Browns Postgame Quotes (Week 17)

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

Opening statement:

“Okay. Pretty special night for this organization. Pretty special night for the fans out there. They were ready to roll from the jump. They were huge tonight. Huge all season long. So, appreciate that from our crowd with us through it all. And then organizationally it’s a big deal when you can clinch and earn that second season. Obviously, we got a bunch of work to do and we’ll focus on that. But for the moment, proud of this football team, proud of those guys for battling through a bunch of adversity both tonight and this season. But we’ll finish strong next week and then we’ll see what comes. And with that, I’ll take any questions.”

Kevin, what did it mean to you to clinch the postseason in front of these fans? 

“Yeah, I mean, last time we did it, there weren’t that many [fans] out there. Yeah, this is a special city. They love their Brownies, as I’m reminded often. So, to be able for them to savor in this and enjoy this, I think it’s a big deal.”

Kevin, what made that first half work so smoothly for you? 

“Good players making plays. I mean, they did a great job. There were big plays. I can think of some of Dave’s (Njoku) plays in there and Jerome (Ford) obviously, was incredible on that big one at the end. But Elijah (Moore), a bunch of guys making plays. Ronnie Hickman making plays – sorry, need to mention Ronnie.”

What about Joe Flacco, four in a row with 300 yards and just lighting it up?

“Yeah, I think you guys know, just having watched Joe now and we as coaches are getting to know Joe and that type of thing, but he battles like crazy. I think he’s doing a nice job of playing within himself and playing within the scheme and all those type of things, but he’s also making plays. And there were a bunch of plays that he made tonight that were key.”

Going back to Ronnie for a second, how critical was that interception? Especially considering the start the defense had before that. 

“Yeah, that was incredible. The ball finds Ronnie Hickman. It’s incredible. Out at practice, walkthrough, somehow the ball finds its way into his lap and he does a great job. You know, scoring – it was a great play by a young man and he’s doing a nice job. We’re going to continue to need these guys to step up.”

You mentioned all the adversity and we don’t have to go through all of that. But when did you know this team was going to make the playoffs? 

“You always…going into every season you feel like you have a good pulse of your team. It’s a credit to Andrew (Berry) and his crew. We have talented football players in this team. And we’ve had to – obviously, our depth has been tested in different areas throughout the season, but I think it’s a really strong roster. I think we have an unbelievable coaching staff that I get to work with every single day. So felt good about this team. Now, you don’t know in this NFL, my God, there are things that happen you can’t predict. Not even you, Tony (Grossi). So, for us to just stay the course throughout the season, I’m proud of this team.”

Kevin, what do you think – you’ve been around Joe for whatever, a month now. What do you think it means to him to be leading this ride, just given all the circumstances?

“Joe is, I think, very excited to have his family here watching him. It’s a special moment for them. Again, it’s a great story. I know you guys love this story, but I’m just happy for Joe. I’m happy for him having this success, being a part of a football team. He’s got something left in the tank.”

You mention how weird it was the first time you guys clinched in this stadium. How would you say your relationship with this fan base has evolved over your time? 

“Yeah, I show up to work, do my job. They let you know when you’re doing a good job. They let you know when you’re not doing a good job. But I know this, they’ve been there every step of the way and just measure it by how they are at home games. And we’ve been pretty good at home. And I think that’s in no small part to our fans. They’ve been unbelievable. Then we go on the road and they follow us on the road. So, they’re extremely supportive. We feed off of their energy and it was electric tonight. That was an electric building from the jump.”

Kevin, when (Deshaun) Watson went down and had surgery, did you think this was possible?

“You know, it’s the greatest team sport there is, Tony. You hate to lose great players, and we lost some great players along the way. But go ask those guys, they tell you it’s a team sport. I know this. Those guys that weren’t with us tonight, they were with us tonight on the field, and they got our back and we got theirs.”

Can you just explain the decision to go for it on fourth down and two rather than take the field goal? 

“Did Tony put you up to that question [joking]? Yeah, just felt – number one, felt good about the play call. Felt like we had a good play. Sometimes you get down there, you don’t love your play, felt good about the call and then felt good about putting our defense out there if we were short. If we didn’t gain, I felt good about putting our defense in that situation. Felt like we’d get the ball back at midfield at worst.”

So it wasn’t because he (Riley Patterson) missed that PAT? 

“No, it was not.”

