Broncos Postgame Quotes (Week Seven)

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett

On the offensive struggles

“I’m sick of being up here saying the same thing over and over again. The opportunities are there. At some point we have to take it, there’s no excuses. We’ve been in every single game. We have to win these games. As a team, as an offense, defense, everybody. We’ve had these opportunities, we have been in these situations. It’s frustrating being up here having to say the same thing because like I said, those opportunities are there. We have to make them. It’s that simple, it’s the NFL. It’s going to be hard. Especially close games which we’ve been in, you have to come through and win those games.”

On if there is no margin for error on both offense and defense

“In the end, you always want to have perfect plays, you always want to have great things happen. Unfortunately, we’re just not converting on third down. That’s kind of holding us back a little bit. Like you said, we had a lot of first downs, we held the ball for a long time. But we have to score points, and we have to take advantage of those opportunities.”

On thoughts on QB Brett Rypien’s performance

“He did good. He went in there and he stepped up. He hasn’t had a lot of practice, and I think he wasn’t fazed. He wanted to keep grinding and keep working. Obviously, the two picks are unfortunate. That’s always a very big stat in how you win and lose games. But that does happen at times, and I thought he did a good job.”

On injury updates

“We had [RB] Mike Boone, he has an ankle [injury]. [OLB] Baron Browning with a hip [injury] and [T] Cam Fleming with a quad [injury]. So more guys getting banged up. We have to stay healthy.”

On how to avoid division between the offense and defense

“In the end, we win or lose as a team. They all know that. That’s part of it. We have to hold each other accountable. Those opportunities—like I said, I know it’s kind of a broken record, but they’re there, and we have to capitalize on it. It’s that simple. Once we start doing that, I think we’ll be able to see this thing turn around a little bit. But until then, it’s going to be the same story in a close game. We have to go we have to find a way to win that damn thing. Sorry, I don’t know if I am allowed to say that.”

On the lack of scoring production in the third quarter this season

“I think we had a couple of runs in there, some situations determined that we had to pass the ball. Thought we had some good passes that we could still dial up to try to get some movement down the field. [We] wanted to get back into the red zone. Some of those things were there, some weren’t. But we have to do better coming out of a half. That’s been another thing that has kind of slowed us down a little bit. But again, I think in the end it’s that third down mark. Third down wasn’t good enough, we have to be better there.”

On how much the heat is turned on this season considering the 2-5 record

“The heat’s always on. Anything you want, you want to always try to give yourself a chance to get to the playoffs. We’re behind the eight ball right now, 2-5. We have to find a way to fight ourselves out of this hole.”

On what he liked from the play call to WR Courtland Sutton at the end of fourth quarter

“We knew we were going get some form man coverage from them. So, we had man beater on. We ended up having a matchup with [WR] Courtland Sutton, one of our best players, and we wanted to take a chance at that one. So, because of the way they played everything on the inside, ‘Ryp’ (QB Brett Rypien) decided to go to him, and we had, again, another opportunity there. We have to fight for it and get it. I don’t mind that decision by ‘Ryp’ (QB Brett Rypien) because it’s [WR] Courtland Sutton. We always want to give him an option to go up and get it.”

On if he will consider surrendering play calling

“I think we’ll always look at everything. I always look at myself, first and foremost. If there’s something that we all agree that I might hold the team back or anything like that, sure. I don’t think that’s the case. I think there are plays to he had there. I think we have been in and out of the huddle. Everything with communication has been really good. But we’ll look at everything. We’ll always look at everything to try to improve and help this offense.”

On if he witnessed the pass interference with CB K’Waun Williams

“I did not get to see it. I was getting ready for the next drive. I heard everybody screaming and yelling though. So I’ll be able to check that on tape and see how it was.”

On if QB Russell Wilson will play the next game and how he will make that decision

“He’s trending in that direction. He did everything he could to try to be there, but it was just a little early with that short week. So hopefully, we’ll see him out there and if not, we’ll be smart with him too.”

On if the travel to London tomorrow will affect the injured players recovery process

“I think so. We’re going to have to talk about it: [General Manager] George [Paton], myself, [Head Athletic Trainer] Vince [Garcia], our whole medical team. We will have to get a feel—when you have three guys that are injured, we want to see the severity of that, where that exists, because of the long trip. [To] see if they will even be available as we move forward, so we want to be sure we’re smart with those guys.”


