Robert Saleh’s message is still resonating with his team?

I would say so. I mean, he really said what we all know is just like, we got three given games, so we’ve got to go
out there and put what we want on tape. But like I said, when guys hear that, it’s still mentally easy to
throw in the towel, knowing that we’re not going to playoffs. So I think it resonated to guys, but I also
think that there’s a human side, which is like, ‘OK, I want to take care of myself and make sure I’m
healthy,’ but I feel like we got the right guys in a locker room to go about these games, take them like
a championship week and finish the season out strong.

T Mekhi Becton

Was there anything they were doing with LB Bradley Chubb to free him up or anything like that
to create the pressure?


How shocking is this, Mekhi, after what you guys did last week to get shutout today?

It was very shocking. We got to get back to the drawing board and see what we can do better.

Do you feel for QB Zach Wilson?

I mean he did take a lot of hits when he was in there and he ended up with a concussion. Yeah, for sure. I always feel for my quarterback or anyone that gets

WR Garrett Wilson

How disappointing is it especially the way you guys played in the second half last week to not
have that carry over?

It’s very disappointing. Yeah, it’s very disappointing. You practice all week,
practice your whole life, and you go out there and play like this. So, disappointing. We got to get to
the drawing board and figure it out.

The CBS cameras caught you multiple times seemingly very frustrated, what were you battling
out there?

Oh yeah, for sure. Definitely. Trying to figure out a way to make – I got to be out there
60 minutes, trying to figure out the way to make those 60 minutes productive on the offensive side if
possible. That time’s still ticking away, and you start pressing, not pressing, but you feel it ticking away.
Just trying to figure out how to get something going. A lot of times it comes off like I’m saying
something, but reality of it is I just talk with a lot of emotion sometimes, especially when I’m playing
the game I love and not getting the results that we want.

Aside from the obvious, which is the final score and the result, what’s the most frustrating part
about today?

The game? I don’t know, all of it. It’s a culmination of it. It’s demanding – the six
months, seven months you play the sport, an intense season, it’s demanding and it should be. It’s a
tough sport to play. You do it for Sunday, period. That’s all you do it for – you do it for Sunday. You
don’t do it for Tuesday during the week. You don’t do it for Wednesday. The toughest thing is knowing
the preparation you put it and all of it going to the – I don’t know, maybe it’s not going by the wayside.
But just not being able to put it on display on a Sunday, on a given Sunday, that’s the frustrating part
about it. I got a lot more to give.

WR Allen Lazard

Just your thoughts on QB Zach Wilson, he obviously took a bunch of hits?

“Yeah, he took a hit from the second play of the game or so. I know from that situation, just trying to deal with that playing
that position, it’s definitely tough. I’m not sure of his status right now and everything, so my thoughts
and prayers are with him, obviously, to get healthy and be back out there as soon as he can. But yeah,
today just wasn’t it.”

How tough is it for an offense after coming off of that Texans second half that you guys just had?

Yeah, it’s just been tough all year, honestly. Obviously, we want to go out there and put up a better performance out there. We want to play better as individuals, as a unit, as a group and collectively as a team, but we definitely have fallen far short of the standard.”

What’s your level of confidence that you guys can turn it around, there’s not much time left in the
season obviously?

It’s a week-to-week thing. It’s the NFL. As bad as today sucks, you’ve got to dust yourself off tomorrow, look at the film, review it and come back next week, still put that work in. You have to have the optimism and you have to be able to manifest to be able to get a win in this league. So it’s tough, but it’s definitely possible.”