Coach, you started this journey for this season, you started at the Greenbrier in West Virginia.  I think not enough credit is given to you all because it seems like the team bonding started there and it carries on. In your mind what in Greenbrier happened that you were able to take that to where we are right now as far as making the playoffs? 

“Yeah, I give credit to the players. They used every opportunity that we’ve had over the course of the season and like you mentioned, at the Greenbrier, to get to know their teammates and be around their teammates. It’s a strong bond in that locker room and it’s something we talk about. It’s something that I talked about last night about this team, how close they are and they got each other’s back. And I think that gives you a chance when you have that. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, doesn’t mean that we’re going to play great every single game, but when you fight like crazy for the guy next to you, you got a chance.”

Kevin, you weren’t the head coach back in 2020 for the first round of the playoffs. Are there any nerves going into the first round this year? 


Kevin, kind of a scary moment with Elijah. Is there any kind of an update with him? 

“No update. He obviously has a concussion, but we’ll update you guys.”

And Amari (Cooper), did he want to go?

“Tried to. Yeah, just couldn’t do it. Tried.”

What was your message to the guys? 

“Yeah, I mean, just proud of the effort, obviously. But we got work to do.”

How encouraging to get the running game on after struggling a few weeks?

“Yeah, that was important. Really proud of those guys. Just got it going, it was good.”

I was just watching Joe out there. We had four little Flacco 15 jerseys follow them out to the field and it was kind of a cool thing. Can you kind of relate to that whole situation? 

“Yeah, got my boys in here. It’s special being around Joe, who’s a family man. He always Facetimes with his kids from the office. It’s important to him. So that’s part of this story that makes it so special.”

What does the Stefanski family think of the passion the city shows you good at? 

“You can ask them. After this, you can ask.”

QB Joe Flacco

Just to be able to clinch at home in the electric atmosphere. We’ve asked you every week if this is becoming a little surreal. Is it? 

“You know, it’s really cool. I’ve. I haven’t been a part of a game, really. I haven’t played in a game where every stadium has these LED lights now, so you could just turn them off and turn them right back on and coming out of the tunnel with whatever. I don’t know if people had their iPhones going or if they gave them. I mean, it was really cool, unbelievable atmosphere. So, yeah, to get it done in front of the home crowd, to actually get ourselves into that next step of the season definitely made it extra special.”

Joe, it almost seemed like everyone wanted to celebrate after the first half. I know the second half, was it tough for that reason?

“Listen, these games are all tough and it doesn’t matter who you’re playing or how much time is left. It’s just like, you know, these games tend to come down to the last few minutes. No matter what. It was a tough second half. I mean, you turn into a fan at some point when you kind of get up like that and you just want the clock to hit zero. So, you got to give a lot of credit to our defense. I know the Jets kind of moved the ball down there in the first drive, but they ended up settling for a field goal. And then you got to give it to our field goal team. Our defense did a great job in the second half, though, not really giving those guys anything and making sure we won the game.”

Did you hear the Flacco chants? 

“Yeah, I heard him a little bit. Yeah.”

What did you think? 

“Yeah, it’s cool. I mean, just put yourself in that position. I mean, you can’t deny it. I said it from the very beginning. I mean, the city has been unbelievable. My teammates have been unbelievable in terms of just embracing me onto this football team. So it’s all been great and it makes it that much more special to be able to come in here and play some good football.”

What worked so well in that first half? You and David Njoku and that touchdown pass to Jerome Ford for the second one?

“Hey, listen, I mean, we just seemed to have some room out there. We were moving a line of scrimmage I felt like a little bit when we handed the ball off and in the passing game, there was some space out there and guys made good plays when they got the ball in his hands. I mean, we had the first third down and you get the ball to Dave underneath, and he goes, who knows how long? It’s pretty cool when you can get a guy the ball five yards down the field and you can get a 35 yard gain out of it.”

What was kind of the reaction? I mean, you find out Amari (Cooper) is not going to play within a couple of hours of the game. What was sort of the adjustment? What was that kind of pregame conversation adjusted? 