Brett Rypien

On how comfortable he felt going into this game as the starting quarterback

“I took a majority of the [first-team] reps with ‘Russ’ (QB Russell Wilson) trying to get back [from injury]. He was working some run plays and some different stuff, but I took a majority of the reps. I felt really comfortable going into this game on a game clock.”

On what he saw on the fourth-down play in the fourth quarter

“I like a one-on-one matchup with [WR] Courtland [Sutton] with inside leverage [and] press coverage. That’s kind of what we talked about on the sideline is that was the look we were going to get and that’s a great opportunity to throw a go-ball or possibly get a pass interference. Did I put it in a perfect spot? Probably not, but at the end of the day, we have to find—myself and our offense have to find a way to make more plays.”

On his evaluation of his play today

“The first half I thought I was in a good rhythm. We were getting the ball out quick. I was able to take off and get their pass rush frustrated a bit. You could tell they were getting a little bit frustrated because I was getting the ball out quick and moving around. The run game was getting after them. Obviously, in the second half, I thought we had some good plays called and we executed some good plays [but] we just came up a yard short a couple of times. The first drive, we had a great shell route run to [WR] Courtland [Sutton] right there and it comes up fourth-and-one [so] we had to punt. Same thing to [RB] Latavius [Murray] I can remember in the fourth quarter. I threw him a little check down right there on third-and-two, they went to a zone coverage [and] we were short. I don’t know what the answer is. We just have to find a way to be more detailed and make plays.”

On what is preventing the Broncos offense from getting into the end zone

“If we had the answer, it would be happening by now. I don’t know. I don’t know. When we get down there—again, we had some good plays called. We get to that fourth-and-3, and I’m going to take a one-on-one matchup with [WR] Courtland [Sutton] every time in that scenario. We had some good plays called. Obviously, the one on the pick [interception] I would’ve liked to have had back. I thought that safety was taking the deep post when I saw his hips turn and then I had to get rid of it quick and he made a good play. Other than that, I thought we were in a rhythm for the most part. We kind of had them on their heels and when you only end up with nine points, you sit here, and you have no idea.”

On if there is desperation in the locker room to save the season

“I don’t know if there’s desperation, but I think everybody in our locker room feels the urgency to get better. That starts with every single guy looking at themselves in the mirror and figuring out what I can do to help this offense and help this team because when your defense is playing as well as our defense is, you shouldn’t be losing games. That’s just point-blank, period, a fact. We have to figure out what we can do to turn this thing around because I still think we have a good team. We have to figure out what are our best plays on offense. Everybody has to be on the same page as far as what we’re trying to do, how we’re trying to attack defenses [and] go into each week and have conviction and a plan.”

On how helpful QB Russell Wilson was coaching from the sideline

“He was great. ‘Russ’ is always positive. He’s great to be around. A great leader. He was awesome to have in the headset.”


Greg Dulcich

On if traveling to London will be a good thing for the team to reset

“It could be. I think we’re going to approach every week the same, no matter the environment. I’m excited about how we’re going to respond.”

On the team having frustration

“Of course there is going to be frustrations, but what is great about this team is there’s no finger pointing and everyone is still rallying together. There is a lot of season left, so we’re going to be good.”

On what the offense needs to do

“We just got to finish, that is what it comes down to. We’re a good offense, we got a great defense—they’re playing incredible football—and we got to have their back. We just got to finish.”


Melvin Gordon III

On today’s game

“We’ve got explosive playmakers, as you can see. We [can] drive the ball down the field at any time especially when we need to, but we just can’t punch it in—and it’s too many three-and-outs. We are way too good of a football team to do that. I think that’s the most frustrating part about everything. The defense plays so well. It’s a given that the other team is going to make some plays, but for the most part the defense has been playing championship football. We’ve got to step it up, that’s all I can say.”


Jonas Griffith

On the team continuing to play in close games

“I was talking with some of the guys, and I think sometimes I don’t really know what to think at this point. It sounds like a broken record at times, but that is part of being a professional. You just got to go to work and do your job every day, and it’s going to turn around at some point.”

On how they believe they can start picking up wins in close games

“Just coming to work every day and doing our job. Keep tapping on the rock, and you know, we’ll catch a break at some point.”

On what the coaches are telling them to keep the faith

“Just telling us to show up every day and give it our all. It does get tiring, losing sucks obviously for everyone. I think we’ll turn it around.”

On the team still believing in one another

“We know it’s a team sport at the end of the day. You don’t win games by just a defensive plan. You got to play well as a team, and I think we [as a defense] could do better by just taking the ball away and maybe give the offense more opportunities to score touchdowns.”

