Jets Postgame Quotes (Hall of Fame Game)

Head Coach Robert Saleh

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Can you talk about the play with Zach (Wilson) to Malik (Taylor)?

It was really good. I thought he put it right on the money. Zach (Wilson) did a good job, he was poised, looked comfortable in the pocket, delivered the ball on schedule and definitely something to build on.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Is that kind of another step, Robert, in what you need to see from him?

Yeah, for him, just rebuilding that confidence and swag that we fell in love within the draft process and all that stuff, and I think he is getting it. I said it before, he is a rookie all over again, all the footwork is different, the verbiage is different, the way Aaron (Rodgers) plays quarterback, and the way (Nathaniel) Hackett teaches quarterback is a little bit different, so there is a lot of learning and I think he has been attacking the heck out of it and doing a really nice job.

Rich Cimini, Why did Mekhi (Becton) come out?

There was no setbacks, we got him through the two series, felt a little bit and was like you know what it’s good for now, but he should be good for practice.

Rich Cimini, Did you just take him out?

Yeah, it was communication. We just wanted to make sure that we are doing right by him. Again, this is all about confidence for him, and if he has got any doubt in it at any time, we are going to be cautious, so just from communication between him and the trainers, there must have been, and I will find out more, just probably a little confidence issue, but you saw him go in there for a field goal, so he is fine. Again, he has just got to build confidence in that thing and be able to push through whatever he might be feeling.

Connor Hughes, The Athletic: You said he ‘felt it a little bit’?

It’s confidence, like I said, he will be fine. He will be fine.

Coach Saleh, in terms of the running back competition behind Breece (Hall), is there something that each of the three guys have shown you, something positive?

Yeah, Michael (Carter) obviously, he has been in this system, now he is going on three years, he has been with us for three years, Bam (Zonovan Knight), they all have a different style going. Izzy (Israel Abanikanda) is trying to find his footing. Obviously, (Damarea) Crockett and (Travis) Dye, they are working through it too. There’s so much time left for them to kind of separate themselves and establish themselves as the go to after Breece. I think they all provide a skill set, they are all kind of different in that regard. I am looking forward to seeing how that thing plays out.

Hey Coach, could Izzy’s (Israel Abanikanda) continued emergence potentially change your guys stance on Dalvin Cook in that pursuit?

That is all independent of one another. What we do with that is separate than anything else.

Rich Cimini, What did Izzy show you on that touchdown?

We know he has speed, he can catch the edge and he can run the corner and all the good stuff, to continue to look at what NFL runs look like. Not every single one of them is going to break loose and go for 80 or for touchdowns. Most runs you got to stick your foot in the ground and go get dirty, so he is learning that style. The speed, we already know he has got the speed, it’s just a matter of him learning what an NFL run looks like and that it is okay to get four and five, because eventually those fours and fives will turn into eight, nines and those eight, nines will turn into explosive runs.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Did (Will) McDonaldIV flash that for you?

Yeah, he did a couple of good things. Again, pumped for him, first NFL action. I am sure he is going to want a lot stuff back. He is going to be a good player.

Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: What about Joe Tippmann? He got in some really good work today that he hadn’t really been able to as much at practice I feel like?

No, for sure, for him getting all those reps, I will see the tape on that one when it gets into the trenches that way, but I am excited about the fact that he was he able to get a lot of reps in today.

Antwan Staley, New York Daily News: What were your thoughts when the lights went out, and what did you say to Kevin (Stefanski)?

Well, there was just the discussion on whether or not to cancel the game, if it was going to extend much longer. I didn’t want our guys sitting for over a half hour and then having to run back up, especially in a preseason game, but good job by the crew here that got the lights back on and we were able to play.

Coach what did you make of the Will McDonald IV spin move?

He can definitely spin, he has got a lot to him.

Given the nature of the game, is it harder to evaluate all of them, because the rosters are so much deeper this time of year?

You’re evaluating guys, you’re looking for how many 53-man roster players you have on this football team, on the 90-man roster. There are a lot of tough decisions to be made, so all these reps count. It’s all valuable information, it’s not the only thing we use, because there is a lot of things happening in practice. Obviously, we have three weeks left, so there is just a lot of stuff that we got to get done.