“You could see the wide receivers coach getting with all those guys and making sure that they had it nailed down. I threw one pass to him in warmups and then he didn’t take anymore. And I was like, nobody said anything, really. Obviously, you’re just out there warming up before the game. And I’m like, I wonder what that means. I don’t think it’s good, but who knows? Maybe he’s just going to go in and he feels like, I’ll just get ready inside the locker room. And then somebody said to me, ‘Hey, it looks like we’re going to have more of this personnel, more tiger personnel.’ And I’m like, I guess he’s not playing, so I’m really hot, it’s a shame that Elijah (Moore) kind of got tackled on his head there, but I’m really happy for him. The way he stepped up tonight and had a big game for us. It just gives guys opportunities to step up and show what they can, you know, Amari’s an unbelievable player and we miss him anytime he’s not out there. So you definitely have some thoughts, like, oh, alright, let’s go. We got to be ready. So you got to give it to the CO, you got to give it to our receiver coach, you got to give it to all those guys for just being prepared to go in there and play any position.”

You joined this team six weeks ago, Watson was going for surgery. How would you describe the spirit of the team that you joined at that point? 

“You know what, I heard nothing but good things as I was coming in from a couple of the guys that I’ve played with here. And I really didn’t feel anything but that either. You could feel these guys had a lot of energy and still had a lot of belief. I think at that point they had already dealt with a pretty good amount this year and they had gotten through it. So that builds that kind of character and that energy around those guys. So it’s a special group of football players in there and I think they’ve been holding their heads up high the whole time. So, it’s really been nothing but that.”

A huge fist bump after that touchdown to Elijah (Moore). Can you just describe some of your motions when you throw those touchdowns? 

“I don’t know. I mean, you just lose control of yourself a little bit in the moment. It’s an unbelievable game. The crowd out there was just amazing. When you’re in the arena like that and you just have all those people and you’re doing it with your teammates and I don’t know, you’re pushing towards a win to get you into the playoffs. Like I said, I think you kind of lose control of yourself a little bit, but it’s just so much fun.”

Joe, you’ve played a lot of big games over the years, but describe the feeling clinching a playoff in front of that crowd that hasn’t experienced a lot of playoff football over the years?

“Yeah, it was special. I mean, this is obviously a very unique situation for me. So, a lot of different emotions are going through my head and just the city has been so unbelievable and you can tell how hungry they are for good football and they’ve been getting it all year. And it makes a difference to go out there and play in front of a crowd like that week in and week out. So, if we can continue to play good football and these guys can continue to show up like that. That’s just how you build an organization year after year. And this city, you can just tell they love football and it’s special going out there and playing for them.”

Talk about, you know, it was kind of a cool thing to see you being followed by four little Flacco number 15 jerseys and then you spent some time out there on the field with them. How cool and special is it for you to be able to share this with your family? 

“Yeah, I mean, you don’t know how many of these moments you’re going to get. Not too many people get the opportunity to have kids as old as mine and that understand what’s going on—get to witness this. And I think it’s cool for them, but ultimately it’s really cool for me. I’m going to remember this for the rest of my life. And anything that you get to do with people that you love, especially your children, they just make everything that much more special.”

Six weeks ago, you didn’t have a team. Now you’re leading one into the playoffs. When you step back and think about it, how surreal is this moment for you? 

“Yeah, I don’t want to step back yet. I mean, obviously we’re going to have a three-day weekend here where I’ll probably get a chance to, but I want to try to stay in the moment as much as possible. Every now and then, you get a couple. Right, now it’s already midnight, but you’ll get a couple of hours here before I fall asleep that you’ll kind of get to lay around and think about how cool of a night it was. And hopefully I’ll try to let those 2 hours linger as long as possible so I can enjoy it a little bit, because by the time you wake up the next day, you’re like, okay, that felt good, but we got to start to move on a little bit.”

A couple third down conversions, just talk about how important those were, especially to keep some of those drives alive and eventually score off of them?

“Yeah, I don’t remember all of them, but I know the first one we had was a third and pretty long, and they dropped back, and I was willing to just take the check down to Dave (David Njoku), and you can see as soon as he caught the ball, he had some acceleration going towards the left. And I’m like, oh, man, he’s going to get this. And not only did he get got, who knows how much more. So, you have got to remember, sometimes your job as a quarterback is just to get the ball in somebody’s hands and make good decisions and then let everything else happen from there. And that’s kind of what happened on a few of those.”

The touchdown pass—the second one to Jerome (Ford), where you kind of roll out. At what point did you sort of make the decision?