On DT D.J. Jones’ fumble return for a touchdown being called back

“I thought it was a touchdown. I’m kind of mad at myself. I missed the sack on that play, but I thought it was at touchdown. I thought that was the little spark we needed, but they said that it was a sack, which is still a good play—but we would have rather had the touchdown. They didn’t really explain anything to us.”


KJ Hamler

On the team being 2-5

“Well obviously we are upset. I mean, everybody is tired of losing. So we just still got to work, we still got to get back to the basics and just find a way to win. There’s really nothing else to explain to be honest, you know, just—we have to do the little things right. Little things become big plays [and] big plays become touchdowns, and that’s it.”

On having good effort but not consistency

“I don’t know. I don’t even know to be honest. Everybody is frustrated, everybody wants to win. We just have to finish, like I just said.”

On what a win would do for the team

“A win would bring the spark back; a win would bring the spark back. So we just have to dig deep, we have to dig deep on certain situations, we have to dig deep, including me. I didn’t work my butt off just to get back here—just to get back playing. So I have to go out there and give 110 percent. Everybody has to do that, you know what I mean? So like I said, we just have to dig deep and find a way to win.”

On importance of not dividing despite being frustrated

“We are never going to divide. I mean, we’re a brotherhood. We’re a team you know, as long as we are all together, we’re going to stay together regardless of the situation, regardless of the outcome. It’s family you know, family doesn’t fold on each other.  So we’re going to be good regardless.”


Latavius Murray

On Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett’s message to the team
“The opportunities are there for us to make. Stay together we are the only ones that can get us out of this. We just have to find a way. It’s up to us. We have to find a way to stay together.”

On the offensive changes from the first to second half
“I think we just continue to stick with it. I don’t think that the opportunities weren’t there. Just stick with it. We want the ball. We got the 40-yards so I take that as a positive. So we’ll continue to build off of that like we always do.”

On the team’s mindset

“It’s a long season, right. There are 10 games left. So just have to find a way. By any means the season is not over. All the good teams go on a run. We have to start it up with a win. It just takes one win. So we’ve got to figure it out. Hopefully this time away, as a team, allows us to come together and allows us to come back home into that Bye Week.”


Michael Purcell

On staying together as a team

“We just have to keep doing what we can do. Control what we can control, if that’s on the defensive side, whatever it may be. That’s all we can do.”

On the team keeping games close and taking that last step

“I’m just sick of being right there. We keep saying we’re right there, it’s going to turn around, it’s going to turn around, but to be honest, [expletive] that, we have got to turn it around. I feel like people are just waiting for it to turn around, and it’s not something that we can wait for, it’s something that we have got to make happen.”

On the DT D.J. Jones scoop and score that was called back

“I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know why they exactly called him down. If his wrists counted him as down or whatever it was, but it should have been a defensive touchdown.”


Justin Simmons

On what needs to change

“At the end of the day, we just have to win. I am going to sound like a broken record, but that is all that matters. That is all that anyone cares about. We always are falling short. We have to find a way to win those games.”

On moving on

“It hard, but nobody cares at the end of the day. We get paid to go out here and find a way to win games. There are no poor me’s. Nobody cares how you feel, what you are feeling or what you are going through. You just have to win at the end of the day. We understand that. There are no pity parties about that. For us as individuals, for us as leaders, it is about finding how to win football games at the end of the day. The only good thing about this league is that there is always next week. You look yourself in the mirror, we are 2-5 and 0-2 in the AFC West. That stings. It hurts to say, but it is what it is. There is no shying from that. We have to go to London and find a way to win against Jacksonville.”

On thinking about being 2-5 before the season

“No, but here we are. Like I said, no ‘poor me’s’, no thinking about the past, no thinking about this, that or the other. At the end of the day, your best players have to find a way to make plays to win football games. It is just not happening, myself included. That is what it comes down to, we just have to win football games.”

On WR Courtland Sutton’s comments

“With all due respect to [WR] Courtland [Sutton]’s comments, this is a team game. The fact of the matter is they scored 16 points, and we only scored nine. So, we are at fault too. I do not care what the stats say or what our rank is defensively. We did not play good enough to win this football game. We let off that 62-yard run early. We let up a first-and-25 to [Jets RB Michael] Carter that got them in to plus territory. They got a field goal off of that. Right there, that is 10 points. 9-6. That is what I think about. I do not think about what is happening on the other side of the ball. I cannot control that. I can control the defense, what we do and our mindset. We did not play nearly good enough to win this football game.”