Rich Cimini, Injuries? I think (Hamsah) Nasirildeen went out?

Hamsah had a stinger, so he was out, should get back. Had a couple of hamies (hamstrings) that were minor, held them out for precaution. I think we came out clean, we will just get a good look at it once we get back home.

Special teams had some good plays?

Yeah, special teams was good, created some explosive plays, obviously it wasn’t enough, but overall good day.

What’s the problem with the run defense that you noticed on the sidelines?

Credit to Cleveland, (Kevin) Stefanski, those guys, Bill Callahan, they do such a nice job with the run game, they pride themselves running the ball and it showed at every single quarter with whoever was in there, they ran very efficiently. We got to be better.

Andy Vasquez, NJ Advance Media: I know you have to look at the tape with Carter Warren, but how do you think he handled getting in there earlier than you expected?

Any time, all these rookies, it’s their first taste of action. I am not going to hold a gun to their head on how they looked. There are a lot of guys where the lights just get a little bit big and there are a lot of guys who just flow right in, so you just want to give them a chance to kind of grow at their pace and it is a great learning experience. We will be a lot better next week.

Coach Saleh, Greg Zuerlein, three for three in the first half. From 53, 54, what kind of difference has that made for you to have a kicker who can hit from such a long range?

Obviously, we feel pretty good about our defense, so every point matters. Knowing that he has got the ability, when we say three, we feel really good about getting three, so he is definitely an asset.

Brian Costello, New York Post: Coach, you lose your undefeated record in preseason?

You know what maybe it will change, we went undefeated and it didn’t do anything and now maybe it will go the other way around.

QB Zach Wilson

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Brian Costello, New York Post: How did it feel for you to get back out there after everything you went through last year, finally go out there with the team and get to put everything behind you?

Yeah. That’s the goal, put everything behind me. Learning and I guess being appreciative of it too. That’s a big one. It’s a lot of fun just to get back on the field with the guys. I am looking forward to the growth, all the work that we have kind of done to try and get better over the offseason. It’s a lot of fun. This game is a lot of fun and it’s fun to kind of see where you can improve in areas. It’s fun.

Connor Hughes, SNY: Can you talk about the long one, the 57-yarder?

Yeah, great call by Aaron Rodgers.

Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: He called that one?

Had to give him a little shout out there. Yeah, backed up, taking a shot down the field. Kind of pick your match up. Those guys were kind of just playing single-safety man. I think that’s great for preseason ball, so you can see what guys can win and separate. Malik’s (Taylor) done a great job all of training camp, so I wanted to go to his side. I liked the match up with the corner as well. He did a great job winning.

Connor Hughes, SNY: Did Aaron (Rodgers) call the entire series or just that play?

I think it was just that play. He wasn’t on the headset. (Nathaniel) Hackett is calling the plays, but I think that was his suggestion of the play, so I had to give him love there.

Brian Costello, New York Post: The other day Robert (Saleh) was talking about you and said you just look like a more confident player right now. Do you feel that?

Absolutely, absolutely. For whatever reason, I feel like I’m trying to find my way. I feel like this training camp and OTA’s, I found what feels comfortable for me and it’s definitely not perfect, but it’s something I’m working at. It’s a great feeling to feel like there’s a good path you’re going down and you can just keep working on those things. The goal for this preseason stuff is how consistent, how efficient can you be? That was the goal tonight, how efficient can we be offensively?

Rich Cimini, How much do you think being around Aaron these last few weeks has helped what you were just talking about?

Yeah, tremendously, tremendous. I’m very grateful for him. He helps me more than he needs to, so I’m very grateful.

Al Iannazzone, Newsday: Did it feel different when you said you appreciated it more tonight? What did you mean by that?

Yeah, absolutely. I just think the last two years have felt kind of hectic, I guess. Scrambled, and I felt tonight, I felt I had a plan, and felt like I knew if I do what I know I’m capable of doing, and I facilitate, I lead this group, we go out there, and we be efficient, that was the goal. I think just going in there, knowing I know what to do, was a good way to put it, I guess. Just feeling more comfortable.

Zack Rosenblatt, The Athletic: Do you think the Zach last year would have been able to bounce back from slipping on that run the way he did?

Yeah, that’s pathetic. I have to fix that.

OL Mekhi Becton

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