“I think I actually tucked the ball. I was ready to run. I think I peeked behind me to make sure I didn’t get stripped again like I did a few weeks ago. And then I was ready to run. And then all of a sudden, he kind of popped into my vision. And I remember as I threw it, I looked over and I looked over, and I could see the yard marker, like the line of scrimmage because as I was letting it go, I was pretty sure, but I wasn’t 100%. So, when I looked to the left, I was like, okay, yeah, that was definitely behind it, and that was good. What a run to get to the end zone. It just seemed like when he got down to like the ten-yard line there, he made a couple of people miss and then just barrels laying in the end zone. So that was awesome.”

DE Myles Garrett

In your owns words, just how that felt, to share that with the fans at the end and to enjoy that just celebration?

“It felt good. Felt good. Got a lot on my mind. Been dealing with some things that really haven’t been able to sit down and contemplate or like almost even accept. But just trying to be in the moment, just trying to take in this blessing that it is to be in the playoffs. This is a great team, great group of guys and filled with men with passion and ambition.”

Is it football stuff on your mind?

“No. Lost a loved one. Lost him on Christmas night. I heard the next day and I just haven’t really known how to deal with it. I just talked to my sibling, my mother, making sure that she was okay, it was her brother. And just dealing with how it’s been affecting me physically and emotionally. I’m not one to really wear it on my face too often, but it’s taking its toll in different ways and just keeping my head to the sky and trying to stay focused. I know that’s what he want me to do and that’s what my mother want me to do.”

How much does having the team around you being able to sometimes go into the locker room and has it helped you to kind of, as you’re trying to deal with all of those emotions? 

“It’s always nice to have a group of guys that surround each other, especially when something’s going on with one of the individuals, because we’re all in this together. We preach being family and the brotherhood and they showed it throughout. We’ve had different guys with things that have been going on in their lives and their families and they treated me no differently. Just putting arms around me and making sure I’m okay.”

You’re such a close-knit family. I’m sure this is somebody that had a profound impact on your childhood, your growing up years, and even your career. 

“I mean, he was there at Thanksgiving sitting on the couch, having fun, laughing, being his regular self. Had a procedure, heard everything went well. And just day after Christmas, to get a call from my brother and I couldn’t believe it. And still hard to believe. I was speechless then. I really just don’t know how to put it into words now. It’s just like left me with. I’ve had headaches just daily just because I don’t know how to handle it emotionally. So it just comes out in different ways, like just pains. I feel like sometimes in a fog.”

Did you feel that way during the game? 

“I just felt a little bit of lack of focus, like I was in a fog. Just trying to make sure that I was focused on the task at hand, but it was just difficult. And I’m not going to make excuses for anything that I did or not playing up to my standard or our standard, but just got to overcome. That’s what this year has been about, overcoming adversity and resilience, and everyone’s facing it in their own way. And now I’ve got to be able to do it on my own, just as well as many others have.”


How do you allow yourself to celebrate this team accomplishment while you’re going through this?

“I mean, I got some family here that was able to make it. Got friends here who have come knowing that not only it is a big game, but they want to put their arms around me and make sure I’m okay and want me to know that they have my back. And I think that’s the most important thing is that I know that they’re here for me. I’m one to kind of like bunker in, shelter up. Like, I’ll deal with this in my own. Let me just get out of it. It’s like being kind of in the funk. Just let me handle on my own. But I know that’s not healthy, and they know me well enough to see those tendencies and try to help me anyway. And I think that’s big to have friends that know what you need.”

You talked before about your own personal growth and being more open to reaching out and knowing for help, whether it’s football, whether it’s whatever. How much is that own personal growth? Are you kind of leaning on that also? 

“Maturing is knowing not only that you need help, but when to ask for it. And I’m not prideful enough to say I don’t need help or I don’t need someone to lean on at times, my family that I’ve leaned on. But some people around here have also reached out a helping hand, you know someone to be a rock or just a listening ear, because I’m not one to spill out, emotionally. I’ll keep it inside, just like my dad will. We’re ones to just kind of just soak it all in and not let everything show, and it’s got to come out in some form or fashion. And I got friends to help me kind of expel those things.”

So how much of a bittersweet moment? Were you able to enjoy and embrace some of the celebration with the fans afterwards? Or did you have a heavy heart throughout that whole part of it? 