On forgetting about big plays

“I have a 24-hour rule. I will think about it, and I will think about a few other plays. But for us, we have to think about it, watch it and figure out what went wrong and what we could have done better. You have to move on. It does not matter whatever you are feeling or what you are thinking about. After that 24-hour rule, you have to move on because you have another team that has moved on and is ready to play. That being Jacksonville in London. We just have to watch the tape, learn from it and move on to next week.”

On team speeches

“I do not really care personally who says what or what happens. This is my seventh season now. 9-7 is the closest I have gotten to a winning record. I think back to certain games—you are in these moments, and you try to be in the moment. It is not a hoorah. I do not care if the cameras are watching or not. It is just like focus on the moment. Forget the good, forget the bad. Right here, right now we could find a way to win the game. It does not matter who says it, me, [QB] Russell [Wilson], [S Kareem] Jackson or [OLB Bradley] Chubb. At the end of the day, we have to find a way to win the game. Emotional speeches are not working. Whatever the case may be, you just have to win your one-on-one and find a way to win the game.”

On the Jets QB Zach Wilson fumble

“I was talking with the referee and as it was happening on the field [and] they called it dead because they thought [DE] Dre’Mont [Jones] touched him as he was spinning and falling down. They blew it dead. In my opinion, I thought that when a play like that happens, you rule it a touchdown and then you go back and review it. I think they said only half of the forearm has to be down for him to be down. It is so hard to say in real time and off review, but if Dre’Mont touched him a little bit then he is down. I guess that was the call. Then there was that call later in the game. The pass interference was huge, I will have to look at it, but I do not know about that one either. You cannot blame it on calls though. We did not get that call whether we thought it happened or not. We just have to scratch that, wipe that from your memory and find a way to make another one.”


Pat Surtain II

On the defense’s mindset after another solid day

“Just keep pushing. Keep doing what we do [and] exceed expectations. We just got to keep grinding, keep working and keep on preparing and creating the right habits for us.”

On keeping the locker room together

“We’re a team; we stick together. We have a strong bond throughout this locker room, and it’s bigger than that. Obviously, we need to improve on the little things as a whole team. As far as dividing—there is none of that because we stay strong for one another.”

On being able to regroup as a team in London

“Obviously we got to lock it in. It’s a business trip still. We’re playing against a good team next week in the Jaguars, so obviously we need to focus and prepare the right way for that.”

On areas of improvement

“We just need to correct some things. Just correct the things we need to fix and just get better from here on out. We can’t dwell on the situations we had in the past. The only thing we can do is focus on getting better and regroup.”


Courtland Sutton

On how the team will continue to persevere through this losing streak

“I think you just talk about the things that are ahead of us. Once the game is done and the clock hits zeros, there’s nothing else we can do besides watch the film and learn from it. We have a lot of games ahead of us. We can’t dwell too hard on this first half of the season. We just have to take advantage of everything that’s ahead of us and maximize these opportunities. The season isn’t over. We have a lot of opportunities ahead of us, and that’s on us to make it right by those to eliminate this feeling that we have and that we have been having these past few weeks.

On his quiet day on offense and what went wrong

“That play [his target in the end zone], it’s on me to go make that play. You’re giving me the opportunity to go make a play. The O-line sat in there and did their job. Everybody did their job for me to be able to go make a play and I just didn’t come down with it. The ‘DB’ [defensive back] made a good play but it’s on me to figure out a way to go make a play. I have to be perfect for the team. I’m going to find a way to fix that and be as perfect as I possibly can be for this offense [and] this team moving forward. We’ve been struggling as an offense over the past few weeks—any opportunity we get a chance to make a play, it’s on us to go make a play and find a way to make a play. That’s what we have to do moving forward.”

On how they are going to eliminate this feeling they have in the locker room 

“It’s the same feeling and you know that it’s there. Frustration. Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. All of the above. The big thing about this is, like I said earlier, we have a lot of opportunities ahead of us – I think we have like ten games left ahead of us. It’s on us to make sure we maximize these ten games. We can’t look at these ten games and say, ‘We lost those five.’ All that’s going to do is keep eating us. It’s on us to legit lock-in [and] figure out what the issues are. As [Head] Coach [Nathaniel Hackett] keeps saying, you have to look within every single person. Every single person has to look within and figure out what they—what we can do better to be able to eliminate this feeling and get on the other side of this. It’s so frustrating to have to come in and have these same conversations in these one-possession, two-possession games. We know that we’re right there. We know we can go out there and win. It’s on us to execute for four quarters and make the system win.”