“Sometimes you got to put on a little bit of a mask, and even though you don’t want to, I’m happy for my teammates, and that’s honest and true and that’ll always be how I feel because this team, it’s unlike any other. I’m always proud to be around and be a part of a special organization. But I know that feeling how I feel doesn’t feel right without CJ (Chris Johnson), hearing him. I know even though he’s watching, it’s just a little bit different. It’s not the same.”

Did you have conversations with Kevin (Stefanski) or any of your coaches that you’re close with? Just as you process.

“A little bit. They wanted to give my space, but I talked to Kevin a little bit and Jim (Schwartz) offered to sit down, but it’s not the right time. Just want to try to kind of push to the side for a little bit, so giving me space to focus on the game. And mother was saying the same thing. She’s pushing through and she’s taking it as well as she can. She’s getting everything in order and I knew I had to kind of do the same thing. I have a job to do and in a way she does and she does well. So I’m just trying to be as strong as she is in this situation.”

You say you want to typically bunker down and keep it to yourself. Why share this here with us? 

“I think getting off my chest is kind of like the best medicine. I also didn’t want my teammates, if they saw me walking off the field, to feel like I wasn’t proud or happy of what we accomplished and achieved tonight. And it’s not indicative of how I truly feel, because I love this moment and how far we’ve come and how far we plan to go. But I just feel like this was more of a message to them than to you all, that I’m so proud of this team and so appreciative of all the brothers that I have and I couldn’t do it without them. Just continue to have my back and I’ll have theirs. When push comes to shove, I’ll have it just as much or even more.”

Was there a moment when you thought you wouldn’t want to play today?

“I kind of left it up to my mother and if she needed me, I’d have been gone in a second. And football is great. I love this team, I love the Browns, but I only got one mom. I’m hopefully going to have many more games, many more years, but there was only one CJ, and there’s only one mom. If she needed me, I’m always going to be there for her, just like she is for me.”

G Joel Bitonio

What does it mean to clinch the playoff berth?

“The guys fought all year. To get to 11 wins and clinch a playoff berth is special. It’s only my second time in 10 years, so we’re taking every opportunity we can get.”

How was it to do it in front of a packed house tonight?

“It was awesome. Last time it was COVID, so we had 10,000 of the loudest fans, but this was packed. It was great – they’ve been great all year. They were great tonight and honestly, walking off the field seeing everybody so excited, it makes it a lot more special.”

Anything stand out as the final seconds ticked down?

“For me, it’s almost a whole career goes – you remember the 0-16, 1-15, 3-13 years where there was no hope at the time. You look back on it, it’s like ‘Hey, we’re turning this team into a winning culture and we are expected to compete and go to the playoffs every year.’ It’s cool to be a part of that.”

After 2020, when you had COVID and had to miss that Pittsburgh game, how badly did you want to get back to the playoffs?

“It was disappointing. The guys stepped up, and then I got to play in the playoffs after that. We didn’t win that one in Kansas City, but you want a chance at it every year. It was definitely disappointing, a little bittersweet last time, so hopefully we can keep this one sweet.”

RB Jerome Ford

How much does this win mean to you as you guys have now clinched a playoff berth?

“It means everything. Like we said all season, we have been doing it for our brothers.”

What was the energy like when you guys saw RB Nick Chubb smashing the guitar?

“We knew it was time to go.”

What was going through your mind when you caught the two touchdowns?

“You know we are at that point in the season. We call it a kick. Everytime we are on the field we just feel like the game is not over. We still have more to prove, put points up on the board, and finish the game.”

What does it mean to execute out there in that way?

“It shows us the kind of bond we have as brothers and the coaches too. It shows what has been instilled. I feel like resiliency is one of those things. We always have each other’s backs.”

RB Kareem Hunt

Kareem does this feel any different than when you guys made the playoffs in 2020?

“I don’t think it feels any different, but I feel like we should have made the playoffs the last two years too, so I’m just excited that we get a chance to go back.”

What’s Nick (Chubb) been like?

“He’s been great, in good spirits, happy we’re winning. He’s definitely supporting us and in our corner too. ”

How loud were those fans for you guys tonight?

“They were amazing. They’re definitely our 12th man. They showed up and showed out, it was packed in there. ”

You being from here and being able to clinch here, what was that like for you?

“It was great. It was sweet going to the playoffs the first time but now we’re trying to not just make it to the playoffs, we’re trying to go the whole way. ”

I feel like this offense has just been unlocked by Flacco’s play at this point – the down field passing game is clicking – you guys find a way no matter what?

“Yeah, right, and that’s the key word – we find a way no matter what. Flacco’s been doing a heck of a job leading us, being that coach leader out there on the field for us, making every pass on the field. He’s calm, cool, and collected, That’s a great quarterback.”

CB Greg Newsome II

What does OL Ethan Pocic do for this team?

“He gives us confidence. He’s done this at the highest level, he’s won Super Bowls, he has led teams. When he came into the building I said this is going to be a great veteran guy who knows what it takes to go there. He has been doing a phenomenal job this season.”

TE David Njoku Said you guys clinched for the city, how big was the 12th man tonight?

“It was huge, white out and they came out. They supported us and they were loud the whole entire game. It was just so good to do it for them. Obviously doing it for each other, we do it for the guys that aren’t able to be out here with us, but more importantly we do it for them, so it was huge.”

Is there still another level to this team that has not been unlocked yet?

“For sure, we are still getting our foot in. QB Joe Flacco has been amazing, but like he just got here. He is still getting used to the culture. We are still building the culture each day. It is never a finished product. We are still trying to fix some things. We definitely have another level we can get to.”

TE David Njoku

What did it mean to clinch the playoff berth in front of these fans?

“The world, man. The world. There was so much adversity this year. Obviously, you guys know.  So many things internally, externally but we overcame them. I’m so proud of these guys. We aren’t finished and we have a long way to go, but for now we are going to enjoy this and worry about next week, next week.”

You have now won four in a row, how dangerous can this team be in the AFC Playoffs?

“Dangerous as hell. Short and sweet.”

After Deshaun Watson went down, did you think this was possible?

“Anything is possible. It’s just the will to not give up, the will to keep pushing through everything. Obviously, when Deshaun went down, it hurt alot.  When Nick (Chubb) went down, it hurt alot. So many injuries this year that we have went through, but we didn’t quit. We rally together and push through. That is why I’m so proud of this team. But — we aren’t done yet.”

How big where the fans tonight?

“Huge. Sold out crowd, all white. It doesn’t get better than that.”

What did it mean for Nick Chubb to be out there?

“Oh my God, I know the crowd went crazy. I went crazy. Thank God I wasn’t mic’d up this game, because I was saying a lot of crazy stuff today. That’s my guy. We are really close and were pushing each other so much this past offseason and it hurt when he got hurt. At the end of the day, it’s the next man mentality.”

G Wyatt Teller

There’s so much belief in this locker room, where does all that come from?

“We know we’re a good team. We all had like not come to Jesus moments in the beginning of the season but just kind of like telling your history, what your hopes are, all this different stuff, your heartbreaks, all these different things that we were trying to communicate to each other, come together as a team and almost everybody’s hope was to win the Super Bowl. Coach kind of started with if we win the division then we get to go to the playoffs, then we get a chance, then we’ll get to make our own destiny. So that’s a positive, we’re starting to do it, still a lot to go. It’s one game, it’s cool, it’s one game.”

It seems like in this locker room it’s almost subdued, it’s not overly celebratory, is that almost a good thing?

“It’s a good thing, yeah. You wouldn’t want to act like you are winning the Super Bowl. Jets are a really good team, we clinched the playoffs but at the end of the day it was one game, it’s not the Super Bowl as much as I wish we just won the Super Bowl, it is not the Super Bowl but it was a real cool game and I’m happy we got to win. ”

There’s a lot of guys in this locker room who were on that playoff team not too long ago, how can you pull from that experience?

“At the end of the day we have a different team–very similar offense. We have a great defense, we had a good defense, now we have a great defense. To be able to win like that, kind of played complementary football. There were times that we were a little shaky but this is the NFL and they are paid too, but having that memory, you want to go chase it again. ”

CB Denzel Ward

How much did this game show how good you are this season?

“We take a lot of pride in that. We have been saying we want to be the number one defense. I think we have been showing that. When we have the opportunities to go out there and get the ball back to our offense we are executing.”

How have you guys been able to do this with all the injuries?

“Next man up mentality. We have the guys in this room that can go out there make the plays regardless of who is out there. That is a huge testament to AB (Andrew Berry) and those guys for putting the right guys on the field.”

When Deshaun Watson went out did you guys think this was possible?

“Definitely. I just look at the guys in this room. Just the camaraderie and the energy that has been going. Guys have been able to step up when other guys have went down”